I lie in the end of this video when I say there will be a Stephen King Saturday up this week. due to everything happening in the world (specifically the Orlando shooting) and personal life I just simply could not bring myself to film this last weekend.

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Marc Esparza says:

Can you review End of the Line released in 2007? When I saw it i thought it was a Stephen King movie but it wasn’t lol. You can also try to decipher the ‘muffin theory” on the movie if you’d like. Great videos! Keep em’ coming! 😀

Abby Diana says:

you should review one missed call, the uninvited, may, and frozen.

Courtney Delaney says:

Let’s face it, with the title #Horror, it was never going to be a good movie.

Sarah Jones says:

I’m not sure if you’re into video games, but horror video game reviews would be awesome! (slenderman, five nights at freddies, insomnia, until dawn etc.) and horror book reviews (stephen king or dean kootz?) I’d watch it all! 🙂

Alternative Music says:

STOKER or THE CANAL please please please

suanniiq says:

One can see what the movie was trying to do–but failed on each subject from mental illness, precognition and social commentary on social media. It could have been a 60 minute film witch would help focus it and cut out too much of the fluff to make it tighter…

Jackson The Stacker says:

I personally went into this movie with extremely high expectations, but this movie was miserable to watch. I had to force myself through the last 30 minutes. I absolutely HATED that “game” thing they were playing. It looked absolutely ridiculous and cheesy and it could have been taken out or toned down a bit and I would have at least kind of liked this. I thought the trailer was great but the movie turned out absolutely terrible.

dontsleepread says:

They had that other ghost story about the guy who had lived in the house and killed his guests. I guess that was supposed to be the horror legend they were afraid of in place of Slender Man? I don’t know if anyone owns the rights to Slender Man that they would have had to pay to use him. Also, the case with the girls who stabbed their friend isn’t over yet, so they may not have wanted to refer to it too much since the details of the case have yet to come out. I watched this movie for the same reason you did, I love the three adult women actresses. And I liked the more realistic conveying of bullying. I agree with what you think of it. It was a dumb movie.

Nicøle says:

You should watch Suicide Room, it’s not horror, but very interesting

Nicole Theinert says:

Can you please review conjuring 2?? :))

KB says:

Can’t wait to hear what you think of the Conjuring 2, since I’m sure you’re going to review it in the near future 🙂

NeedMoreCoffee says:

This movie was so far up its own ass I could barely see it well enough to watch it.

Caylann DA says:

yaaaass thank youuuu for this review now I can’t for the review of the shining

missaeriefairy says:

Can you review the Strangers?

Titus Smith says:

Wrong Turn Wednesday, maybe?

DBuckyBoy says:

Have you seen “A Serbian Film”?

Mary Catalina says:

You should review the boy next door.

Michelle Castillo says:

Please watch dark skies I like it a lot

Kally Folis says:

Review requiem for a dream please

Benji James says:

I love me some Stephen King 🙂 Loved chillin back with ‘The Stand’… shit went for hours :O But it was so worth it haha

You need movies to check out?
– Pathology
– Tales from the Darkside: The Movie
– Valentine
– Fear (Mark Wahlberg)
– Boot Camp (Mila Kunis)
– Pups (Mischa Barton)
– Tales from the Crypt: Bordello of Blood
– Freeway (Reese Witherspoon)
– Jason X

Gio Karlo Birondo says:

I agree! This movie was weird! But it was REALLY cheesy! Came here because I totally forgot about the movie!

Ben Eales says:

I didn’t like A Girl Like Her.

Ireland Doyle says:

Has she reviewed “The Devil’s Rejects”

Keana Bevett says:

I watched this 2 days ago and it was absolutely hilarious

tatiana m says:

Give Slasher a shot. It’s a 10 ep series on Netflix (which in my opinion is short but sweet) and I thoroughly enjoyed it. A little bit of se7en and like Halloween in the sense where the murdered parent’s daughter returns to the home where they were slaughtered in. It’s a great series, please watch it and if you do, review it! I’d love to hear your thoughts on it!

Alternative Music says:

You have to watch The Canal! please

DBuckyBoy says:

Why the nose ring?

crystal black says:

A girl like her was really sad I think I cried the whole time lol

Raymond Duffy says:

go see the conjuring 2

맨디mandy says:

you should watch kokuhaku (confessions), it’s my favorite movie of all time! it’s not really horror but more of a thriller and i think you’d like it

Ellie D says:

Maybe review Mine Games? It’s on Netflix

Em says:

+possesedbyhorror can you review orphan?
Ps. I love your account!!!!

Alexandria says:

Have you watched the Scream tv show at all? It’s on Netflix

Vice&Vanity says:

You should review A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night and Suspiria

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