I figured we’d start a new method of reviewing movies that I don’t necessarily believe deserve their own individual review – instead we’ll do little horror movie catch ups where I discuss what I’ve been watching lately! this way you get to hear my thoughts on more movies; please leave some requests down below!

Lake Bodom | 1:50
They Live | 5:08
Await Further Instructions | 7:24
Greta | 10:43
Unsane | 12:40

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Corn Pone Flicks says:

When John Carpenter was pitching the idea for “They Live,” one of the corporate execs seemed confused as to what the dilemma was supposed to be and actually said “What’s the big deal? We all sell out every day.” Carpenter was so disgusted by it he put that line in the script.

I'm not blonde says:

You should do a horror podcast with Ryan!

Fiona says:

I didn’t realise they made Lake Bodom as English version. I moved from Finland to UK a few years ago so I didn’t get a chance to see it. I actually lived in the city (Espoo) where the real lake Bodom murder happened. Btw, one of the actors in the movie is Mikael Gabriel who is a famous rap-singer in Finland.

space nshit says:

Your “s”-es….. they’re very whistly

Julianne Mauger says:

I was really surprised by Await Further Instructions. I honestly thought it was going to be some lame B movie, but it was surprisingly good. The end got weird, but it was super intense

muruuuuu says:

Whaaaat, this is the first time I’ve heard anyone talk about lake bodom. I’m from Finland so super familiar with the movie/case. I did the movie sucked though, but thanks for talking about it haha

Jim Roberts says:

Imagine checking yourself into a psych ward VOLUNTARILY as I did!

It actually wasn’t that bad. They had swings outside so that was fun.

Anthony Stankowitz says:

Wait!! How does rotten tomatoes work ?

Kelly Marie says:

Unsane was so good!!

gjh says:

wow, butcher the French language and you are dumb and Unsane was so good

Dakota Sabbatino says:

Greta was awful.. There was a lot of potential destroyed by stupid writing. I love movies with female leads, don’t get me wrong. But they played the whole, “weak lead,” role here WAY too hard. It was sitting in my seat just fuming at the stupidity of it. Even though I watched the movie for free, I would have refunded it given the opportunity.

Sarah Snow says:

Where did you watch Greta? I can’t find it :/

Stella Annie says:

Unsane really piqued my interest, have to watch that. 🙂

Michel Houellebecq says:

“Unsane,” made me incredibly tense. I loved it.

Ilana Durant says:

Watch climax if you’re up for feeling even worse than the way mother made you feel

Molly Cadman says:

Where is this video you made about your phone being able hear you? I can’t find it ☹️

Morgan Bunnell says:

I loathed the first part of Await Further Instructions but I loved the ending.

Vera says:

I really love when you have dark makeup on, but with no makeup you’re unreal!

T Si says:

You have a natural beauty that’s stunning. No need of makeup and all that crap.

Loved the reviews and have watched 4 out of 5 that you talked about it. On to the one I haven’t right now.

Charlene D'Amico says:

I actually really enjoyed Greta, better movie I’ve seen lately.

Lauren Lucas says:

Wasn’t a fan of Unsane for some reason… just couldn’t get into it.

Vic Claire says:

I can’t wait to watch ‘Us’ and then watch your review!! I have very high hopes because of ‘Get Out’.

creativeusername_x says:

i randomly stumbled on unsane. no idea it was filmed on an iphone..interesting. i enjyed itthough

Thomas Supinger says:

Honestly the reviewing several in one video is nice and I think it works. That is what we do on my podcast we review multiple instead of just one.

As far as what I’ve watched in the last few weeks I saw the Prodigy (not a fan), Greta (not a fan), Girlhouse (pretty good modern day slasher), and I saw a screener for a movie called Soul to Keep at a convention. Loved that one. It’s out April 2nd I highly recommend it.

Ocean Sage says:

Unsane is outstanding! Claire Foy is just captivating every second.

miranybeetle says:

i’m thirty-six now and girl i dont even need to clean a tub to throw my back out. lmao

Alison mitchell says:

I don’t know if you’ve seen this one but the movie coherence is actually really awesome and sci-fi like and you’d probably really like it. Either way I’d love to hear your thoughts on it. It’s very subtle horror. More psychological horror but veryyyy sci-fi. I think the plot seems kind of dumb at first BUT GURL let me tell youuu. It gets good. Go watch it on Hulu.

kick the fog says:

Lake Bodom was amazing. The twists fucked me up. Loved who the murderers are.

kevin g says:

Watch “tony” a british horror movie its a good 1 its also known as tony london serial killer

L Love says:

Have you seen The Signal? If so what did you think.

mr. halloween says:

How Dare you. Roddy Piper was a treasure. How is it you’re only now seeing they live?

brody demoya says:

i recently watched assassination nation and i didn’t expect to love it as much as i did! it was very well shot and the camera work was stunning as well as the coloring and the statement it made on the hypocrisy of the internet in the modern world. anyways, i was wondering if you saw it and what your opinions are on it.

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