HEREDITARY MOVIE REVIEW – The Best Horror Movie In Years

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S0cial Darwin says:

Since you don’t need to say anything else, thumbs up and off to see the trailer. Ttyl.

Che Davis says:

So I haven’t seen this film yet, and i hadn’t really planned on it either because it didn’t seem to interesting, but then i saw that you put up a review so i thought maybe hear a review from someone who knows horror better than i do, and I’m glad i did because this was a great review and has sparked a general interest in the film now, so thank you for that.

blacksmith224 says:

you have very oddly shaped nostrils

Luki Monster says:

U got me, I’m going to go watch it =]

Kahrem Favors says:

Movie does look like it’s gonna be awesome. Have you seen The Terror Mr. H? If not check it out. Think you’d love it

maceo perez says:

Dude I am so glad this movie is good. I’ve been wanting to watch this badly. Btw do any dogs die?

Martin Meers says:

Now that I know that fish-lipped bitch dies, I’m gonna have to check it out. Seriously, I didn’t like the fish-lipped kid from the shining miniseries nor the one from stranger things.

Stefan Forrer says:

yes!! finally something on the watch list i can actually be looking forward to watching!

wish i could make a better name person says:

That kid is in my top 3 most terrifying movie children.
3: X-23
2: Those freaky fucks from Sinister

woooudo says:

No thanks, Im immediately suspicious because once again its white peoples faces plastered on the cover of a movie like this so it looks racist towards them and it really makes me furious whenever a book or a movie uses something terrible like a nut allergy or autism to earn money or sell tickets, There is no ”good” reason to watch this awful movie.

William Fitzgerald says:

Dude, you need to narrate horror novels/books. But, when I saw the trailer I’m thinking yup I want to see it.

Daniel Cordoba says:

He should change his YouTube name from MR.H to MR.G. G for Gains .

Jonh Turner says:

before this video I had no interest in the movie. But now its a must see

niolelo says:

Can’t wait to see this! It looks like horror as a genre might be making a comeback with good movies…
But there’s always universal and their “dark universe”

Nick Hannah says:

I’m gonna have to go watch this, now lol

XelionGraves says:

Thank you for this Mr H, I was iffy about watching it but now am excited for it ^^ And I also have to thank you for your advertisement placement, as odd as that might sound. Every one of your videos I’ve seen has always had very well placed ads, only at key points of the video and not mid-sentance, I hate that. Again, thank you for that ^^

Scott woodrich says:

Holy Sh**!!! Its MR H!!!

NeioGeo says:

After watching it myself, I gotta agree: This movie and its lead up marketing deserve awards. Psychological Family horror is its own genre and this movie is an outstanding reminder of its existence. Also, thank you for the spoiler discussion – There’s stuff that needs to be discussed in this movie. It’s like witnessing an accident: You HAVE to tell someone. lol

Kendall Navstar says:


thtkidfrmvab says:

Damn daddy!

wratched says:

Sorry to be pedantic but how many years are we talking about here? Is this movie better than The Babadook? Better than Let The Right One In? Better than The Devil’s Backbone? The Others? The Sixth Sense?

V I says:

I’m sad that I only just realized the United States of Tara call back in the movie with the miniature houses. That will make it even more unnerving since the show was pretty disturbing as well!

DEBBO8080 says:

I’m going to go see this movie based solely on your review the past couple movies I’ve seen that were touted very highly I loathed. The Witch and mother. This movie looks different though and I’m ready to be shaken and unsettled haven’t been that way since the Exorcist. Good review

Andrew Matseshe says:

Mistah ayych. You the man homie. Love the channel

Victius6 says:

The kid in the trailer gives me the creeps, I think I would probably freak out just seeing kid like that in the streets.


cant wait to go and see it thanks for the review MRH

Dj DarkDisc says:

The trailer on its own unnerved me..and now I’ve seen you genuinely excited has made me want to see it.

D. Diaz says:

Mr. H,
I always appreciate your recommendations. (Remember your recommend on the Ritual? Awesome movie.) Yeah, so I’ll check this out. Thank you.

* Side note, I’m an adult, and Jem & the Holograms terrified me,….and all I saw was five seconds of the trailer. I can only imagine the whole film.)

Molly Turner says:

You can be damn sure I’ll be checking this out.. Appreciate the review and strong endorsement.. I’m really psyched!

Yani Banani says:

I can tell that A24 is going to campaign the shit out of this movie for awards season. Especially for Toni Collette, I heard she’s PHENOMENAL in this. Super Stoked!

Christina Rosado says:

I can’t wait to see it I’ve been watching horror movies since 5 years old and I’m 39 now but since I’ve seen the Trailer I got great feeling bout it ,now as I heard the spoilers I really want to see it.P.S you are truly handsome gent ❤️ thank you for your review about this movie

Psycho Xd says:

This film was fantastic and they was most definitely not talking about baby formula

Jason Moore says:

It comes out next week in my neck of the woods. I’ve already purchased my Thursday night tickets. I had my eye on anything from A24,


Let’s see the gun show

Velociraptors of Skyrim says:

I might not be into this kind of horror (Animal horror is more my style) but I will definitely recommend this to people. 🙂

JRB Revan says:

You look like you were chisled out of mt. Olympus. I Love your content. Keep up the great work

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