Horror Movie Review: Emelie (2015)

Totally recommend checking out Emelie (2015), truly a great film in my opinion! Have you seen it yet?

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Klee Geary says:

Finally got around to watch this movie. LOVED IT very creepy kept me on the edge of my seat. This movie is why I don’t have babysitters lol. Very good story line.

Vicente Guerrero says:

0:11 the actress Sarah Bolger is irish

bernice stockwell says:

I really liked this movie, seems to be quite underrated which is a shame

Rick Cleek says:

_Pigs can sniff out Truffles with their snouts._

Dracula Says I Have Great Taste says:

Thanks for recommending. I would have probably missed this and I really enjoyed it. It was well made, to the point and increasingly unnerving. Emelie and the children were well cast. I was really impressed by all of them. I liked the shots where you are hearing dialog from one scene (parents dining out) and seeing footage from another (what is going on at the house) fading into one another. One of the best I’ve seen this year.

Annika Swanson says:

I honestly loved it. This is the kind of movie I love. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time ugh it was really good

mick cv says:

Thought it started strong, great first scene. Kids were really good too very believable and thus disturbing at points. But man it fell off in the 3rd act, badguys plan made no sense especially the accident. Seemed liek they were professionals at first then bumbling idiots


This movie has good ideas and themes but overall is garbage
The first scene is great, too bad it never gets topped

isaiah gutierrez says:

I thought this was a run of the mill babysitter vs murderer type thing,

I was pleasantly surprised,
although I’m not sure I ever hated a antagonist so much ever, it did all really ad substance tho, and with each and every fucked up thing she did progressed the tension nicely,
But with so much great tension—

“The movie excels in it’s unpredictably
And overall I enjoyed it,
I recommend it.”
(Final mini review)


—-expecting a bit more bang in the end,

When he ran her over it didn’t feel satisfying for how horrible she was, the car just wasn’t fast enough,

And to make it worse she survives in the end.

Sure she was pretty damn injured, but she was in good enough shape to run with a limp.

Khue Lor says:

This movie made me think to myself if I should even finish the movie because of the awkwardness…and I did finish it, and I loved the movie. Good review.

Jack Ellis says:

Im really nervous to watch this movie it looks really creepy and disturbing

MultiRocker4ever says:

Started strong and the writing and directing stood out for me, i was sad that it never got the momentum and never made that jump, actually got a bit worse and more bland in the third act for me. Not a pure horror movie but a nice thriller that could have been a wonderful thriller with a bit more effort.

summer m says:

Watched it tonight, liked it up until the post credit scene. That bit let me down.
Not a babysitter per say..but a nanny…The Hand That Rocks The Cradle was really good.

herik bajwa says:

awesome girl doing movie review. nice

Austin-Anya says:

I loved it, the ending was oml. I wish they would make a sequel.

camille francisco says:

as long as @sarah bolger’s portraying, yah all gotta watch it!

Caleb Snyder says:

The hand that rocks the cradle is very similar to this movie

WilliamBlakeHall says:

The kid can drive a stick shift, watch internet porn and shoot a revolver but can’t dial 911. Awful writing and direction, awesome acting.

The Wolf reviewer! says:

I was actually very surprised by this film! Independent Crime Thriller done right! To me, not knowing a thing about it, felt like Emelie was just breathing in tension. I just felt for all of the characters. I honestly think the 3 children are some of the best child performances of all time. The music felt so gritty and full of space in darkness. I just was shocked at how amazing this thriller was. 4.6/5

Lou Bloom says:

I really liked this movie, but I didn’t care about the parents at all, so the dinner scenes dragged the movie a little bit for me. And I was wishing for a bleak ending, so I was disappointed with the happy ending.

Sarah Bolger’s performance is outstanding, there are some very disturbing scenes with the kids (the tampon scene was creepy as fuck), good cinematography… 8/10

Draydin Bardon says:

Not really a review. Just a summary of the plot. Trash video trash movie.

splichko 100441 says:

I prefer paranormal movies,but this one is interesting and the most important-realistic. ☺

Nathan Mcgee says:

Thought this one looked interesting from the trailer. Glad to know it was good and I will track it down later on this week.

osbely says:

‘The Hand That Rocks The Cradle’

Phil S says:

Just now watching, sadly ! Love jt! Great acting and subtlety…

LeadingBlind says:

Just appeared on Netflix. Been looking forward to this

Chance Webster says:

are you Australian?

Rex Banner says:

Good movie. I agree with pretty much everything you said. By the way, the “drivers license” you mentioned was not a drivers license at all. It was a Canadian health card. I know because I’m Canadian and I have one, and so do most Canadians.

india scott says:

im so excited to watch this especially after you talked about the visit which is a great movie!

iunnor says:

She needs more time, better slam into this taxi and kill myself.

Zach Mohl says:

I really liked the movie. But did anyone else think the lighting went way too dark at the end of the third act. I literally couldn’t see what was happening on screen at times after Emilie cut the power to the house. *Spoilers* also the end they definitely could have been more subtle about Emelie still being alive. Literally showing her running through the woods was unecessary and felt like the film makers didn’t respect the audience enough for them to know that an empty drive way means that Emelie got away. But other than the lighting in the 3rd act and the forced “plz we want to make a sequel and get more money” ending I really enjoyed the movie . My fav part was the Home Alone style house defense done by Joshua at the end. And the hero literally runs her over with a corvette. Can’t ask for much more than that.

Samuel Trejo says:

Does it have a feel like The Guest or Stoker?

Leonardo Voss says:

Nothing against a serbian movie

sudarshan rocks says:

I want watch free in online give me the link of the movie

Member_TaunTauns? says:

if you like this movie your a complete psycho…….go check your self in to the mental hospital because you enjoy watching gets get torched. i stopped watching after she forced little kids to watch a porn…this movie should be burned

G from Every Other Weekend says:

Spoiler alert! I wouldn’t watch it again. My main issue is that the baby sitter didn’t really have any logical reason to stick around in the house besides the fact that it would provide entertainment for the movie. Her and her man could have simply waited for the parents to leave, gave the kids the sedatives, and then she could have ran off with the little man. But instead she decides to stick around and leave place her dna all around the house

Lil Leslie says:

I’m from Canada. It was a Health Card.

Brand C. says:

This was the most frustrating thing to watch because there are so many opportunities to get out of the situation

sherbetthesquid says:

my name is emily

LeslieStopaniFilms says:

This movie was terrible..

dunhill1 says:

The rushed ended without closure kinda ruined the overall movie. A few major overlooked plot holes also hurt this movie. First, why didn’t Jacob, the 11y boy ever dial 911? When Emelie dragged the battered up, but still alive Anna, outside, why didn’t Jacob lock the door and then call 911? When Anna finally woke up, why wouldn’t she run screaming to an neighbor’s house or dial herself 911? These large logic mistakes. Also, if Emelie just wanted a child, why would she not simply go thru the adoption process? If not, why not kidnap a baby/infant that cannot rebel like a 4y boy? None of these things were addressed by the director.

Fudgestick says:

finally someone that agrees with me

Chrispy Things says:

I worked on this film. The kids that were cast were some of the most talented young people I’ve ever worked with.

Poop Frogg says:

I was really disappointed with this movie. Thought there was no tension and wasn’t nearly half as disturbing as it thought it was….shocking but not disturbing. Thought the story and her motives were incredibly weak, I hated the little girl, the older boy was annoying (the little boy was the best actor in the entire cast) I respect your opinion but for me….meh

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