Hereditary Horror Movie is “Shocking & Frustrating” – Review

► CBG19 and pals talk feelings about the new horror movie Hereditary. Contains spoilers and discusses all events.
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About Hereditary: “When Ellen passes away, her daughter’s family begins to unravel cryptic and increasingly terrifying secrets about their ancestry. The more they discover, the more they find themselves trying to outrun the sinister fate they seem to have inherited.
Release date: June 8, 2018 (USA)
Director: Ari Aster
Screenplay: Ari Aster


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Directed by Tyson Wheeler X – @TysonXIX
Edited by Tyson Wheeler
Production assistant: Andy Carazo.
Additional credits in ending

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The AnthonyChurch says:

This review came off like CBG wanted to make this movie but didnt and couldnt. I hate to be that person. But it seems like she’s just getting off on disagreeing with the consensus . Which is super disappointing because thats not at all why I fell in love with this channels creativity. You seriously enjoyed Mother….which is literally a mess from start to finish but you begrudgingly were ok with Hereditary. It seems like CBG is just refusing to go with whatever the group think is even if its right.

She spent years railing about how movies dont learn enough from the past but then she says its a bad thing here. She hates jump scares and this movie completely avoids those aside from one thats deserved. This movie had a complete theme and message.

Each character had their greatest fear come to fruition in this movie. It was beautiful. Toni’s characters worst fear is becoming her Mother. Being cold and unfeeling with her children. Making them feel abandoned and leaving them without the ability to trust. By the end of the film her fear has completely come true.

Hexelis says:

So it’s like Requiem for a Dream, it’s a great movie, but I never want to see it again. lol.

Anthony Bassolino says:

This review is a yikes from me dawg.

anthony crechiolo says:

Also, 99% of modern horror films are garbage and I think I wasn’t as scared as The Exorcist made me but I was shocked and how similar it was to it. Hereditary is a great movie but they hid what the movie was truly about and so it was kinda shocking in a way.

Capronice says:

Charlie’s death was shocking and what works with it was that the mother and brother are completely traumatized. I think comic book girl needs to see it again. The movie is not frustrating. The actor is so great. You feel their pain.

Capronice says:

This movie was fantastic. So much better than the usual horror movie where the demon just does one scare after another. This movie has a plan. When you look into this particular demon lore is knowledge of the future. So I think it did follow its own rules and had great logic. After watching this movie I have watched every review. I love that this movie does not spoon feed you all the information. The family is realistically a traumatized, where other horror movies the victims unrealistically figure out they are dealing with the supernatural and fight it like they are superheros.

El-ahrairah says:

4:00 – No… it didnt touch on “sins of thy father” fears. It touched on actual hereditary issues…. like mental illness…. which is far more disturbing and scary.

Matthew Butler says:

Go watch YMS talk about this movie… dudes one of the harshest reviewers out there and even he was like, yea this movies good.

Capronice says:

It is not flawed if you realize that Paimon sees the future, it makes sense that the deaths are laid out to occur. That is how they knew what pole the car would swipe. They knew to scare Peter up in the attic. They knew he would freak out so much he would kill himself. They knew the father would be in the room when Anne throws the notebook into the fire.

Marco Cardoni says:

Hate to be a downer but I miss Robot and Space Brain 🙁 these reviews have lost their fun and character, I hope we can see the old style return soon

Eobard says:

It’s fine that you don’t get the movie. But saying the director didn’t know what he was doing. fuck this dickheads.

Alexandra Crane says:

is dead cat supposed to be behind you?

Superdarkwater says:

It’s wasn’t Hollywood because when she started floating it was creepy, silent without music or extra lighting. That in itself was indie-disturbing horror

Xaos says:

Uh. Josh is amazing!!!!

Capronice says:

The reason Peter looks neutral is because Peter died and Charlie has taken him over. Watch how after Peter jumps out the window, he died. Charlie then takes his body. Peter now stands up and makes the cluck sound Charlie was always making. Peter walks like Charlie to the tree house. The blank expression is because the character of Charlie through out the movie has a blank expression.

Comic Book Girl 19 says:

This video precedes our discussion of Rosemary’s Baby, Exorcist, Exorcist III, Burt Offerings, Don’t Look Now and other Horror movies.

luq7 says:

oh wow , I do not agree with a lot you felt about this movie. I found it to be one of the most effective movies i have seen in a long time.

Juan Pablo Torres says:

I gotta say I disagree with the final verdict but I totally get that based on your context this could just be a bummer. As many people have pointed out there’s a couple of things that seem to have gone over your guys’ head but that’s to be expected with these type of movies. However I don’t really get what you guys mean when you say that it isn’t consistent with its rules or that it needs to be tidier. I thought everything was in service of the movie, nothing seem gratuitous like you guys seem to think. I thought the performances were good overall with one or two particular exceptions. Like you guys I loved that it isn’t wasn’t a jump scare movie, it was genuinely one of the creepiest movies I’ve seen in a long time.

Dustin Catalan says:

Wasn’t Charlie the one who possessed the brothers body

Greg Gorgonmilk says:

Paimon did not know he was Charlie and vise verse. Charlie was not an ideal vessel for Paimon, so that body’s death was desirable. The Paimon cultists prepared the mother (through tricking her) for the transference to the son’s body. The plot could not have been tighter. The ‘reborn’ Paimon at the end is just beginning to realize his own identity.

bgP says:


lettersndnumbers says:

I felt that she was possessed by the spirit and that the spirit was herding him into the attic and that’s why she went berserk when he finally got up there and was looked in. As if it was a “mission accomplish”

Scott Rogers says:

Love that you still are doing movie reviews. This was a good one! Def want to see it despite the confusing parts. Yay BEANS!!!

Kitsune -kun says:

I get what you guys are saying, I felt let down by this movie immediately after watching it but could not stop thinking and talking about it. It was not very scary at all so calling it a horror movie doesn’t seem right, I see it more as a study of grief/ lack of communication, and the negative effects they can have through generations. A great dark family drama with supernatural elements.
(Also the mom became mad at the end because the demon needs hosts to be broken and unstable in order to posses them, so the possessed mom was chasing him around literally trying to scare him into a state of possession. )

anthony crechiolo says:

I literally don’t feel empathy for people so it didn’t feel bad when it ended but I did feel like “whoa”, I still trying to process the ending.

RH HR says:

I wonder if they even watched the movie. This movie was about mental illness. Demon possession. A family that couldn’t communicate. Charlie acted “weird” because the demon was in her already but needed a male body to be who he needed to be. And a horror movie that’s a “bummer”, oh no! ‘Her head got knocked off an the audience was shocked! I just couldn’t enjoy the movie after it.’ They do know they went to see a horror movie. Classic, people think this movie is great so we have to not like it.

Emily Martin says:

A movie isn’t bad just because it makes you feel bad. I’m really disappointed in this review. I feel like this is one of those movies that’s just inarguably amazing, and if you don’t like it, you just don’t get it. Like maybe you guys just haven’t experienced true grief or loss in your life. I don’t know.

Xaos says:

Wow. The new dude is so much easier to take in. This show format is so up in the air but the new guys is very coherent. I’m down for more if this new dude is in it.

Lovinlatex says:

They said Paimon’s previous body was a girl, but that he wanted a boy body and it didn’t work. The little girl spent all her time with her grandma so I got the idea that they tried to put Paimon in Charlie, but it didn’t work so the pole was marked to kill her to free Paimon. The rest was set up for him to get the correct body from the son.

Duncan Walker says:


Philip Zahn says:

Why the horns on CBG? 😀 Kind of hard to take her serious with those…

JessietheLookout says:

Just because you disagree with her doesn’t make it a bad review ¯_(ツ)_/¯ There’s a difference between a review (opinion) and an analysis (opinion, but with evidence)

pandapal13 says:

Yea this movie bummed me the hell out. I don’t need a happy ending in order for a movie to be good but I just feel like for me personally. It was just really depressing. It was exceptionally well made however. It definitely deserves the praise it is getting.

Nihil Sustinet says:

had to stop watching when she started talking about demonic pacts are real, actual things in real life. edit: ok i sucked it up and watched some more. you guys really missed a lot of the point of the movie. i recommend you watch it again.

Jay reyes says:

Everything is set up in the beginning it’s actually incredible how set up all of the shit in the third act is. From the fake peanut allergy to the first decapitation this movie is something truly special

JerseyLeems says:

The chocolate cake and the chopping of the nuts was definitely supernatural influenced. Who chops nuts like that, all crazy? and also, who is serving chocolate cake at a high school drinking party?

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