Getting Schooled (2017) – Movie Review

Bloodbath and Beyond reviews the horror movie Getting Schooled directed by Chuck Norfolk and starring Mayra Leal, Tom Long, and Roland Ruiz.
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In 1983, a group of High School students in a day of detention must run for their lives when a teacher in a wheel chair turns out to be an ex black ops soldier having a murderous flashback.


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Nathan Mcgee says:

I’ll skip out on this one. Watch to much shit

Anthony Kulik says:

wow half ass shit movie. amateur at best. the acting was so dull; sub par. I’d rather repeatedly get my balls snagged in a bear trap then watch this abortion of a movie

lmk001 says:

Skip. That looks unwatchable. So congrats for getting through it.

Elaine Wireman says:

Another “Breakfast Club” esq horror movie is “Detention Of The Dead” it’s kinda cringey but y’all should review it

Pixie Willows says:

lol I went to school & was friends with Mayra Leal…I was also surprised to see her in Machete..

aaron gardr says:

first like

roy wayne says:

third likes

Avalon Parson says:

Love your vids! I hope you guys review Lesson of Evil which is a Japanese movie based off of a great manga!

Jeremy Jenkins says:

Great Review. This movie seemed to have a lot of potential, but looks like it fell flat.

Hotdog Guy123 says:


Twat Muffin Stank says:

I feel “Bad Kids Go To Hell” is a good breakfast club like horror movie/ comic book *nudge* *nudge* *wink*

aaron gardr says:


Morgan Tyler says:

Hey…some people’s eyes are just small :p

james dempster says:


Nicholas Rodriguez says:

I’m gonna stick with the belko experiment how about​ you

MurderNurse says:

Came here from ReignBot’s new video. :] Subscribed!

They Don't Reply Back says:

this sounds like bad kids go to hell but terrible

Jen Combs says:

I watched this earlier this year and I was fooled as well. The concept was what really made me sold me into watching it after seeing it I couldn’t recommend it to anyone. I love bad cheesy horror movies but this wasn’t even that. Definitely was disappointed in this one.

Rexfellis says:

Wow! That looks horrible. I like indie flicks and like you said, you can forgive the technical aspects to a degree, as well as shortcomings due to budget. But when you couple that with a horrible story, bad acting, misleading premise, and just overall shittiness, well that is a different story. Sorry you guys had to sit through it.

docthemetalfreak says:

a slasher movie that takes place in 1980something. perhaps the cast could have done cocaine to make the movie better.

Big Boss says:

I love the reviews where you guys grill movies

Hector Mena says:

Reignbot bb

SE Beller says:

sounds a little like Detention of the Dead – of course, diff subgenre, but same B’fast Club nod… oh, and also a better, funnier (entertaining but not great) film. Thanks for the advice to bypass this one.

Celebrity Nonsense says:

This movie has four stars on amazon. I wonder if most of the reviews are from the cast & crew after watching this video.

The Horror Miser Monty G says:

The minute when I saw the audio was fucked up, I knew that this would a terrible film. I’ve seen 80’s films that were terrible but were also, much better than this piece of shit!

sinnergy rox says:

check out one night of fear guys on amazon suzi lorraine jessica sonneborn

Nicolas Vincent says:

Thanks for the warning.

Ethan Bolton says:

Loved hearing a movie just get totally roasted. The footage really went a long way to back up your points, too. The fact that you made it through the film is commendable. XD

Ice Shark1975 Scar Jaws says:

What do you think you it better shark movie sand shark or avalanche shark

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