Horror-able Movie Review – Bunny Man

Sometimes you go on a road trip with friends. Some times a crazy guy in a bunny costume tries to kill you then eat you. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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The Joker says:

I don’t get why in horror movies, the bitch is the survivor. We need a male survivor for once, other than the killer. Whenever I make my own horror movies, the bitches die and the males will be alive. Death to women(in thrillers)

Coyote says:

Shaggy (DoubleJ) should change his YouTube bio from ” I play too much Smite”, to ” I’ve played too much Smite” or simply “I’ve seen some shit in the Walmart Bargain Bin.”

Wyatt Atchison says:

Das good. This needs to be a series plz

xXxCodemasterxXx says:

i fucking died at thw chainsaw part btw

xXxCodemasterxXx says:

doubleBæ i feel like you could have a lot to say about the new god …she is hilariously broken, wink wink i love you

justin cooks says:

I really liked the way he did this lol

Eduardo Oliveira says:

J I enjoyed this. it was really good, this good old horror cliches never stop xD. I don’t care if you stop doing smite for a while. still epic! keep it up lovin it!

Joshua Li says:

I wish more movie reviews were like this XD

florian bahl says:

more movie reviews PLEASE! soon PLEASE^^

It's just M3 says:

This was good I loved it but….don’t leave smite T_T

richard.jpeg says:

A lot of people probably won’t click on this due to the lack of Smite. They’re really missing out. Keep up the good work Double.

Slade Wright says:

i really liked this and the wendys vid

TheSmiteGuy says:


Cato Krams says:

I appreciate the effort that was put into this vid keep it up

Alden Hedegaard says:

I liked this alot. Keep on experimenting with your content, I loved the wendy’s one too.

Kym Syn aka Froyo says:

i got the 10 pack

Tatchko says:

“I’m focusing on my personal favorite, Bunnyman.”

That’s all well and good, but it seems like your camera on the other hand, doesn’t know what to focus on.

Dermot says:

Awesome, are you gonna do reviews for the other 5 mvoies too?

FaithsAngel says:

I watched a movie with a man in a bunny suit but it was way better than this. LOL

Colt Lange says:

After you mentioned this amazing 2 video series in your latest thrilling game of smite, I had to check it out. Needless to say, I think you should do more of these. I would like to personally recommend “The Terrifier”. It was so amazing, I wanted to make a video reviewing the masterpiece myself, but I don’t have a computer to work with sadly, I live under a rock.

Crystal Blue says:

Lol very funny video please do more!

AyElCee says:

Truck pulls over, with captured girl alive in the back. Girl gets out of another car, clearly talking and making noise. My question is.. Why didn’t the bitch jump out the back and be like “Yo, this guy kidnapped me and shut me in a fucking fridge!” I’m not saying she deserved to die but.. She was a bit dumb and did bring it on herself by this point.

SpongeBob says:

Not smite, but this is great!!

M9stro says:

“Jack, wake up”
“I can’t silly, there’s a car on my face”
*Coughs to death*

Tygr→ says:

I fucking loved it. Not the movie but, the video itself. Lmao wasn’t expecting it but, you killed it

Hikage of Crimson Squad says:

Keep it up man I love this (:

Maverick Moore says:

How did I miss this video

Richu23 says:

10/10 would recommend lol

cee broo says:

lol the fact they passing 2x

A C0zM1c w0lF says:

Need more of this lol

edd frost says:

you should make a series about shitty walmart bin movies

Bogibogi 123 says:

I’ve seen all the bunnyman movies except for the first one. The story is interesting but the movie cgi and effect are so bad but that just makes it hilarious I’m my opinion.

Me meow says:

14:24 is he chainsawing his dick off also loved it I’ll watch anything you make

Kyros Droztamyr says:

Honestly, the urban legend is cooler than this shit.
An escaped convict and his buddy run off into the forest, one gets caught by the local authorities, the other makes it for a few years, and decides during Halloween to get back at the police, so he dresses up in a shitty ripped up bunny suit, waits in a nearby tunnel and takes a school bus hostage.
Killed everyone in it, never got caught.

Ty Fitzgerald says:

omg sad day when I’ve seen this movie myself

Tahrown Smash says:

Wow, great content that isn’t smite? who would have guessed…

Julian Wolstencroft says:


Mechanical Dragons says:

by far the best review of Bunnyman I have seen. thank you for this honest sharing. Smiles

Flappy Seal says:

You gotta do more, it’s hilarious

Lucero ibarra says:

Nice and cool and funny how you could use a lot more time on your videos but I have a lot more to say on my iPhone and the only bad thing about this is that you don’t make longer Videos

garrison says:

good shit

kktd89 says:

why do I feel like the people involved in this movie are proud of them selfs

LayZBoy TV says:

More plz this was hilarious

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