Horror Movies So Bad They’re Scary

Hal sits down with our expert panel to talk about horror movies that were so bad it’s scary – it’s Screen Junkies Show w/ Hal Rudnick

Hosted by Hal Rudnick

Eric Goldman
Rachel Evans
Roth Cornet

Produced by Max Dionne
Production Coordinator: Ryan O’Toole
Edited by Randy Whitlock
Assistant Editor: Emin Bassavand

Horror Movies So Bad They’re Scary – The worst horror and scary movies so bad they’re good!


Sandra Morales says:

Roth—I love Jaws 3D!!! Thanks for mentioning it!

Laura Kleban says:

I worked in a video store in the late 80’s and saw many of these cheesy movies, but Jaws 3 and Sleepaway Camp were by far the cheesiest! Fun video!

Patrick Kessenich says:

Great List, but how did ‘Dead Alive’ not make this list. that is the most insane horror movie of all time!!!

R McSwain says:

Growing up in Shelby, NC during the golden age of Earl Owensby Studio (see The Abyss filming location), I’d be amiss not to mention the EO Studios horror classic “Rottweiler: Dogs of Hell”. Earl Owensby is the Sam Spiegel of bad movie producers. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bH-jEc-Q8kQ

doodles for hands says:

Tarantulas: the deadly cargo

raptorpack says:

You left out Munchies.

Ojoe2010 says:

Braindead? Anyone?

Alexander Reynolds Shceel says:

My feet smell like spaghetti

Herpy derp says:

This are all bad horror classics
Yeah okay the blond chick had 2 good ones
But really like wtf Jennifer’s body is to amazing
It’s funny and creazy at the same time
This is why I only watch the honets trailers on this channel

Monty Tech wrestling says:

Nobody said zombeavers!

Xantux Nepomuk says:

I think they really talked off topic a lot in this one… They talked about bad horror film that are fun to watch. Does this equal scary?

alimiel says:

Premutos… best worst horror movie ever.

Stephen Zammar says:

Why does everyone always forget Student Bodies???

Daniel Head says:

What about kazam you know where shaq played the genie

Garin Sparks says:

House of 1,000 Corpses was the 1st, & ONLY, movie I ever threw trash at the screen. In my defense, I wasn’t the only one! Was awkward working for Rob Zombie years later!!!!

Deborah Shaw says:

Japanese movie with DREADFUL dubbing. Attack of the Mushroom People. My favorite bad horror movie.

Afika Mkhululi Maliwa says:

Guys how do you not mention Sharknado 5. It’s a horrible horror movie or (good bad movie)

Victor W. says:

This panel sucked. Except for Roth. I may not agreed with all their choices but at least they picked objectively bad movies, for the most part.

Prkwon says:

Dude some hesitation before u say castration…come on!

Greg Jensen says:

The Gate. Terrible child actors, ridiculous special effects, and an interesting H.P. Lovecraftian plot. “You been bad!”

Daniel White says:

Did the sound engineer have the day off?

The Reviewer says:

I’m gonna watch horror movies while dressed as Ash Williams.

Michael White says:

House of 1000 corpses has a cult following, it’s not underrated. You either love it or hate it.

Shaun Lang says:

It gets a lot of flack, but I’ve always loved Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge, homeroticism and all.

Joe Greenwell says:

9:09 Woah! Dwight Schrute!

Aaron Pynn says:

One of your recent best shows with actual true horror fans on the panel. Definitely makes up for the “horror” episode of movie fights that was just so bland. These are the people who should be talked horror. Especially Roth,give these three a horror oriented show

Herbie Langtry says:

Honest trailers rick and morty! Honest trailers rick and morty! Honest trailers rick and morty! Honest trailers rick and morty! Honest trailers rick and morty! Honest trailers rick and morty!

S Michaelis says:

My two favorite bad/good horror movies are “Night Train to Terror” and “The Runestone”.

Jaikumar Gumble says:

make honest venom trailer

Matthew Boer says:

IGN dragons on the wall reunion

toh ping Tiang says:

She forgot the next lines.

Jesse Siler says:

Killer klowns from outer space. Awesome movie right there

liolio liopaque says:

Roth was the only one that pulled out real gems. The others were so predictable.

TheSiemek says:

Sleepaway Camp – That’s the one I will be watching on Halloween 🙂

Joe 3040 says:

Sleepwalker is fucking insane

Skalesov says:

do a honest trailer for the nun

K Naimah says:

I’m so glad he mentioned sleepaway camp. That movie was definitely an experience. Rented it from Netflix and still have it years later. Go in and watch it cold with no info.

Galantski says:

How can they talk about _Texas Chain Saw Massacre 2″ & _House of a Thousand Corpses_ without mention of Bill Moseley? (At least we get Chop Top saying “Bubba’s got a girlfriend!” LOL) Obviously, _Birdemic needs some love. Speaking of the need for some love, come on people, Ed Wood’s Night of the Ghouls_ should make your list for the seance scene alone! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BAQjps8u0ak

DdyRitz says:

The Rob Zombie movie Rachael was describing sounded like Devil’s Rejects. Flashbacks? Motel? Leave the compound? I think she’s confused.

Guts King says:

Please stop

Paul Valles says:


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