Halloween (2007) – Horror Movie Remake Review

Bloodbath and Beyond reviews the horror movie Halloween directed by Rob Zombie and starring Scout Taylor-Compton, Malcolm McDowell, Tyler Mane, Brad Dourif, Daeg Faerch, Kristina Klebe, and Danielle Harris.
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After being committed for 17 years, Michael Myers, now a grown man and still very dangerous, escapes from the mental institution (where he was committed as a 10 year old) and he immediately returns to Haddonfield, where he wants to find his baby sister, Laurie. Anyone who crosses his path is in mortal danger.

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Aidan Downes says:

Review the second Halloween by rob zombie

Ultra instinct samurai says:

I like how he focused on mikels childhood but I don’t like how the characters act I get that it’s a R rated movie but there are way to many sex jokes and characters act to Gros

metron98 says:

How do we go from teenage brat Michael to 6ft tall guy? Steroids?!

Jim Goebel says:

The first half of the movie sucked. The second half is awesome.

dirty06maggot says:

what i like about this movie (hoboween).. ummm nothing. I tried many times, but it’s god aweful. Zombie took away the mysterousness of michael myers and turned him into a trailer park trash hobo. And why so big? He’s the shape, he’s terrifying, he doesn’t need to be 6 feet tall. The creepy stalker score from the original didn’t fit the tone of this film at all. I get that they used it because it was in the Carpenter film, but there was no suspense here, so it felt out of place. Turning michael’s mother into a stripper (who can’t act for shit) it was laughable.

Mayor McCheese says:

I think the biggest problem with this movie is how it tires to make everything more black & white and obvious. For example, wasn’t it creepier that in the original Myers had no motive? He was an emotionless killing monster. Here, he was an abused child like Jason Voorhees. Not a bad concept, but I think it was a bad choice. Also, the kills seem too excessive. I love an awesome, gory kill, but to me, it was much more intimidating when The Shape did his killing quickly and smoothly, like he was destined to. Finally, the mask…it sucks. Yes, the mask looks good, but the weathered look makes him look scarred and terrifying, when Myers was meant to pale and merciless. In an interview, when Rob Zombie was asked about the mask, he replied with, “I didn’t want Myers to be a walking shape.” For God’s sake, THEY CALL HIM THE SHAPE! This isn’t a bad movie, but I have problems with these changes. And Halloween 2 is a complete abomination. Not the awesome (but, admittedly, not as clever) 1981 version, the 2009 *train wreck* …train wreck? OH GOD, AMY SCHUMER!

jay&marz reaction says:

Do part 2

Colin McCreery says:

Rob Zombie is a phenomenal film maker. Every movie he makes is gold. And also a amazing musical artist.

Patty Ngara says:

Like your reviews so much more when you are not commenting on tits. Hotness of the girls is normal but tits commentary is weird.

SerialKillerX says:

I really love this movie. Maybe not great to watch on halloween, but its a movie i love to watch really close to halloween. I think Tyler Mane did an amazingly awesome job! Also, the violence was everything. Violence, and i guess nudity, was the tone of this movie. I thinks its fun and tense with all the violence, like Michael smashing Laurie’s foster mom to the table, the way he attacked Laurie, and him just breaking doors and walls. This is my favorite remake ever!

Raekwon Phillips says:

Both movies are better than the originals

PsYcHo_OuTrAgE says:

My thoughts:
This remake is 50/50. Great cast, great acting. Bad back story, far too white trash based, overuse of violence and sex, very bad character development. The back story took away the mystique of Michael. Something that should NEVER be done. He is a force of nature. Not just some genuine psychopath who came from a broken home. Can’t get more cliche than that btw. Haddonfield was meant to be a small quiet town. A safe place to live. Not some white trash redneck filled post apocalyptic shithole. Overuse of sex and violence takes away the horror and just turns it into gore porn. Other than the back story, the film is pretty much a shot for shot remake, with only a few of it’s own things included. Another thing, Michael was way too big, making him predictable. Sure, you would wanna avoid a 6’9 295lb man, but it’s even more astounding when it is a 6ft 210lb man who is virtually average sized, who has inhuman strength and the resiliency to endure so much punishment. But there are some good points don’t get me wrong. The acting is phenomenal. The casting is fantastic. Tyler Mane fits right up there with the original actors/stuntmen and even the kills were cool, even though I have a slight problem with excessive killing in films. And the fact that it is virtually a shot for shot remake, minus the beginning, does make it enjoyable as it is basically modernized. The ending sequence I actually loved. The breakout scene (the more toned down one) was good. The music, the cinematography, all that was good stuff. I guess, it’s OK for what it is. Not brilliant, but not terrible. And definitely not the best horror remake. Could have been worse, yet could have been so much better.

josh Halgren says:

How does one obtain a Bloodbath And Beyond shirt?

Junone King says:

This movie was a fucking disgrace.

Adult Myers was the only good thing about it.

Seven Apollo says:

I like the confrentation between Michael and Lori because I love how Michael is trying to tell her he’s her brother and is not trying to kill her I was able to feel that brotherly love he was giving lori in the basement scene

TheTonyahawk says:

I actually like the back story aspects of Zombie’s take on Halloween, yet I did not completely enjoy the final act of the film. Scout in my opinion was not the quintessential retake on Laurie I actually thought that her and Annie’s attitudes/personalities were reversed and shouldn’t have been. Also while I did think that Malcolm did a superb job acting I really disliked the way Zombie portrayed the Loomis character in this version, and Loomis became even more despicable in part 2, to the point that I cheered upon his demise. My last complaint is that Zombie always makes his characters out to be white trash or undesirables, and while this was great in House of 1000 Corpses and The Devil’s Rejects (his absolute best film) I wasn’t enthralled with this decision here. So my evaluation on Zombie’s Halloween is 2 1/2 Bloody Butcher Knives outta 5. Halloween is one of my favorite films of all time, and while this wasn’t bad (like the Nightmare or Friday reboots) it still doesn’t light my Jack O’ Lantern so to speak.

SpAceX Fan says:

I loved this movie

HorrorTRASH 6505 says:

I COULDN’T get into these movies. The remakes aren’t good. I thought that the background part was interesting but he isn’t scary in this film. Michael is way too big, and like I said isn’t scary. I’ll give it a 2/5

TheCaptainLulz says:

I absolutely LOVE Brad Douriff. Hes one of the greats at playing insane.

Splatter Review says:

Can you do a Review of Rob Zombie’s Halloween 2???

Kaden Overstreet says:

If you ask me it comes down to personal preference on whether you want to know Michael’s back story or not.

Zachary Kendall says:

Y’all should review Rob Zombie’s other films. Like House of 1000 Corpses, The Devil’s Rejects, and The Lords of Salem.

The Amazing Jakhammer says:

I always enjoyed Rob’s retelling of Halloween. I think he done a pretty good job too- I mean redoing one of Join Carpenter’s most iconic films is like trying to fill some mighty big shoes.
I just wish the characters on the remake weren’t so white trashy, though. It’s one of those few films in which you wanna root for the killer.

Gary Eakin says:


SkyExplosion says:

Actually Michael Myers as a kid is the only part of this awful movie I liked.

MollyHolly Lee says:

YES!! Tyler Mane was so fucking perfect as Michael, him, & Nick Castle are my favorites for their portrayal of Michael

Andrew Grove says:

the 2nd halloween of rob zombie reminded me too much of elm street

Mark Fair says:

Halloween was perfect, this is trash and so is the sequel

buzzcrushtrendkill says:

I tried, I really tried. But I just could not like this movie. Zombie over-explained, made the characters so black and white, removed all the chillingness and creep factor of the original and just the spoon feeding of the storyline made me loose interest and any empathy for the characters.

Nathan White says:

Love this film. A fan of the sequel 2. Michael is so menacing in these films. Zombie is such a talented film maker. To be honest i don’t think he cares much about creating tension and scares. His skill is creating story and memorable characters. The Devil’s Rejects is a masterpiece.

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