FRIEND REQUEST (2017) Ending Explained

Evil is trending in this Ending Explained for the Facebook supernatural horror movie Friend Request.

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Miss AliceOfficial says:

I enjoyed the movie. Thought it was an ok movie. I honestly wasnt ecpecting the ending, i figured that she’d somehow smash the laptop.

Daniel rogers says:

Zuckerberg goes Ill take this- look you cant leave even when you die

Ryne Pell says:

Sum up the entire movie in just two words

“Computer Witch”

SinCity Sinner says:

What is it with fucking hospitals in movies, especially horror movies?!?!?! Every single time I have ever been in a hospital, no matter what time of day or night it is, there are never less than a dozen people walking around or sitting in the waiting room, and even more hospital staff and security walking through the hallways, yet every damn hospital scene in horror movies has some poor victim waking up in their rooms only to walk out into a completely empty and abandoned hallway!!! I don’t understand why film makers think they have to make a hospital completely empty in every fucking movie, it doesn’t make it scarier or more suspenseful, it just makes it look stupid. Especially because usually when there is a hospital scene in a horror movie it typically comes after the main character or one of the main characters friends has barely survived being attacked by the killer of the movie, and by that point the killer has usually killed multiple people and the town and police are well aware that there is a huge problem going on, so you would think that someone who has survived being attacked and is at the hospital would have quite a few people wanting to talk to that person, not leave them alone by themself in a hospital, lol. If I was a police officer in some small town and a bunch of the kids were being violently murdered one by one and there was one who survived being attacked, I would make damn sure that there were at least 2 officers posted at their room as well as a nurse or 2 within shouting distance. Even if it’s a small town hospital there should be at least a handful of employees there at all times god damnit. Just once I want to see a survivor of a killer wake up in a hospital and when they go out of there room there are doctors and nurses rushing about, and a nurse posted at the nurses station and a couple of security guards in duty instead of waking up in the 28 days later opening scene.

NGC Diabetic says:

The idea of the film is good but the way they executed it wasn’t so good.

batgirl Ramirez says:

can u do a ending explained on the movie keith

Trevor Dummitt says:

The babaduke

Evie Jones says:

The babadook

lobster bike says:

Facebook is for moms

Nicole Jimenez says:

The badadook

Maia Jones says:

I kind of liked friend request better than unfriend. I saw on friend because you were talking about it I got at my library. I’m going to get that Witch movie the next time I go to the library

δσԹψ ψσɡί says:

*get this dead bitch off my friends list*

mister lopez says:

the witch would be a good movie

andrea Byrski says:


InconCeivableClown 3 says:


Annie’s Life says:

The bababook

PutThatThingBackWhereItCameFrom says:

lmao what the heck this movie

SpaceCow967 says:

Is that the Deus Ex Necronomicon in the background?

Samsam Sam says:


Fazza Blockland says:

what is a “facebook” more like instagram xd

ThatHacker 419 says:

You know all mirina had to do is just delete all the scary photos on her profile and start talking to other people and fix herself up a bit

pineappleagent1 says:

Dang, lonely ppl w/o eyebrows are all psychos huh?

dat gamer consell says:


GamJam Prop says:

Lesson learned: be a christian like me

Brian Alibashi says:

This movie makes no sense

Alex Bazar says:

Honestly don’t get why they needed to use the term wica, which describes a specific set of teachings and practices, instead of the more generic satanic or witchcraft. It just comes across as lazy attempt to make it look like they know what they’re talking about and proving how little research was done instead, and pretty insulting to anyone who’s a part of the religion in question.

lori watson says:

The Bababork

GG53 says:

Its a good thing i dont do facebook haha

Monstercat Vlogs says:

The babaduc

Seasoning Food says:

The wich plz

Maggie Mags says:


Audri's life lounge says:


Bahria Visionary Club says:

So the movie name should be Unknown error

Amaya Jackson says:

i love this movies soundtrack tho!

Bon violet night says:

Basically this is an unfriend rip-off

Maya Ortiz says:

The witch

Leviathan 23 says:

Unfriended is a parody of friend request

Braeden C says:

Barba dook

Werkinggurl says:

Just like Unfriended to me

SinCity Sinner says:

Does anyone know if the actress who played Olivia in this movie is the same actress who played Debbie Pelt, the crazy ass werewolf bitch from True Blood? I can’t tell for sure but she definitely looks like Debbie Pelt, which is kind of weird because True Blood came out in like 2008, and Debbie Pelt was Alcide’s girlfriend in True Blood, and this movie came out a few years after true blood and the actress is playing a teenage girl who is still in either High school or barely in college, I can’t remember and don’t care about the lame ass movie to look it up, lol.

Meme Boi says:

This why you ignore everyone that add you and don’t add anyone

Haydan Neerings says:

Well I guess we learned something during this ( Never Be Nice To Wierd To People Like Marina).

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