Favorite Obscure Horror Movie: House 2 | Retro Review (1987)

Is this a “bad movie”, A “so good it’s bad” movie, or a “Great Movie”?! Find out when CBG19 reviews House 2, The Second Story. A movie with a 0% on Rotten tomatoes.

A childhood favorite of Team 19, “House 2, The Second Story”.
Underrate; underestimate the extent, value, or importance of something.

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Mereszanh says:

Wow! I was looking for this movie soooo long! It was my favourite when I was a child.

Honest Tommy says:

i’m going to check this film out purely due to the passion that you bring forth in this review

TheDyingDaysOfYoutube says:

This was my favourite ‘scary’ movie when i was a kid

Charles MacLennan says:

This is a very entertaining movie. Great review, thank you.

Ghostface GZA says:

Totally about to buy this, I’m not even big into horror movies but this looks awesome. Need more fun movies like this

howard biel says:

I loved this movie when I was a kid.

Ryan Harding says:

I prefer house 3/the horror show but both are fun

paul grimwood says:

totally luv this film. Its interesting to note how you touched on the 2 women leaving 3/4 of the way into the movie but no one gives a shit cuz there;s already too many interesting things going on. Love both films but yes they are totally different. Love it when obscure films from my childhood are now cult classics. I can die happy

Bungalow Feuhler says:

I love this movie.

Thomas Lucignano says:

So, here I am 5 years later… and guess what? Caterpuppy comes right up in a Google Image search! Now, THAT is a happy ending.

legacy7ds says:

I just noticed the great grandfather from House 2 is the same guy who played the hillbilly redneck in the opening scene to Killer Klowns From Outer Space!

Neil Davis says:

Yes! This review reminds me of a time with some great but flawed movies. Dragonslayer, Labyrinth, Time Bandits, Sinbad. FUN!

Ron Goodpasture says:

Without watching this video, it’s a good movie. I watched it probably 15 times in my childhood. Bought the dvd. I love it. Gramps…so much better than the first house.

chancey hendrix says:

Damn I love this movie! Comic book girl 19 is awesome in so many ways

Existential Head says:

“give a mouse a cookie, and he’s gonna want some milk” LOL WHAT

Being Now says:

I think comic book girl wants a catterpuppy more than I do!

Sharrel Wright says:

Hang on? Where did that cave man come from,one minute they’re in modern 1986 then prehistoric times and …a cave man shows up? ‘cave man’ wasn’t around in prehistoric times

BarrySlisk says:

Loved (and still love) the first 2 House movies.

biTteR_cOoKiE says:

I just watched this a few weeks ago

millennialtrance says:

I saw this movie when I was a kid on HBO too and never knew the name or saw anything about it ever again up until right now! Thank you for bringing me closure.

GhengisJohn says:

I watched this movie because of this review, and I felt I should say I really liked the movie. Happy I did it. Happy I watched this, thanks for the recommendation.

SerpentLight213 says:

Would love to see you do a review of Pet Shop (1994) and Prehysteria! Please and Thank you plus PUMPKINHEAD!!!!

Brian Harmer says:

Holy shit! I totally forgot about this movie. I saw it on one of those shitty Sunday afternoon tv movie shows because my grandparents didn’t have cable. Such awesome nostalgic 80s garbage! Thanks, 19.

Jason36 M says:

I love this movie and I recently bought the Arrow Blu Ray set and it is nothing short of amazing wow great set. Thumbs up on your review totally agree.

Sam Alvey says:

This was actually my favorite movie as a child. Thank you for the review!

Thomas Yona Unega Speight says:

The house movies were an iconic set. A great part of my childhood. Thank you for reviewing it.

Joel Paton says:

This was my jam in like 94 when I was 10.
My mother rented House 1, and wouldn’t let me watch it, as it was R18+. So when I saw House 2 at the video shop and it was PG she let me rent it.
I must have rented this movie, and TMNT at least a couple dozen times each. GREAT movie, really silly, and yeah, totally felt like a comic book adventure.

Anthony Riczo says:

up vote for the “side not go fuck yourself”

Rotnorg says:

I remember liking that movie a lot back then

Raziel Talos says:

this movie was hilarious and i proudly own it

dornravlin says:

that puppy caterpillar is just two cute

Scott William says:

The first one sucked

Benjamin Jones says:

Seeee, Spielberg!!! You don’t need aliens to make a *good* crystal skull movie!!! You just need a puppipillar… errrr… I mean, caterpuppy. Two thumbs up!!

Ryan Amin says:

I just love how much you love that fuggin catterpuppy

Christian Rennie says:

Watching this movie and your review is becoming a Halloween tradition. Thanks CBG19!

Kiwi Lala says:

Thank you. Love the Caterpuppy I want pupperfly.

Matthew Kaprutus says:

I actually saw this in the movie theater when it was released!

stevonub says:

i loved this movie,which I also watched when I was small on HBO. Maybe we were watching it at the same time??? lol

Uriah Reeder says:

Ahhh memories…. I loved this movie as a kid! Gramps was the greatest! “I’m a 170 year old… fart!”

Dead Danzig says:

I used to own the movie on VHS as a kid and wore it out rewatching it loved it

Jordan Aynes says:


prince everlove says:

“Caterpuppy” is a replica face of the Flying Doggy from “Never Ending Story”!

josefDREDD says:

I love this movie! Saw it as a kid. I need to buy it.

Bobby Rhodes says:

Doesn’t matter. HOUSE 2!!!!

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