Holidays (2016) Horror Movie Review

Everyone loves anthologies–that much is a given. But how does it work when some of the most promising talent in horror work together to bring your favorite holidays to life? As you might expect–it’s a mixed bag.


Dani says:

I loved the Easter segment.

Pickle Lick says:

I’ve heard nothing but bad things about it but I’ll check it out anyways. I looooved Starry Eyes so much. The Easter bit sounds interesting. And sometimes a good segment can really save a movie for me. Besides you guys know how much I love BUNNIES!

Nathan Mcgee says:

I wasn’t a fan of this one. The concept sounded promising, but most failed to deliver as most were to short.

Fabian Muñoz says:

Alert for spoilers next time you do something like this, please. Good for me, I had already watched the movie before seeing this.

Anna Graham says:

Nice review!

No time For B.S says:

I liked the story line but it failed to deliver fully in the end !! Some of the stories would make a good movie !!! : )

Danger Cobra says:

The big problem with the halloween short was why wouldnt the guy just use the knife to cut the cord lol that made completely no sense.

Villain says:

They felt a little similar to ABC’s of death.

Wasted Texan says:

Only good ones are Valentines Day and New Years. Rest of the movie sucked . Disappointed .

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