GHOST STORIES (2018) New Horror Movie Review

Today we’re taking a look at Jeremy Dyson and Andy Nyman’s horror anthology film, GHOST STORIES, staring Andy Nyman, Martin Freeman, Alex Lawther, and Paul Whitehouse. Does it live up to the classic Amicus anthologies that it share’s a few strands of DNA with? Or maybe does it strike out to do its own thing? Find out in this review.

Today’s book recommendations were:
THE MONSTER CLUB by R. Chetwynd-Hayes:

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Ross Mcmullan says:

I just got lost in what happened in the end especially when he was in a coma can u explain this

RCady33 says:

Some really good press on this one coming from SXSW. I watched the trailer and was really interested in seeing it. Now with this, I am sold on it.

MatafiedGaming says:

I just watched it last night and was amazed by it! I loved how it all wrapped together and the reveal at the end definitely added to the rewatchability (if that’s even a word haha) of the movie. It makes me want to watch it again to see what small little things you can pick out in each story that all tie to the ending. Great review!

JekyllHydeClub says:

Thanks for making me aware of this one/looking forward to it. We don’t have nearly enough good horror offerings these days.

Madeleine Swann says:

I really enjoyed the play, I was in the front row! Looking forward to the film

CapNCorn says:

Fourteen years ago my house burned down. The night before that, I saw the Mothman. First, a little backstory: I lived with my grandparents since birth, not my parents. They were and are still very much part of my life, but in total fairness my grandma raised me. In 2004 I was thirteen years old. I was a young horror fan then, still focused largely on slasher films but I was starting to branch out into the Universal/Hammer monster territory. And I was a Godzilla freak. Anyway…one night in February, about a week or so after my birthday, I was in my room watching TV. Probably one of the old sitcoms on Nick at NIte (I still do this today, I can’t help it). I couldn’t tell you how loud I had it, but I heard a noise outside. So I looked out the window.

My bedroom window faced the back yard, so it was mostly dark out there. That kind of blue-dark you get sometimes in a rural area. I couldn’t make anything out from my bed so I got up and walked over to the window. We had this Y-shaped tree in our backyard, a northern catalpa, and my sister, my cousins, neighbor kids, we’d play around on it all the time. So I had a decent sense of scale, I think, when I saw what looked at first like a full grown man dressed all in black with a long coat, crouching on one of the two large branches. I tried to get a good look at it, but I couldn’t make it out perfectly. Then a car drove down the road in front of the house, and for a moment the headlights lit it up. It wasn’t a coat. The damn thing had wings. I can’t remember much about the body except for what looked like a black mane or collar of some sort. As a kid I might have said it was like a lion mane, but now I’d say it reminds me of something you’d see on some condors or vultures. I can’t remember any details about the face, except for the big red eyes. They shimmered like bike reflectors for a second, then went dim when the car passed. Whatever the thing was, the car must have spooked it, and I swear I watched it take off, leaping from the branch and never coming back down.

I wanted to run through the house and tell everyone what I saw, but I was a smart kid. I saw Jason Lives. I know how no one believed Tommy Jarvis. I was also really hoping I was just dreaming it. So I went back to my bed and did my best to fall asleep. With the TV still on, of course.

The next morning, my grandma was getting ready for a trip into town to spend the day at her mom’s house, which was actually sort of the family headquarters. A few great aunts and uncles still lived there, and a handful of cousins, and even relatives who didn’t live there spent a lot of time there anyway, so trips to Ma’s house were always like mini family reunions. I went with her. I was too scared to stay home. Plus I wanted to hang out with my cousins. Plus I was a bit of a grandma’s boy (I still am). We stayed there all day, into the late afternoon. While we were there, we got the call that the house was on fire. I found out the next day, having spent the night in my cousin’s room, that the house was totally destroyed.

I found out something else, too. My grandpa was home alone with our two dogs, and feeling bored without me there, he left to fetch some water from the local spring. Since he wasn’t dumb enough to leave our dogs alone in the house where they could and would wreck everything, he tied them up outside. He saw the smoke when he got home.

If I had decided to stay home with my grandpa that day, he and I would have been in the house when the fire started, along with our dogs. But I decided to leave. Would we have died in the fire? Would we have saved the house before the fire could get too bad? I have no idea. Still to this day we’re not completely sure how the fire started. The official explanation is electrical failure, since the breaker box was old and shitty. But I’ve also heard the word “arson” tossed around. All I know is that because of what I saw the night before, I was too afraid to stay home that day because I saw the Mothman. If I hadn’t, the outcome might have been different, and I guess I’ll never really know how much.

Full disclosure: I’m open to the possibility that the truth isn’t quite how I remember it, and that what I saw was just a big-ass bird or something. But in the way that UFO means “some flying thing and I don’t know what the fuck it is” I use the Mothman to describe the “black, winged humanoid with big red eyes” that I remember seeing. I never got any spooky phone calls, I didn’t need to hide any chap stick in the closet, and I sure as hell am not about to jump to conclusions when it comes to any tangible link between the thing I saw and the house burning down. Was it warning me? Threatening me? Did it cause the fire? Is it a psychic phenomenon? A spiritual one? An unidentified animal? I have no idea, and I’m not going to pretend otherwise. All I can say is what I saw, and what happened next.

Kate Shaw says:

Thanks for the in depth review…one to head to the cinemas to watch!

Carlos Branca says:

As a huge Amicus and Hammer fan am very excited about this film.

Denis Desmond says:

I thought the flashback to when he was a kid involving a kid nicknamed Kojack was just unnerving incredible

glyph2011 says:

Also, Paul Whitehouse is a comedy legend so it will be interesting to see him play it straight.

glyph2011 says:

Opens here in the uk tomorrow (6th April) amazed you got to see it so early. Looking forward to it as I missed it in the Stage play run.

gadge roberts says:

Really looking forward to this. I saw the stage play in London and it was one of the most cleverly executed pieces of theatre I’ve seen. Quite immersive. They pumped various smells into the theatre corresponding with what was happening on stage. These guys are so clever.

Mike Poole says:

I saw this film last night but I didn’t understand the ending, could you please explain

Phatstuff Vlogs says:

Its a weird funny setup kinda of like britan today

Good film tho

Cameron Chaney says:

Man, I hope I get the opportunity to see this soon. From everything I’ve read to hearing all your thoughts, I’m just dying to watch. I’d especially like to see the stage play, though I doubt that’ll happen. Lol Both books sound awesome! Especially The Monster Club. I have a soft spot for that movie, though I regret never watching it as a kid. I would have played the hell out of that thing. Lol Awesome video as always, Adam!

DAW1968 says:

Totally agree, Adam, superb film. Fantastic locations, brilliantly directed and shot, so good. For those of you who’re saying you didn’t understand the ending, go and see it again. But pay more attention to what’s in the background too, particularly in the final scene. It pieces together, you just need to look more.

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