Hammer Horror Films Collection & Reviews – Introduction

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Greetings everyone. Well you all have been asking and now I am answering. Its time for some classic Hammer Studios movie reviews and here’s the introduction video were I shall share my thoughts on those films, the actors and the studio itself. Reviews are definitely forthcoming.


david Neville warg says:

I love these films !!!!

Noah G says:

I love HAMMER it is the greatest film studio ever!!!

William Gray says:


Mke Flynn says:

I love it, at 48 yrs, old sitting in my” little horror museum” at 3 in the morning just got done watching the Sentinel  and getting that creepy feeling like I did when I was 8 , thanks for the review ,very cool , 1 question, Bela or Christopher? 

John Lennon Fanatic says:

I am a big Hammer Fan i recently had Kiss Of The Vampire Transcribed for Piano its 100% Accurate.

David Wright says:

I agree with you on Lee and Cushing, but the best part of Hammer was the cast of sexy bitches.

Original Music, Honda Grom and Grumps says:

I once met Peter Cushing. He was everything I hoped he’d be – gracious and gently spoken. It’s a favourite memory of mine as I am a Hammer junkie too.

jon-michael fink says:

thats awesome

Michael says:

brilliant introduction, i subscribed 

Preston Lions FC says:

are you going to review it ?

Ghostlight X says:

Dude, we have similar minds…

Dark Days of Horror says:

I bought this set for 30 € (approx. 40 Dollars) a few minutes ago.

Can´t wait to watch these classics. I was introduced to Hammer movies rather late, because I was born in 1984 and german television rarely ever airs the flicks from Great Britain.

Back in 2003 I got my hands on “Plague of the Zombies”, which is called “Naechte des Grauens (Nights of Terror) here in germany. It was my first Hammer (yup, I had never seen a Lee Dracula until 2007 / 2008 – believe it or not).

Around 2007 / 2008 a good friend of mine spent 6 months in the US and bought me that bargain dvd of “satanic rites” as a present. When she returned to germany she gave it to me.

That was my second Hammer flick. Since then, I am really interested in the movies. But up until today, those are the only 2 movies I have seen.

You know, Hammer films use to be quite expensiv in germany. Most of them cost around 30 Dollars – too much for me to be honest.

Now that I have the collection, I can´t wait to see all the movies included.

Great Video btw… I suscribed!

David Mouser says:

Regarding Christopher Lee, he did play a hero in one Hammer Horror film “The Devil Rides Out”
Worth seeing!

Derek Roberts says:

i like to think that Hammer was to American Horror what the Beatles were to American Rock & Roll.

William Gray says:

I love (1966) Island Of Terror with Peter Cushing

71yid says:

A very nice collection of wonderful Hammer films you have there. I recently completed my collection of Hammers Dracula series, but had to obtain an American import of Satanic rites of dracula as it currently doesnt have a U.K release to my knowledge!

Phillip LeConte says:

thank you for this!

oculus tekk says:

That do you think of the hammer house of horror tv show rewatching now

Richard Philip says:

I’m from the uk and it’s great to see reviews from foreigners who love and grew up with these films too, great review, love your vids

david Neville warg says:

I have the 2 smaller sets want the big box though.great review!

Matts movie Matinee says:

Awesome box set!!!

Jamie says:

I just started watching these films off Youtube a few days ago, and then I see you’re a fan too! I enjoy your reviews and your taste. Thanks so much for taking the time to do these videos!

Mke Flynn says:

I`m glad we agree, Bela was “the Dracula” and Max was “Orloc” or Nosferatu  but neither could act there way out of paper bags, Blaa I say Blaa Blaa don`t get me wrong because I grew up with Bela and wasn’t introduced  to Hammer horror until years later but right away liked Christopher Lee, he just gave Drac I think that little bit more bite he needed 🙂

Preston Lions FC says:

seen Conjuring ?

Film & TV says:

Hi, great review and collection. By the way, this may or may not have been explained to you, but “Quatermass” is actually pronounced “Quay” (like saying gray, US English) or “Quey” (like saying grey, UK English) – “ter” – “mass” as opposed to “Quarter-mass” (there’s no “r”) – the Hammer Film version was an adaptation of one of the TV serials (series) called “Quatermass and the Pit”. The Quatermass TV serials were created in the early 1950’s by the BBC (the earliest one was transmitted live as at the time, they couldn’t record TV programmes/they didn’t have Tape machines): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bernard_Quatermass .By the way, have you ever seen any of the British “Amicus” ( a “copy” of “Hammer”) horror films, in which Peter Cushing & Christopher Lee also starred in? A good starting point is Amicus’s “Dr. Terrors House of Horrors” (1965) as it’s stars Peter Cushing in the lead role with Christopher Lee in a supporting role: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dr._Terror%27s_House_of_Horrors and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PpfRzcOFnwA kind regards.

chestnutsev7 says:

Yeah I got bitten buy the Hammer, Amicus etc films bug when I was about 12 when they showed Double bill seasons here in the UK always on a Saturday night. Ahh those were the days.

Sergio Ramón Rodríguez Cajiga says:

Excellent review…and great collection of Hammer films! I would like a review of  “The curse of werewolf”. In my opinion is a very good movie about werewolves.

Greg Morton says:

I, like you grew up on these films. The first one I saw at the Drive-in as a kid was Brides of Dracula. Scared the heck out of me. There are still a lot of Hammer films I still need to see. Great job! Love your video! Excellent collection.

Tobias Palovaara says:

I just love the Hammer movies. I grew up watching those here in Sweden. I have picked up quite a few of those movies over the years. I also have that collection of 21 movies. My favourite there is the fantastic Plague of the living dead. If you really are a diehard i would also recommend the Hammer house of horror series which was a television series from the early 80s. Ok its not up there with the movies but it has great atmosphere and some nice storys. Don´t forget the great movies which came out from the rivalry companys of Hammer. Tigon pictures did the creeping flesh with Cushing and Lee which is a true gem. And all those Amicus productions anthology movies. Just check them out please.

hawkboy71 says:

Nice work Michael! Love the vids! We have a VERY similar taste in movies! Keep up the good work!

William Gray says:

I love (1966) Island Of Terror with Peter Cushing. It is a must see!!!

Karl Bennett says:

Hammer is boss.loved the tv show every friday night.scared me to death as a kid but loved it

swordghoti says:

Cushing and Lee are Britain’s best film double act, they work together superbly. Lee all feral menace with a stoical verve from Cushing. Just found your Hammer playlist, very good collection, I have most of these films.

jac6995 says:

I think it was called “Horror of Dracula” because Universal owns the rights to the title “Dracula”

TimeLimey says:

Thankyou!!!!!!!! The reason I found this vid is because im looking for the name of that film. Great movie and want to see it again.

wrongnote85 says:

i’m sure you’ve since figured it out, but ad 1972 and the satanic rites of dracula are not the same film but rather the later is the sequel to the former. however, count dracula and his vampire bride and the satanic rites of dracula are in face the same movie. 

either way, loving your reviews so far. how bout a frankenstein series review?

Kohl423 says:

As a child and then a young man growing up in England I too was weaned on the early Hammer classics. Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee meant everything when you talked about Hammer (Have seen Peters last home in Whitstable, Kent overlooking the sea).For modern viewers the effects might seem quaint but the films have an atmosphere of their own. Among my favourites are The Devil Rides Out and The Hound of The Baskervilles both rich in colour and character, and who can forget Dracula ?

TimeLimey says:

Being a Brit, grew up on these films. Great stuff.

Taylar Gatson says:

Awesome review!!
Q: how did you find the 21 Hammer dvd collection? is it ever going to be available in the U.S.?
thanks brother!

Nyder says:

Great video, love this movies and feel the same way about Peter Cushing.

luv2eatpuss79 says:

that is the uncut version of one million BC that wasn’t released in the US. Did you ever watch Hammer House of Horror ?

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