Grizzly (1976) – Blood Splattered Cinema (Horror Movie Review)

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This week the Guru takes on William Girdler’s 1976 killer bear opus Grizzly, staring Christopher George. How does he feel about film? Hold on to your butt’s because it’s goin’ to be a crazy ride!

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Austin Schank says:

This is still in the Top 5 of your best BSC, I always enjoy this review.

The Horror Guru says:

I have not, but I want to. =)

cuddlykittehs says:

Is it just me, or at  8:03  all fear of the animal is lost immediately- because, sorry, bears(no matter how dangerous)

Studio Monarch says:

Wasnt there a remake of this film?

Daniel Ross says:

God I haven’t seen this movie since I was a Kid!

Doge-a-saurus Rex says:

i need to see this movie

sparkle_goat says:

fun fact, before Halloween, this was the highest grossing independent horror film.

GrimlyFiendish says:

This movie is more entertaining than Jaws and yep i do like Jaws. You can’t beat blowing up a bloodthirsty bear with a bazooka haha.

Keith Pasculli says:

That opening music sounded like the theme music in a soap opera. lol

zekroh6986 says:

Fun and terrible fact: A director from 2007 gained ideas from Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds and made a movie that will live deep in infamy and probably one of the circles of hell. With a budget of $10,000, like Black Christmas, this movie had terrible effects, the horror only came in 45 minutes into the movie, and it had bad acting; I give you the name of this movie, Birdemic: Shock and Terror. I’m giving this fact because I saw Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds in this. So yeah…

John D Robinson says:

the first film I ever saw at the would have been Peter Pan but it was sold out..i was only 9 years old lol

Burori1 says:

Oh man! I’d love it if you do a review of Prophecy at some point!

SanjiVinsmoke says:

Sir you got instantly a like from me for “the animal” from disturbed! Awesome xD

Corey Parks says:

DOB 2/22/70 was no more scared than most when I saw JAWS&had I not over come my fear swimming in lake? (unable2see below) Mom may never have indulged/took me2this or ’79’s Prophecy (Kid in sleeping bag was brutal) &others as well even tho she didn’t like/hates horror. While I heard rumors those close anticipated&believed Grizzly may not make $ JAWS yet est $2m would make just as strong fear impact. Started production w/less than half budget under impression getting before halfway done&waited til almost were2ask. Twice budget&$8m JAWS also scared investors4awhile too. Most movies were shot in sequence&if not for all Bruce’s failures? Spielberg would never have been forced2recreate&make the classic he did tho. Grizzly ended up around $750,000 after hoping2have east that much more for effects? Most everything last half Grizzly shot by Director paid out pocket Helicopter&Pilot while originally planned2have Bear sadistically play w/Hunter Scott over period of time. What may been good 20min wasn’t even 5min in the. After great aspirations from the start,in beginning scene;1st shot&1st Girl didn’t lose her but does 2nd time around. Same w/2nd Girls&shown here is what Kelly finds shack ends up being from/tame 1st shot. Few movies&Directors would have/use scenes after theater for TV. Even later w/cable they sometimes didn’t even have that part&after goin in shack cuts2him talking about it. Scene quite bit longer w/Kelly coming upon shack&looking around at 1st,see how tall really is looks untouched from front or even guess she’s wedged nearly that high dislodged landing on&overover another board on the ground. Who didn’t gasp out shock screamed out horror. Clearly remember least one person running out theater gagging about puke? Positive&thought for sure finally found original theatrical version I saw early VHS PG release,long b4 PG-13 even existed…Nope&even cut moment after she falls followed w/barely 3sec of what could been 30sec&still wouldn’t been able wrap my head around or believed what I had really seen? Mom didn’t sugar coat anything&always answered my questions as honestly as possible. Then like most half ppl there spent entire rest movie ready cover her eyes&I had2ask what he did to her? Even working at the hospital she’s still shaking off willie’s&answered “He ate out her stomach then stashed high up top…just like The Crow w/Brandon Lee,would have loved2have seen their/it’s original vision=)

TheAnkhWarrior83 says:

I think Orca is the best Jaws ripoff, you should check it out if you haven’t before

BigLee1901 says:

8:10 LOL It’s Samoa Joe

Jeran Brown says:

I can’t wait to watch it! Love your reviews Mister Guru. Keep posting!

Gojiramus Primus says:

oh and review the relic because it’s a good one about a giant killer mutant demonic reptilian creature in inappropriate museum and the series kill la kill because of the hot as hell ryuko

warriorking4ever says:

How to avoid responsibility? Dude, that line reminded me of something you might hear in an old Sit Com like the Brady Bunch or something XD

P.S. the bear attacking the ranger tower to the Godzilla theme is PRICELESS, especially since BearGoji is one of the nicknames we kaiju fans have for the 2014 Godzilla, that & LegendaryGoji >;3

Irish Mistake says:

I don’t understand how you’re not more well known! Love your reviews, this one is definitely one of my favorites. Keep fighting the good fight!

Nas says:

I love this movie.Favorite jaws rip off

Tainted Lord87 says:

4:46 You should’ve entitled it ‘Bareversion’ instead. Giving the fact the girl is ‘baring’ no clothes.

Rabbi Shlomo Shekelberg-Rubingoldstein says:

Why don’t you have a lot more views? Your reviews are very well made, they are informative and insightful, the presentation is good, you know your stuff and you clearly invest time and effort into making the reviews.

Sister Snowman says:

Instead of “Creepy Uncle Smokey Vision” you could’ve made it “Barevision.”

Apostolos Christou says:

9:20, the music is superheroes from the rocky horror picture show? My favorite review so far btw !

demon91 says:

Definitely check it out – I think there was a full video of it on YouTube recently.

Ian of Randomonium says:

When the horse got killed, I said “I want that bear to get blown up.” Bronies get there revenge one way, or another.

chris hollingsworth says:

the bear is not a grizzly but a cave beat how a cave bear survived the ice age and got to the U.S from Europe I don’t know

Rachel Miller says:

Am of course watching this again before I do Count Jackula’s revenge fanart, for “research” purposes.

cfruge444 says:


WAY too drawn out!

SundaysEnd says:

Did anyone else noticed the bear roared like Godzilla at 8:02? Also, was it ever explained why this bear went on a rampage killing a bunch of people and not even eating most of them afterwords? I know it’s just a movie but this is stretching the limits of disbelief pretty far, bears don’t randomly go on killing sprees at random like that. Oh yeah and one more thing, how the hell did this get rated PG with this level of gore and nudity?

Justin Williams says:

1:42 Indeed you’ve made your point well though for some reason I keep thinking of the theme song for the Thing (1982 version) as a good replacement for that sitcom stuff.

Nick Kurtz says:

Its funny how Jaws was based of the novel of the same name, watching your review makes me think if Grizzly was a novel I’ll read the shit out of it and probably become my favorite book ever. I really like the movie it looks great and I really want to find a copy of it.

Randy Stephenson says:

You suck, faggot.

Shawn Young says:

you should review RAWHEAD REX if you can find it. kinda makes you think of a pumpkin head set loose to run a rampage.

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