Frontier(s) (2007) – Horror Movie Review

Bloodbath and Beyond reviews the horror movie Frontier(s) directed by Xavier Gens and starring Karina Testa, Aurélien Wiik, and Patrick Ligardes.
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A gang of young thieves flee Paris during the aftermath of a political election, only to holed up at an Inn run by crazed psychopaths.


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se5d says:

that gay guy in the middle looks magically delicious

Messias Felix says:

This movie it´s Great !!!

The Horrorphile says:

Great review guys! I reviewed this awhile back over on my channel. Cinematography did suck. Decent kill scenes. Keep it up!

Wesley Alan Engstrom says:

Did you guys review Hills have eyes!!???

Jako TC says:

You guys don’t know shit about movies, go watch some generic movies instead. These reviews are a fucking joke, amateurs.


Anti fascist propaganda

lilantphoto says:

You guys are crazy. I am a horror fan and this movie killed almost every horror movie released in the states. The French have made some great horror movies.

Justin Greco says:

I really enjoyed this film…

Alfredo Salvador Musmeci Fernández says:

Nice job guys, I agree with all you’ve been said, especially day for night filter & the IdontgiveafuckwhenIsupposedto characters. People, please review Haute Tension by trickyfranchy Alex Aja, spoiler alert included!

gabrele.g Green says:

This is a good review

Eddy Gumienik says:

Okay, I’m a bit late to this French horror party, but I’m getting caught up.  I started with Martyrs…MEH.  Then Inside…also MEH.  Third on the list was Frontiers…and I’ve got to say, the 3rd time’s the charm.  This is a fantastic horror movie, start to finish.  I completely disagree with the reviews by the guys on Bloodbath & Beyond, the cinematography was not that bad and never was I lost as to what was taking place on screen.  It’s violent, disturbing, bloody, well-made, well-acted, and positively frightening, I highly recommend.  Next up is High Tension.

Reggie Lovato says:

This reminded me so much of The Crazies

Goo Goo Bonehead says:

Hummmm … well I liked this better than your review …. Not that many of your points were wrong if any … but the movement of the movie and terror of the Girl made up a lot for me …. Not that I hale this film as brilliant or so original … But i didn’t find the shots near as bad as you guys , and i thought well acted …. And most of all I had to see the end …. I feel you were off the mark on the general rating … but I also realize that , that is just how you see it.

juan camilo says:

Acting sucked

Manuel Torres Sahli says:

Three Novembers late, I have to say your review seems a bit off to me. Maybe we disagree more broadly on how to appraise movies in general, since I had this impression with other commentaries on the channel. I will go on three aspects I think could explain that and then point them to this particular movie.

(1) I always give the benefit of the doubt to the film. For example: if the director knew these were dark, shaky and too close shots, why could they have wanted them as such? This implies that if something does not fit into my expectations or standards, I think of the creators of the movie as people that were probably ahead of me. So knowing what someone like me would say, this they still chose to. Therefore I am required to find what is the argument that put all these things together, or to identify inconsistencies in the myriad of decisions to regard them as flaws. So: could the dark, shaky, and too-close shots be saying something about the experience produced in the movie? Because if all cinematography were “perfectly balanced”, there would be no meaning in cinematography at all. Sometimes, “bad cinematography” means something about the experience of the characters.

(2) These meanings are therefore crucial to evaluate the technical aspects of any film. And the meaning is not in the storyline but in the experience. The storyline is another technical element to create an experience. So I would look for the framing and core problematics of the characters: unexpected/unwanted pregnancy, shitty social context, political riots against a right-wing government, political disengagement as they are taking advantage of the riots to perform a robbery and flew the country (not fight for it). So maybe being trapped by a delusional authority that hides deep underground the atrocious results of their sick policies is not that easily detachable from the intro (not just a trip!).

(3) Finally, I would always use as the most important of parameters the achieved non-rationalised experience of the spectators. This is focusing on the effect, the results of the film, instead of the resources or processes. And this not necessarily means to evaluate the spectators’ satisfaction with the film. Indeed, in movies like this, I would doubt the quality of the film or the sanity of the viewer if you came out of it “pleased”. Of course, there is no way to observe the experience of the viewers “from outside”. So as a commentator, the best you can do is share your own feelings and thoughts during the film, or those of people you have talked to. For example, in this movie, I would say it may be common to feel desperation, impotence, helplessness. Sometimes wondering why they did not take this opportunity, or why to employ this strategy. And the best a movie could achieve, I would say, is to make you feel different about something before and after the film. Maybe not immediately, maybe in a couple of days or weeks you will remember and think. Perhaps only when the occasion comes; if.

I would say that every technical element (solid storylines, consistent characters, credible visuals, cinematography) has to be at the service of producing some experience, some feeling, some thought. Maybe today, from this movie, I feel like crying and taking my hat off to every single mother that survives the day in one of the many cruel places where society is most likely to eat you alive than to take care of you. Those places where living feels like a dark, shaky and too-close take.


frosty says:

you guys seem really good at this. what would be your recommended horror/redneck/backwoods/resident evil 4 atmosphere esque kindof movies lol?

Bonzo Villegas says:

I actually really like this film, mostly because of the villains and the climax was awesome!… But yeah, I guess it can be confusing at times.

The Rebel One says:

Man…I love this “disturbing” horror films and this one it’s the best on the list…by far! French horror…the best!

Nathan White says:

I really did not like this film. The french are either absolutely brutally original or make poor imitations. The direction was pretty much Brett Ratner hack level. It is also highly mysogynistic. The dialogue is just appalling. Highly overrated. Sorry. Haute Tension on the other hand is simply phenomenal despite the rushed non sensical ending. I love that film. Alexandre Aja is IMO a genius.

Explosions and Stuff says:

Seeing how I hate shaky cam, I’m not going to even bother with this movie.

Diane S says:

I think you’d like AntiChrist however I doubt you’d want to do a review of it.  Basically for the same reason you didn’t want to review Creep…. but who knows I could be wrong but it is a great movie.

docthemetalfreak says:

so its The Purge meets Butcher Boys in a way lol

Sasupai says:

This movie messed me up, amazing.

ColonielLizardT4 says:

Good acting, gore, and soundtrack but nothing else. Poor cinematography & a generic storyline made me rate this film a 4 out of 10.
High Tension, Martyrs, and Inside all kicked the shit outta this movie.

Scott SVO says:

Good review. I enjoyed the film, it was a pretty fucked up movie but didn’t really stick with me at all. It was a lot of fun watching the main girl get her gory revenge on so many of her captives, not because she wanted to, but because she needed to escape. The villains were ‘EH’, ya know, typical. I enjoyed the haircut scene the most.

bluedemon218 says:

Is this even worth owning? I kind of enjoyed it more the more as time went on but as I watched it just kept reminding me of the remake of Texas Chainsaw Massacre & parts of House 1000 Corpse.

Connor Cook says:

its very disturbing wtf. she lives through all of this to discover that there is so much worse waiting for her on the outside.

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