so the first horror film of the year is doing great at the box office, fingers crossed we keep this momentum!

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Michel Karlos says:

You’re hot!

YoungsterSher says:

I enjoyed the movie until the end, I felt it was so unnecessary and could have been the beginning of the sequel. They could have ended it where they find the building empty.

liiz chapa says:

what if every time they finish a room the company takes down the food just like when zoe was faking being dead

MileZee Movies says:

Subbed, excellent video and review.

Gaby Nunez says:

YouTube kept recommending me your videos! I’m so glad I finally clicked on one lol

Polli Mindurbeewax says:

When you started talking about the last girl trope I had a flashback to when I watched a 2016 British science fiction thriller film called The Call Up. It’s about a couple of top-ranked gamers that get an invitation to beta test a new first-person shooter VR game with a $100,000 prize. Now that I think about it, it’s a bit similar to The Escape Room (the same can be said about The Cube) with the idea of being trapped and having no choice but to play the game in order to get out alive.

However, The Call Up wasn’t anything special, but for the low budget film it was just okay. I think I might prefer The Escape Room a lot more though, because it wasn’t limited by it’s budget/script. The puzzles were elaborated, creative, and flashy which kept me entertained.

Aaron Rodriguez says:

Can you please show your bluray or dvd collection that would be really cool. New to your channel and I love it!

paloma says:

I think the bar was so low for me that I enjoyed it simply because I expected the worst. Not my favorite by far, but it was pretty fun! I would watch this with friends

lydiot ! says:

i feel the same way about showing vs. telling, it might be the avid horror fan in us but i think it’s because we are writers

Lullaby ̴ says:

Have you watched YOU on Netflix, yet? What do you think of it?

Michi says:

The movie was progressing well until the ending

athena says:

Oh and to add the “cube” on Netflix is something like this but much better and a way better ending in my opinion for anyone interested. It came out late 90s or early 2000s I think.

sarbolton says:

I saw Escape Room yesterday and I agree with your critique that it was pretty good until the end, I didn’t like the ending. I feel like it could have ended after Ben and Zooey escaped. I do have a lot of thoughts and feels about this movie.
I want to know if this has been answered or maybe it’s in my head, Amanda showed disgust for Ben smoking cigarettes, and I hate cigarettes too but she was so upset by him smoking near her twice.. is that explained in the film, do we know why she hates them so much? 
Also the end scene with the airplane at the end I thought was going to be showing us, that was how the movie started, I thought that was going to be Zooey’s flight where her parents died, and she was somehow always in the game.. haha I probably would have hated that ending too, but maybe less then the actual ending.

Leighann Posey says:

I thought the escape rooms and effects were so good! And I loved the majority of the characters. But yeah the ending was ridiculous and some of the dialogue was incredibly cringy. But I’d still watch a sequel lol

Daniela Segura says:

I would love to see you review the Spanish movie “Veronica” 🙂

Laiz LimaBean says:

I would love you to review more horror/suspense books. I’m obsessed w your vids!

ilovepork and chicken says:

Sarah please do a review on The Night Comes for Us, its a cross genre i guess, between martial art action and slasher horror

Shinguuji Korekiyo says:

As a film student, it is NEVER good to end a film with a setup to a sequel, ESPECIALLY when you don’t know how well it’ll do in the box office and how it’ll be perceived.

Anthonie White says:

Saw was a rip-off of cube
So not all rip-off’s are bad this movie was pretty good
The ending was bad but it a relly good movie

daniel lozano says:

Love your view on Horror movies , Love Horror !!

Henriette Wethammer says:

I would like to hear your opinion on I spit on your grave and silent hill!

gi daniels says:

I think Zoey snapped and with adrenaline it made her become this “badass”.

Nick Nevco says:

That is messed up and creepy

Rodanthi Dragonborn says:

where u bought your t-shirt from? Loving it. Good videos btw new sub! <3 My favourite room was The Upside down one.

enodia williams says:

i haven’t seen this one yet but i saw another movie called escape room which i thought was this, i think it was like from 2016 or 2017? and it was weird and just ended so abruptly really i was so confused about the movies lmao took me ages to realise they were two different ones

athena says:

Ok but the intro to the characters in the beginning was SO cheesy like the guy writing down “download karate kid” I was like *crickets* the acting was subpar in the beginning and end. That’s just my rant lol but the middle was pretty good.

Galactic Roadkill says:

You should watch Cold Ground.

sab walkswithpurpose says:

I saw another channel that said the same thing about the spoon-fed exposition along with the ending which didn’t please them either. So it’s interesting that you liked the film and the other person didn’t…definitely a fine line. I’m really picky about what I see in the theater and what I see at home so this one is definitely one I’ll wait to see. Thanks for the review…I don’t know what’s happening either but you showed up in my recommended videos and I love horror movies, so there you go. As far as coincidences…yikes! I didn’t know about the escape room incident, but I do like to hear about such things. Mysterious and unnerving indeed…

Alex Noriega says:

I dont know what it is about you that reminds me of Reese Witherspoon??? Idk maybe I’m crazy

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