“Hereditary” 2018 Spoiler Discussion / Review – The Horror Show

Cecil, Derk & Fuego talk spoilery about the amazing new horror movie, “Hereditary”!

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Hosts: Cecil Laird, Jaime En Fuego & Derk Harron
Produced & Edited by Cecil Laird

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mike bloodofodin says:

She was floating

tyler melton says:

She was definitely floating… just let it go, goddamn

Libby Wood says:

The scene where the mom found out where Charlie was dead fucking destroyed me. When she was screaming Charlies name, rocking and yelling “I want to die” I got chills. Props to the actress, that and the rest of her performance was incredible.

Amaury Sanchez says:

There is a scene after the mother discovers the body of the daughter in the car. The son is just standing eves dropping on his dad and mom talking where the dad is trying to console her, and the son hears her morning her babies death. It’s shot so amazing!

Wolfatadoor says:

Also naked smiling man was the smiling guy at the funeral

Pete Puebla says:

The movie was so slow. The horror doesn’t pick up till the last act.

Brad Henderson says:

Team floating

malex4321 says:

This is exactly how my brother would react after killing me. Shoutout to my shitty bro.

silja lin says:

I don’t believe her mother possessed her in the burning scene. She had been brought to the brink and she was desperate. She felt guilt for causing the death of one of her children and then bringing forth a demon that would destroy her other child. She was just a very very very desperate mother coming to the conclusion that she had to die to save her only surviving child. I don’t think anyone would be calm and collected during a realisation like that.

Tits Mgeee says:

13:04 the cat moves omg

jennifer palacios says:

“13 year old head”

Wolfatadoor says:

The only thing possessing was the Paimon demon. It possessed Charlie, Annie, and finally peter. It’s sad, this family is cursed and birthed to carry on the vessel of Paimon. She was able to teleport into the attic because she’s the king of hell at that point lol. Also, Annie was 100% levitating in air, no rope.

Paimon possesses Annie after Gabriel went up in smoke because she was at her most vulnerable. Any scene that light or scanning thing happens is when Paimon is out n about.

WeAreN1nja says:

Bros… She was not hanging. She was levitating, fully possessed, and and sawing her own head off with a garrote or something..

Na Na says:

is that a cat just chilling by the telephone? lol

RedShirt Drawings says:

did the mom not want peter because she knew about the grandmother and the cult stuff? and when the grandmother couldn’t get to peter she went to the daughter to then get to the son? I want to see it again to see what I missed maybe what was in spoilers

dicecreamman2003 says:

My God Cecil you overtalk the panel so much. It disrupts the flow man. I want to hear what they have to say also and their take on things. Got to work off each other

Sara A says:

I was startled when the little girl’s head and face smashed into the pole as the brother was speeding to get to a hospital. The minutes after it happened were electrifying. I also found it badly terrifying when the mother was upside down on the ceiling, slamming her head against the attic door of the ceiling attic her son locked himself up in. I felt terrible for the tearful son. Toward the end, I did not realize later that the mother was trying to cut her own head off, I thought she was rythmically stabbing herself in the chest. Felt very disturbed with a constant sense of dread through out the movie. The endings background music gave a sense of relief for some reason I cannot identify. The spider walk scene on the ceiling was somewhat predicable ( from the Exorcist movies). Also found the classroom scene in which the sons hand shoots up, rigid, with the right side of his face changing, scary.

Eddie Van H says:

She had to be floating, why would she be hanging?

clevawoman says:

I didn’t find this scary at all. I didn’t like this movie. Bored.

Dark Soul20 says:

“Luckily it was a dog.” – Oh yeah thank goodness, just a worthless dog…for a moment I thought I could get in trouble…That’s probably what he thought considering his statement…what a nutjob…

Focused and fabulous says:

The cat is so cute ❤️

Chris Bolden says:

Awesome discussion Gentlemen & I agree the The Grinning Man looking at Charlie during the funeral was the same man Naked in the closet with the same grin. Plus was it just me but when Peter starts to freak out in class…did ya notice that his distorted face kind of mirrored Charlie’s normal look. Also I notice that when he was in his bedroom smoking weed & he blows the smoke out the window…you see the smoke outside but then someone blows smoke towards his puff/ vapor. Since we find out later that some cult members were lingering outside the house…..well on 2nd viewing I’ll look closer. Plus Peter uses the Chocolate Cake to pacify Charlie but the Party Girl uses his lust for her when he ask her.. ( “….do you smoke??) to get her alone, but she tricks him into the bedroom where he unwittingly shares his weed with other guys. The one thing that connected him to his friends was the only thing anyone desired from him. “O the Horror, the Horror!!”

Jamie Carter says:

Stopper watching after the chubster in the middle admitted to hitting something and driving away without knowing if it was a human, you are a douchebag.

jttfffffffffffff says:

U fat piece of shit.

Feline Fatale says:

This film should make James Wan feel some level of envy with this.

Whyme says:

Thanks guys for the great review/discussion…This movie is definitely a must see, the cinematography is amazing as was the acting in particular Toni Collette & Alex Wolff, So good that i’m going to see it again tonight with my partner ( midnight screening..lol) i’d rate this a 9/10 for sure 😉

Chris Butler says:

Bros — she is clearly levitating. Also, it’s just a nut allergy, not a peanut allergy. The girls were chopping walnuts. Also, this movie wasn’t scary and was dumb. Cool premise, but dumb delivery.

Matthew Bond says:

This is one of the best comedy movies ever I laughed so hard when that little cunts head got decapitated and when the mom was cutting her own head of in front of her son, that was hilarious

Paradoxar says:

was I the only one who fucking jumped at that tongue click in the car? lol

AuntieSasha1 says:

What was black thing Annie took out of her mouth after drinking from a cup at Joanies house? I feel it was significant being that the camera focused on it.

Ryan Sweeney says:

Crap movie very disappointing

Maddy Hookway says:

i loved how confused it made you feel – i was questioning whether the scenes were in the house or in Annie’s miniatures.

stevebob240 says:

Great discussion, I loved this film.
ps. It took me like ten minutes to notice the cat sleeping on your table.

Robroy333 says:

I just saw it alone in an empty theater. It was just OK . Not scary though.

Salva510 says:

I dont think she was possessed in the scene where they were tryna burn the book. I watched it again last night. If you rewatch it when Steve ignites into flames you see her face full of horror and shock but then that lens flare or light thing comes over her. Then she smiles it’s really quick.

Milton Hunter says:

Just saw it and wow….what a disappointment. Stupid ending and just too derivative.

Shannon RaeVon says:

Okay, now that I’ve seen this, I’m back for the spoiler discussion …. man this flick was Crazy! The decapitation scene was soooo Intense! It doesn’t let up.

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