Hush – Movie Review


Chris Stuckmann reviews Hush, starring Kate Siegel, John Gallagher Jr., Michael Trucco, Samantha Sloyan, Emma Graves. Directed by Mike Flanagan.


Angelique says:

This movie was fucking retarded and filled with plot cliche’s, holes, and the dreaded ‘stupid main character’ theme to keep it going for its mandatory run time when it could have been over at about the 45 minute mark. Absolutely fucking abysmal that this movie did so well and not a single person has noticed a single one of its glaring flaws. Horror is dead.

Joseph Hollinger says:

What’s the black stuff on his teeth

Wednesdays Games. says:

Whoooo lives in a cabin and only can see? Deaf lady who can’t talk! Hush but spongebob (if you didn’t get that)

moonlily1 says:

It was a real nothing movie for me. I was not thrilled. I didn’t hate it, but I remember almost nothing about it.

Shivvrr CO. says:

MOVIE IS ABSOLUTE FRUSTRATION FROM START TO FINISH. no reasoning behind the killer doing shit, maddie is a complete moron with multiple missed opportunities to kill him. i seriously got annoyed watching this. no redeeming qualities would have rather her die than anyone else. christ even the cat lives

VerryLongName says:

Where the hell was the guy Craig who wanted to talk to the deaf girl so bad? You’d think he’d show up at some point to kill the murderer

Sreehari says:

What’s with the voice ? Damn.

Christopher Campbell says:

You teased the killer like we would all be shocked. I was shocked. That I had no clue who he was and neither does Google very much.

Nermin Čavalić says:

This movie sucked! I watched it last night. The killer for me was not believable, story nah.. The ending to much predictable. After this movie I rewatched “When a Stranger Calls” (2006) movie, and for me it was way better in every aspect. But the ratings for Hush are higher. Stupid! Just saying.

Elise Brown says:

I watching this movie rn so I hope there is not the classic trip when running from the killer seriously that ish old af

ndecarteret says:

what happened to ur teeth

knoccout says:

So I gotta question, this will be sort of a spoiler, so if you haven’t watched it yet don’t read! In the movie when the killer is first introduced in the movie he kills the girl that was her friend right but then about ten minutes later it actually shows him holding up a head in the window right but later on in the movie, it shows him holding her up and putting her on the logs in the back where he removes her earring but at that moment her head was still attached to the body, so was that a mess up on the directors part or am I missing something? Also when she writes on the window where he takes his mask off so she can see his face after reading what she wrote in lipstick, is that supposed to be her ex-boyfriend Craig? Because he says, “Well now you have seen my face, why don’t you just come back home” and if it is her ex then why was he tapping on the window when he killed the girl outside like he didn’t know she was deaf? Idk, there a more instances that didn’t make any sense or that are plain stupid imo.

Joseph Brennan says:

I like the movie but it wasn’t scary anymore after he took the mask off

Max Stevens says:

Why do neither of them never just shoot the other with the crossbow through the windows while there having a stare off

HuNt Clan says:

Kissing storyteller bitch

Rodolfo de la Torre says:

He liked it a lot more than I did. Hush was well made, but it wasn’t structured as well as it could’ve been. C-

TheIrland09 says:

The movie kind of lost me as soon as the killer took his mask off. The guy didn’t come off as intimidating at all.

K.Scott says:

I went to watch it as soon as you said it was on Netflix and WOW! I LOVED IT!!!!! Thanks for putting me on!!!!

Berserkstroke says:

This movie was fucking ass don’t see why it’s so hyped up the beginning was alright but towards the middle and end it was ass extremely unrealistic

Greg Bridge says:

This movie sucks balls can you please give a real review ………. This movie was a waste of my fucken time yessss there was some interesting movie but not horror or thriller …… Bullshit movie … DONT WATCH …. SO BORING

Kenneth Hodges says:

Is this film only available through ‘Netflix’ I can’t seem to find anywhere that sells the DVD!

Gucci 11 says:

HUSH is such a good movie! But no one knows about it!

Joynight21 says:

one of my fav movies!

pete49327 says:

This is the second recent thriller budget movie filmed in Fairhope, AL., the other Get Out, must be the water.

AJ Broccolo says:

Chris check a movie on Netflix movie called Creep, it’s a very interesting found footage movie that I found very creepy hope you check it out !

Autobot032 says:

This, without a doubt, is one of the worst films I’ve ever seen.

She was one of the dumbest protagonists I’ve ever seen. She was a gimmick and nothing more and it’s offensive to smart, intelligent women with fight in them. (This wasn’t a fight, she got lucky a time or two).

They tried so hard to not follow the trend that they made a disaster that’s infuriating, offensive, boring and far from scary.

The initial moments of him prowling around the house were great, but it went downhill after we see his face and then it’s a race to see how much her stupidity would grow and man, does it ever.

I hated this film, I think it’s awful and this type of crap shouldn’t be applauded, it should be torn down and never made.

You want to see a real thriller? Red Eye. He mentioned it in this review and it’s a GREAT example of how a movie like this can work.

Hush doesn’t. She’s supposed to be deaf, not stupid. How offensive. Don’t watch this movie. Ever.

Sadiq Khawaja says:

When the killer removed his mask I legit though it was stuckmann for a split second

Eric Alexander says:

I honestly strongly dislike slasher/thriller movies, they always feel predictable and boring, like I’ve seen the same movie over and over with a different title. But yo. This movie. I was cheering when she was kicking ass and really got wound up in the tension of it all. It is definitely one I would like on dvd for my collection.

Garrett Knowles says:

Movie was good but the killer was a douche , wanted to kick his ass. The lighting in this movie was as bad as avp requiem

Todd Johnson says:

An A from me it’s a tense and realistic thriller that surprised me every step of the way it isn’t until the last few seconds that you can relax and that’s exactly what a movie like this should do

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