Greta (2018) Come with me Horror Movie Review *SPOILER FREE

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greta movie review isabelle huppert analysis


Tyler Jackson says:

I wasn’t really impressed by the trailer. It seemed like something I’ve seen a million times

John Kyle Stanton says:

As always thank you for taking us along, I’m disappointed because I was looking forward to this one 🙂

Erik says:

Yay i love your come with me vids. Your face when you got back in the car hahaha.

Chelsea Munroe says:

Also one time I really did have diarrhea at the movies and I missed like the entire movie and was so sad lol and also there were a bunch of like 12 year old girls in the bathroom laughing at me. Horrible time.

Irrefutable Matt says:

pity… looked like it had potential… will prob still end up watching it at some point anyway… the 90s gave me an affinity for cheesy stalker movies like sliver and SWF

Markus Sarén says:

It’s _Maika_ Monroe, actually.

Guille Magan says:

thank you Emma!!!!!!!!!

timothy riley says:

Not to forget – Neil directed Interview with the Vampire…

Gavin Wolves says:

Waiting for this so thanks for the review and heads up!

Eric Maris says:

Okayyy definitely not the same lol but good, crazy!!

Seth Carico says:

It makes me so sad that people just use horror to pump out cash grabs. Not saying this was necessarily a cash grab but all of the ones that are make the genre a stereotype when it is SOOOO much more. This is pretty much the reason that all of the really really good movies are ignored and just put into a category full of crap.

Random Horror says:

I want to see this one because the trailer got me interested and I like Chloe Grace Moretz but it’s not out for another month over here in England.

Jerry Nosek says:

neal jordans next going to direct a lifetime film.too bad.everybody gets old i guess.

Scot L says:

Love your reviews.

Nocturnal Emissions says:

I just came back from a preview screening last night and was soooooooooo disappointed. Wow. It was so bad. It hurt. Isabelle Huppert deserves better.

Matthew Pereira says:

can your next review be of the film Climax that’s coming out this friday!? i’m seeing ads all over instagram

daniel lozano says:

I going to see this movie Friday late , love bad movies with good actresses . They are my Favorite Combo , bad and good with the side of Cheese !!

CorbCorbin says:

Have you seen Bizantium? What did you think of it?

Christopher Yew Xuan says:

That’s disappointing I had high hopes for this film. I love Nile Jordan, I love his Crying Game and Interview with the Vampire. I’m really upset right now… Was hoping this could be good

So Srv says:

That’s so weird, Isabella Huppert is a great actor, I don’t know what got her to sign onto this.

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