Hell Fest (2018) – Horror Movie Review

Bloodbath and Beyond reviews the movie Hell Fest directed by Gregory Plotkin and starring Reign Edwards, Amy Forsyth, and Bex Taylor-Klaus.
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A masked serial killer turns a horror-themed amusement park into his own personal playground, terrorizing a group of friends while the rest of the patrons believe that it is all part of the show.


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Rich Jenkins says:

Moon on the Dracula shirt looks like a Lemon for your cocktail.

AggAssault73 says:

I remember seeing the scene you had in your video and thinking ‘Is that Dr Satan from House of 1000 Corpses’? It looked a lot like him.

Chayce says:

Amusement parks, haunts, water parks, carnivals, etc, are my favorite locations for horror movies, shows and games, so I think I need to watch this movie for the location alone.

HorrorGal says:

I just watched this last night and am going to upload a review…couldn’t believe I saw this notification!!! So stoked to see what you guys thought of it!!!

John Russell says:

Just literally watched this last night. That eye scene was hard to watch

Jay Shupp says:

Never showing the killers face and never getting any back story on him was a disappointment to me. On top of that, the park was really crowded, but when they went in the haunted houses, it was like the main characters were the only ones in there. I found that odd.

That's Andrew says:

Really gotta check out this one!

Sknots says:

I really enjoyed this movie, the killers behavior gave me a Michael Myers/Jason vibe but i was not a fan of the design which reminded me of Hollywood Undead, it was tense enough (the guillotine scene was great), i loved they gave Tony todd that role even if it was just for a moment, it was a good slasher and i liked it even more because i go to this kind of festivals every year and just to think this could happen makes it scary as fuck.

Will Rob says:

The twist ending was interesting.

Iamarobotbanana4 says:

No dislikes, nice. Keep up the great movie reviews.

Let's Talk Horror says:

Probably not the most loved response, but I didn’t care for this flick I love horror so so much. What was stated pacing was a huge issue and the kills almost bored me. Also things like the killer stalking the victim through different rooms in the haunted area that no one was in, this place was jam packed on the outside but no body was in the rooms but the main characters. Personally its a Hellmess

Puppet Marionette35 says:

Awesome video blood bath and this was fun awesome slasher horror movie

Bourbon Ernie says:

I’m guessing the death John didn’t like was eyeball related. At least it wasn’t a nasty ass centipede.

Douglas Warmann says:

Nice review. What ever happened to the days when there was a death like every 6-10 minutes?

Mitch R says:

This was shot not too far from me, and a lot of the actors in the haunt are from Netherworld, which I visit every year in Atlanta. I missed this in the theater unfortunately, gotta pick up the blu. Loved the review as always guys.

DrewRussell says:

I really liked this movie. It’s a simple, basic slasher and as formulaic as it gets. There’s no big twist, no whodunnit mystery, no high concept and I really appreciated that. It’s just a fun slasher set in a haunt following a group of likable characters getting stalked and preyed upon by an anonymous killer. That’s it. The characters are relatable and there’s not one asshole in the bunch, the performances are natural, the lighting, cinematography and production design are all top-notch and the killer is menacing. The only real drawback for me are the lack of creative kills. Like you said, there’s maybe 2 that are well done and the rest are all quick, bloodless stabs to the abdomen and that’s it. I’m no gorehound and even I was disappointed. The opening kill sequence was also lackluster (I absolutely HATE when movies cut back and forth between the scene and the credits) and I would’ve appreciated more Tony Todd.

Other than those minor issues, it’s a fun, solid movie. Frankly, I’m still flabbergasted that the piece of shit Halloween 2018 did so much better than this when this is a much better movie overall.

theworldofmilton says:

The ending sucked but it was different we expected a climactic monologue on why the killer kills but we got a spoil kid with a dumb ass dad who went out the way to get the bitch a stuffed animal

Reuben Wilson says:

Sounds like a modern version of funhouse

Marcus Whitlow says:

“Fun going in, hell getting out” could also be used as the tagline for a Taco Bell review…

Kalob Bettis says:

I have to agree! I really enjoyed the film, Hell I went to theaters because Tony Todd!! The pace was the hard part, but it was nice to have random slasher make it further than vod/ blue ray release.

Franklg says:

It wasn’t my kind of movie, i was boring watching it,
yeah has some blood scenes but not scary at all, great review

Zach Livingston says:

I liked this film. But it was not paced well. I don’t know why people kept saying it was PG-13. I seen it at the movies and it was rated R. Glad to have it in my collection.

Uncle Boogieman says:

I liked this one, I’m definitely a sucker for slasher films but this was fun. Heard lots of bad things about it so I had low expectations but enjoyed it.

Bob Fulci says:

I dunno, I liked it, but if the killer was a larger, more imposing figure, it might have worked better. Instead, I kept thinking he looked like a mid-to late 80’s White-boy rapper, you know, the kind who wore the track suits, with the crooked hat with sunglasses, and huge gold chain, and popped and locked for Solid Gold dance show. But hey, what do I know? Oh, hang on…I totally forgot: SECOND!

Adam Watson says:

That’s a damn good slasher, it’s tense, the kills are brutal and I found the twist at the end genuinely chilling. This deserves to be considered a classic someday 🙂

TheInsidiousArtiste says:

let me guess john freaked out at the syringe eye part?

Koto Kiminama says:

I love Bloodfest and Hell Fest, but Bloodfest is definitely the better film.

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