Holidays (2016) | MOVIE REVIEW

A new shitty horror film thats supposed to be both scary and funny, but ends up being neither.




MinJoyFoo says:

I love horror anthologies so I watch every one I encounter.. This one is not the best, nor is it the worst I’ve ever seen.. I’ve watched it a couple of times. I kinda like it.

stevemcquark says:

I feel like I saw some of these segments, but in another movie… Tales of Halloween maybe?

ZenoDovahkiin says:

Literal torture porn.

Boaty Mcboatman says:

I love this movie in an ironic way

oowada butter says:

the easter bunny is jesus’ fursona

Garrett VonBergen says:

I really liked the New Year’s Eve one! But you’re right, the movie is stupid.

DagonH says:

I stand by you in saying Holidays sucked.

DannyBoyTrip says:


Someone else has seen Starry Eyes?

PandaCherry says:

Jesus Easter bunny
Demon Roar

help me says:

The two serial killers should have fallen in love 🙁

Moocow Gaming says:

Father’s Day and Easter was not that bad. Christmas was ok, the rest was fucking awful

The ATM says:

This whole movir in general sucks (I really don’t like any of the segments) but the Halloween, Christmas, and New Years segments were fun for me??? at least I guess??? I guess I apparently just like women killing men?? But I found the rest just boring and or stupid. The Father’s day segment had good build up but I felt the build up was too long, and then the ending just sucked. Good review that exactly displays my feelings as I watched this movie.

Chabol Oldayh says:

Well, should’ve watch the review before the movie… I actually watched the movie to watch the review xD

ManiaMechanica says:

kind of wish you’d tackle ‘tales of halloween’, it’s really in the same family of this piece of shit and I’ve had the unfortune of watching it, and after doing so I’ve looked for a review to explain to me why the fuck that thing exists and all I found were praises of that film.. and it left me wondering if I am crazy

Gabby Abbott says:

The Halloween segment had nothing to do with Halloween!!!

Mordo Great says:

My favorite line:
“The Jesus Easter Bunny picks her up and is like, Yo,”

EmperorKrow says:

Im laughing my ass off right now to his description of the Halloween segment. His description is so fucking funny.

Doctor Adventure says:

How the hell did they not make a Thankskilling I was just waiting for a Thanksgiving segment but of course they didn’t make it

Playzon says:

This sounds hilarious, especially with Easter.

Robert Junior says:

Mason… dude, you okay? You seem edged out right now.

NaneelQueenOfDarknes says:

Dude, is that a Black Philip t-shirt?? fkn awesome if so. Love that movie.

Christina Phillips says:

Omg, i saw that snake scene on telly, I was like wtff is happening right now…..0_o?! so that was holidays… 0.0

payson terhune says:

Please review Noroi! Mr Hori rocks!

Xenopuppy Movies says:

Segment 7 could’ve been good if it’d been handled by the Black Mirror team.

shadow warehouse gaming says:

I totally agree with this review when I saw holidays I was expecting something to do at least with the trailer but like green inferno I actually watched the film and thought it was a waste of time and money I like Kevin Smith’s films and I really liked Tusk but the segment he made for this film was utter and unadulterated crap. I think my favorite horror anthology that used short films was the new XX because at least unlike holidays the creators of XX really tried to scare the audience.

Jesse Martinez says:


Ganzo Cigarettes says:

The holloween one looks like a sketch made by a youtube “celebrity”

Uncle Lou says:

I’m sure this is way overdue, and has probably been said, I think a far better ending for the last segment would be, builds the same, but as they fight, he kisses her and says something to the effect of, “I know your secret. it’s mine too.” They kiss, morbidly ever after

Cody Smith says:

i really didnt like the mother’s day segment because native practices were used/referenced and they were all white women and the scary dude was a moc and i just rolled my eyes so hard i thought they would roll out of my head. and i personally liked the halloween one because im all about the idea of women getting revenge against horrible men. valentine’s day made me go ‘aw’, st pats was eh, father’s day was alright, christmas came off as really funny, and nye was kinda funny

Artic Vixen says:

Loved this video! Your review makes it sound just too horrible to not see. 🙂

Planet X TK says:

You seem like you might like Ghostemanes music.

Glennyboi's Trash hole says:

Am I the only one who’s sick of fake “retro” horror movie posters? I’m so tired of browsing Netflix for a cheesy 80s slasher film, and only finding these boring looking, super hd horror movies.

Aaron Armendariz says:

i would hook up with maxine(pad) and accept the heart. true love

yusef holt says:

Creepshow 2 is a pretty entertaining anthology movie

Marigen Beltran says:

The movie doesn’t sound that bad to me. I love a series of japanese movies called Tales of Terror from Tokyo and all the shorts are weird and left to one’s interpretations…also the manga called Seeds of Anxiety have very short stories with no explanation.

Chicago Canine says:

I thought this movie was ok, but the Halloween segment was so disappointing! Out of all the segments to get wrong.

Let’s Hit as many Dislikes as We Can! says:

i thought it was really funny

always luvedtobeluved says:

Easter bunny Jesus is almost as good as the Santa Jesus

Cat_Chan Duck says:

When I first saw the movie on Netflix I knew what was my new favorite horror character

Bunny Jesus

Amaury Sanchez says:

*demon rawr*

Alex Hilbert says:

I stopped watching at the Easter one. I should have stopped watching when the cute Elvis snake showed up

Gabuko Mitsukiva says:

I watched this movie Christmas of last year (2016 when it came out) and I DIED. Of embarrassment for the actors involved, and because it was so….bad

BG NC says:

I honestly enjoyed Halloween but I didn’t find it funny or scary. It was just a kinda decent revenge story.

inhopeworld says:

7:30 THANK YOU. While i was watching that part, i was like ‘cut the cable!’, i was just so frustrated.

Stanky FishGutz says:

I love your reviews, you save me a lot of time I would’ve wasted on Netflix.

Jaysee The Crew says:

Jesus Easter Bunny… Jeaster Bunny!

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