Horror Movie Review: Viral 2016

yay or neh? what did you guys think?

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Gani Giro Nasuha says:

Hey Emma! Do you like Asian horror movies?
But even if you don’t, please try watch and review “Confession” or 告白 in Japanese. It is really good!! 🙂

Elinore Hooven says:

I was definitely confused with Antiviral before I watched the video because of the poster.

Tom Cabler says:

I really need to see this movie! sounds good

Rob Mann says:

Viral was okay. I think I’ve seen too much of The Walking Dead to ever enjoy anything again. I liked the lead actress in Viral though. She’ll have a solid career in the biz me thinks. Also, I watched a documentary about the life of a typical Australian family a few days ago called The Snowtown Murders. Have you heard of it? It makes me want to visit Australia as an aid worker and help barrel up some paedoes. I’d also like to see the Sydney Opera House. You da spooky bomb! Peace, not in.

Raiders AK says:

OK, so I’ve watched this movie twice just to make sure I was giving it a fare chance. I don’t dislike it but I’m not sure I like it either. It’s an ok movie with a cool premise but like you stated in your review, a little to teenage oriented for me. The fact that her dad was a Parasitologists, I think that’s what he was, has a huge impact on the story of this movie. It’s a good watch if you’re bored and need something to fill the time. For me Personal Score of 4/10, Scare Score 3/10 and Originality Score 2/10.

As always, Thank You for another great review and all that you do!!!

Psychic Celluloid Signals says:

Sounds interesting, maybe I’ll give this a watch. Awesome review!

Nathan Mcgee says:

I never really tried to watch this one because I’ve seen thousands of movies like this before. However based on what you said I might check it out even though teen movies are usually a hit or miss with me

Jomar Diaz says:

Do a top 10 horror movies on Netflix

Stephanie G says:

I may have to check this one out..

Raiders AK says:

+spookyastronauts here is another movie to add to your list of recommendations, Laid to Rest, if you haven’t already watched it. The first movie is good but the sequel is not that good.

TriBoro Gigolo says:

decent film, I dig the relationship story between the two sisters but could’ve had a lil more action.

Alexandersiz says:

I thought it was OK it fell a bit flat though in my opinion.

chboskyy says:

This actually sounds like something I’d really like. I love a good zombie film! Seriously though, totally recommend Train to Busan because that is one of the BEST zombie horrors I’ve seen in such a long time 🙂

joe leeming says:

great review . i like it

Rishi River Singh says:

I hesitated to buy this film every time I go to the dvd store. Thanks for the heads up. The only virus movie I liked was ‘contagion’ don’t know If I spelt it correct But its with Matt Damon, Lawrence fishburne etc.

Raven House Mystery says:

I’m with you on the zombie/viral outbreak films. The genre is cool, but we are getting way too many of these types of films. I guess they are easy to make though, simple plot and low budget.

thesupermanticore says:

There’s a great South Korean zombi move called ‘train to Busan’. I think you’ll enjoy it a lot

Random TV says:

Yeah viral outbreak horror to me they did start off good but yes now there are too many of them. And from what you have given about this one I might give it a change but with these kind of film you kind of know what’s coming.

Jäger Bombastic says:

Great review! Just saw the movie and for Christ sake it not a virus it’s a parasite! There is a huge difference between the two.

Samuel Trejo says:

the trailer looks interesting.

DmtGyro says:

What took me out of the movie was that the entire plot is based on the big sister being a cunt not telling she’s infected (every zombie movie in a nutshell) Than the little sister try to save her, it obviously fail so she keeps trying over and over cause she’s too stupid to realize she can’t fuckin cure the zombie apocalypse….. (The dude even calls the “zombie” joke in the science course… If they live in our universe were zombie movie exist they should know you don’t risk your life to save the infected murderous peoples fuck sake…) It was so long and tilting realizing they had nothing better than this stupid “i’m gonna save you big sis” for fuckin 30 min straight…

Agustin Garcia says:

I actually watched this on day 30 of my #31DaysOfHorror.

Pokdawn says:

I watched it, but it didn’t work for me. Too derivative, I felt that blending an outbreak with pseudo-zombies didn’t make it very different from other movies. Though I liked the hive-mind thing, and how these creatures seemed to function. Anyway, starting with the fact that we’re dealing with parasites and NOT a virus in a movie called Viral… at least in my eyes, it was doomed to fail.

MessyHairReviews says:

Great Review Emma!!! I bought this one on DVD back in august, I thought it was pretty good, I also thought the Lead was really good as well.

Liam Harbidge says:

Please review train to busan!!!
It’s amazing

Makhirot Baltere Ragzsaft says:

Other apocalypse with a one virus.

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