Evidence (2013) – Horror Movie Review

Bloodbath and Beyond reviews the movie Evidence directed by Olatunde Osunsanmi and starring Stephen Moyer, Torrey DeVitto, Caitlin Stasey, and Harry Lennix.
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A detective hunts down a killer using video footage shot by the victims of a massacre at an abandoned gas station.


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Septien Patterson says:

Damn. I forgot all about this movie. It had an interesting twist. Two psycho Sookies.

Coolfirenewt says:

Woohoo it’s here!

Raven House Mystery says:

Thanks for the review, Jay and John. This sounds like a film I might like to check out. Love a good detective horror story.

Dominant Persona says:

Thank you for reminding of this movie… This was 1 of 3 movies that have been stuck in my head lately but I could not remember the name.

I specifically remebered this movie from the High Tension twist!!!!

You think you can help me out remembering the name of another movie?

Jason Robertson says:

How is it every camera since like 1990 has had better image stabilization then found footage films. Like jesus river and barrel part of the hobbit was filmed with go pros….looks like shit but not shakey.

Ronald Mann says:

Howdy, once again! OK, from y’all’s review of this movie, I started to think about the “V/H/S” series of movies, which in my “opinion” started out REALLY good, in the series, then “tumbled down” the side o’ the mountain, to crash ‘n’ burn, in an EPIC fireball! So I thought maybe y’all had reviewed some/one of those flicks, &) I was interested to see/hear your “take” on them. But alas, in my preliminary Y/T search, for vid(s) to fit THAT criteria, I couldn’t find any (of course, I got frustrated after skimmin’ thru of few pages of “search results” & just gave up)! Opting, instead, to go STRAIGHT TO the source! So, have y’all reviewed any/all the V/H/S vids? or’s that a series y’all DIDN’T wanna waste time with/on? Just curious! Cuz as I stated, previously, that series had SO MUCH wasted “potential”! & just was “curious” as to what y’all thought bout them. So if y’all DID “review” them/1 of them, I’d like to where to find it. & if not, maybe y’all’d consider “reviewing” them/1 of them. Just a thought!!!

Johnny Darko says:

Hi guys! Kind of new to your channel…(I’ve been watching for about a month.) I love what you guys are doing. I love the reviews, break downs, likes and dislikes. And I love that it’s all horror movies. I’ve been binge watching your videos lately. New favorite channel! Hopefully I’ll get to suggest a movie for you to review. Thank you and keep it coming guys!

That's Andrew says:

Never heard of this one but gotta check it out!

Bourbon Ernie says:

There’s very tasteful nudes of Caitilin Stasey on the net. She’s a babe.

John Russell says:

“Blowtorch mask” lol Jay Y U so white collar

Coolfirenewt says:

Figured it might be iffy for you Jay with the found footage style, plus more psych thriller than horror

Wastingsometimehere says:

I think it’s normal to wince at the term “found footage”. There is maybe around five of them that are actually good movies and the rest was a fad.

the hotzone says:

Could you guys review the Hostel Trilogy

Jonathan Perez says:

Lol where have y’all been, Almost every comment on the review of the other film recommended this film to you

BethO says:

Steven Moyer was in Priest w/ the vampires. He wasn’t one in that though. I think this looks pretty good but I feel like I already know who the killer is….

Jay Shupp says:

I absolutely hated the ending.

Sam says:

Review the Poughkeepsie Tapes!

TheCarolinaCreep says:

Great review as always. This doesnt seem like it would interest me at all, but great video guys.

keep taking the b8 lol says:

Dope shirt John (also great vid so far )

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