Headless (2015) movie review horror slasher

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My review for the new slasher Headless. It is a prequel/sequel to Found another great low budget film.

My review of Found (2012) http://youtu.be/cQm_uv9Oi7g

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angel silve says:

i love found and want both of them on blu ray

William Pattison says:

I loved Headless. I’m a real fan of retro horror films like Headless and We are Still Here. I thought they captured the style and the writing of a 1978 slasher perfectly. If you didn’t know this was a 2015 film you would honestly think it was a found 1978 low budget film. I say bravo to the filmmaker….

Kyeli Parker says:

My best friend is in that movie and he was only 8 years old Kaden miller

Jesse Edwards says:

My apologies is you mentioned this and I didn’t catch it, but where do I find this movie? 

And thanks for letting us know about this lesser known films. 

Official Filmilen says:

Headless is a good movie, but its for the hardcore slasher fans

MustWeDevouR says:

Excellent review, this movie was worth the watch!

David Koenig says:

Those guys who made Found really do know what they are doing…they really do need a real budget. When they get that, watch out.

THX11003 says:

I want to get raped by the guy on the cover of FOUND.  I love that.

Kelz Pinero says:

which should I watch first? found or headless?

IRMoonlander says:

“Found.” really, really shook me up. it was one of the best indie films I have ever seen and I’m really looking forward to this, will it be on VoD or something? could not find anything unfortunately

Nick Schultz says:

Bruh this movie is like Drill music and Pornogrind/Deathmetal put together into a movie.

Arty Flores says:

Another good review! Thanx and I will get it because of your positive review!

FlyGuy78 says:

I’ll sum it up in a second, sick and fuckin twisted movie the dude is a pussy,

pollenontheshoot says:

You should watch Headless then watch Found. imo

Is It 710 yet says:

Where can I watch this movie? can’t find it anywhere

matt11708 says:

i was let down with found i did like  the headless short on the dvd what really killed found for me was the acting.

mrparka says:

thanks for the kind words. i really enjoyed being in it. Also thanks for even knowing who the hell i am. 

Dead Reel says:

Nice 🙂

Emily Majkowski says:

I absolutely loved this movie. After I watched it I just had to personally message the director. I look forward to seeing more films as well.

DarkWestFilms says:

I really enjoyed found. I will definitely check out headless. Great review!

Candice akinsanya says:

Let me start by saying, I usually don’t watch horror or slasher films as they give me nightmares. I watched “Found” a few hours ago, and I can honestly say it is a prertty decent film. A side from the gore and racist commentary, the storyline was really good.. I guess the racism was needed as it demonstrates how hatred against a targeted group can lead to hatred and insensitivity to all people. The ending left me with so many questions. How was the kid found, what happen to him afterwards, what did the parents do to deserved such treatment? I think another film focusing on the older brother’s upbringing will help explain how he developed into a sociopath.

Yann Poulin says:

“Found” is awesome.

MoviesAndStuff says:

Hey! If you go to the Headless Facebook page, there is a link that brings you to a website where they are selling the remainder of DVD’s! I ordered mine, you should snag one. They are limited and you can get it signed. Hope that helps!

Frank Ovalle says:

How can i watch this?

Goose Games says:

defo will be checking both films out. great review

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