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CREEP Review – No Spoilers: 1:04
CREEP Review – Spoilers: 3:43
CREEP 2 Review – No Spoilers: 5:00
CREEP 2 Review – Spoilers: 7:37

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Mandee Lei says:

lol Mark’s creepy face in the thumbnail. I loved CREEP and CREEP 2! Such a good time.

Sylvain Démenti says:

Not scary?!? I had NIGHTMARES about Peachfuzz. I’m a huge horror and that never happen to me. 😛
I see why people love the sequel more than the original BUT it is that good because it plays on expectations set up by the first one. I don’t think it would be as good if you haven’t seen the first movie.
Unlike, for example, Guardians of the Galaxy vol.2 wich is pretty much the same movie but done better. (I take GotG for exemple but it is the case of most “good” sequels).

PinkPromises says:

I’m so excited for creep 3! The first one was my favorite, simply because the character Sarah rubbed me the wrong way a little. She took the creepy out of it for me. But still a good watch.

Nozh says:

I think the coolest thing about Creep 1 is that Mark Duplass/guy who played Aaron were just friends that made a movie together on a weekend. It’s like 100% loose improv.

Kathy Mills says:

A horror movie that’s not that scary. Right up my alley!

colburn0004 says:

I’m back and forth on 2. I like some aspects a lot more than the first, but others I really don’t like. I feel like it has a problem with dragging stuff out a little too much, and like you said it’s hard to take it too seriously when Sara herself isn’t.

As for the ending I took it all as real, but I thought she basically came away from it having sympathy for him. I wonder if she saw the ending scene as him trying in some way to make her like him in a way? Like he was trying to share that with her and that made him more sympathetic to her.

I also half wonder if she thought she left him for dead, didn’t turn him in and while being sympathetic still didn’t expect for him to be alive.

silja lin says:

I love Mark Duplass !
I think I actually love Creep 2 more than the first one. Mark Duplass is also in another movie called Blue Jay which is not a horror movie but absolutely something I’d recommend to anyone who’d be interesting in a character piece drama. It’s fantastic.
He’s also in Tully where he plays Charlize Theron’s brother. Pretty awesome more about the less glamourious side to motherhood.

Zubaer Chaudhari says:

ChapterStackss I just really love to enjoy watch all of your greatest very very very awesome cool great favorite amazing fun video everytime

Kim Kosyjana says:

Oh I need to watch the second one!! But on another note, have you watched hereditary? Totally shocked me. I thought I had that movie figured out from the getco, but i couldn’t have been more wrong. I actually put horror movies on to fall asleep to and I had to stay up to finish it!

colburn0004 says:

I actually think he was lying about the harness. I think he was completely serious about her killing him because I think he realized she had sympathy for him and wouldn’t do it. I think he realized at that time what “scared” her and so then he started to lie. At that point he switches gears. He says he’s not a killer, he tries to get her to stay, he says he had a harness. At that point I think he actually decided to kill her.

ForTheLoveOfBooks says:

It sounds so good! I love horror movies so I need to check this out!

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