History of Horror Films – 31 Monster Madness reviews combined

Cinemassacre’s Monster Madness: History of Horror!
Originally posted in 2007, as 31 videos. Here they are all, combined in one.

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by Kevin MacLeod
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DarcMetal02 says:

That’s why they need to make an Edgar Allen Poe anthology horror film

kyle strong says:

+Cinemassacre with those teeth Mr. Hyde is like Gary busey.

billybonewhacker says:

You cam claim lon chaney played the hunchback of Notre dame. But we all know he’s playing Rosanne Barr.

Boppper says:

These videos are super interesting and informative! Thanks James!

Chad Wagner says:

Thanks man, excellent video.

HisDukeNess says:

I’ve seen revenge of the creature. Thanks Mst3k

Giant Dad says:

i never realised that Michael Myer’s mask is just a William Shatner mask lol

Geoff Parris says:

I always wondered why you never mention Poltergeist, it was from Spielberg and directed by Tobe Hooper, had just as many nominations as the Exorcist, and is way more iconic. Poltergeist and Gremlins are the reason we have the PG-13 rating. Hell if the main repeating character didint die during the filming of the second one it might have also had as many off the wall sequels as Halloween did. Not to mention it got a terrible remake in 2015.


Oh I forgot that you forgot Basket Case and Brain Damage two very good cult movies.

Jack Dry says:

Thanks to your review I went and watched The Mummy. It’s so good. It’s a really good movie, not just a good horror movie.

TheZeroSbr says:

This video was uploaded on the 20th anniversary of the NA release of Castlevania: Symphony of the Night.

TJ sunfishslayer Dressen says:

Good stuff as always.! Thanks for putting in the work.

handsomebrick says:

You could argue that Dracula is the scariest monster because in the Universal movies, getting bit by a vampire doesn’t turn you into a vampire. In other words, the movie is so scary that people are misremembering Dracula as a zombie, they’re suppressing the memory of what they actually saw. Also, I think we can all agree that vampire hunters are the most heroic characters. So logically, the thing that they hunt must be the most terrifying.

PRHILL9696 says:

The Exorcist is funny instead of scary. And why no mention of Rosemarys Baby or the Omen! The original Texas chainsaw massacre best ever! Halloween was great until h20 ruined it. And Friday the 13th was great until part 6 and it only got worse after that

Zac Kay says:

Loving monster madness! Thanks for taking the time to make this <3

Doctor180185 says:

Trivia – when Marty says ‘that’s right, you haven’t heard of him yet’ he points at the posters

kyle strong says:

+Cinemassacre you wouldn’t be doing it Injustice by spoiling it. People like me don’t give a crap because I’ll still see it.

PikaLink91 says:

I hope you will do a history of japanese horror films next year 🙂

(Gamer Bros) MaximuZ712 says:

you aughta make reviews on the chucky movies, Child’s Play 123, Bride, seed, curse, and cult

Dominick DiBart says:

Why are they all chopped up… it sucks

Joe Blow says:

Love your videos, but ‘Dusk ’til Dawn’ was crap. It was 90’s, overinflated, garbage. It had a ‘great’ cast, and a ‘genius’ director, but I just didn’t enjoy it.

吳孟宇 says:

So……….Phantom of the Opera is actually a horror film?

shamrock balls says:

Scream is an amazing movie. one of the smartest horror films ever made!

grumblesNgrumbles says:

you forgot childs play. CHUCKY!

BryanX 64 says:

Just sucks that it’s only still pictures and not the movie scenes like in the original MM

Lee Moreau says:

Friends always ask me what I watch so much on YouTube if I don’t have Cable TV and my answer is always Cinemassacre and AVGN! I feel like I actually know James because he’s on in the background so much lol.

Austin Richardson says:

Did you know that puppy dogs in France in 1920 had….

dicknavis00 says:

I’m really surprised you didn’t feature Cabin in the Woods, I figured that movie would be completely your style of sci-fi/horror…its my fave in that genre for sure.

Nate Near River says:

10 years. Wow.

kyle strong says:

+Cinemassacre hatchet doesn’t have a goddamn thing to do with nor does it look like the fuckin carebears.

Inujosha says:

Is it just my crappy phone and crappy imternet, or does this video skip in audio a lot?

Moha says:

Your commitment to this is amazing. Thanks for putting this together, you got alot of movies on my list.

DarcMetal02 says:

My absolute favorite film franchise and movie of all time is the evil dead. The evil dead is exactly what James said. Having amazing mixture of horror,atmosphere,comedy,and action. I love them to death and the evil dead alongside other horror,sci-fi,action,and comedy films have inspired me to make films in the future.

Kashi Kukku says:

Monster Squad stopped being funny after the Auschwitz reference

Joseph Lafty says:

RIP George Romero

Metatron says:

I kick ass for the lord!

T@wesomE says:

Always ALWAYS the classics will be number one in atmosphere,scenery,and amazing feelings no matter how many special effects the new movies will offer!

Oscar Chacon says:

Thank you James for what you do. You will always be the golden standard for Game and Movie Reviews

saint boot says:

I really want to know what his views on the Addams family and the munsters are.

MyNdFrEaK420 says:

Wasn’t possible to show these vids in their original form? The footage used to be clips from the movie not just stills

Jack Dry says:

Thank you thank you thank you for that awesome video! I’m not even a fan of horror movies but I enjoyed hearing the history. I’m going to check out more of the hammer horror. But I draw a definite line at the sick torture flicks. However, your point about the news being the real life horror is well taken.

Carlos Pena says:

The Shining ????

westingtyler ideas says:

I never before thought of the movie Scream as just the best ad ever for Caller ID.

Karan Chaphekar says:

Why the videos are just slide shows?

Mike Perry says:

Satan made segways

txcforever says:

Man, I love Monster Madness, but damn the removal of the movie clips really hampers the whole experience. I know the reasons behind it, but still…

samsquanch1996 says:

James should review the Nosferatu remake by Werner Herzog.

Saint Louis says:

I’m surprised there was no mention of the Shining.

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