Inside (2018) – Horror Movie Review

Bloodbath and Beyond reviews the movie Inside (2018) directed by Miguel Ángel Vivas and starring Rachel Nichols and Laura Harring.
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Sarah, a young and recently widowed mother-to-be, lives a quiet life in a suburban neighborhood. One night, her life is turned upside-down by a mysterious and evil woman who breaks into Sarah’s home and will stop at nothing to claim the unborn child as her own.


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PrinceofOrphans says:

I remember going to best buy on my lunch break to buy the original version and coming back to work, a guy who also worked there asked what I had and I showed him. He saw the pic of the scissors going through the hand on the back of the box and almost threw up LOL! He usually watches Disney films so he wasn’t prepared for that.

Joe Finsternis says:

Well, I’ll certainly be skipping that one. The original was one of my earlier reviews as well, and it instantly became one of my favorite horror films.

mr Q says:

It was crap just like the Martyrs remake.

The Daily Gaming Clips says:

Listen, i don’t mind this new guy but where’s John? I liked him

ninjafireball says:

It is an intense movie, with some hardcore shock scenes, wanting to stand out showing what can go wrong very fast. Only the character thoughts how to handle some unlogical scenes shouldn’t be wasted by the talented actresses because the director just said so how to deal with some strange upsetting scenes. The strangest part is when she is pregnant but also hurt and partial deaf and also limping and also fighting for her life and also her dear ones are all killed and dead and then visiting the killer house is a bit wayyyy of out what I can comprehend to feel and think like what the character is thinking. Too much going on is very upsetting, but going overboard with this concept, then it gets awkward and unbelievable, thats what i think of this movie with first fresh eyes.

lmk001 says:

Gotta see the original. That was signature French Horror.

Anthony Smith says:

Why make a remake to this great French film.


Gotta say it sounds rubbish from what youve said. Watered down version of the original sounds horrible, pointless & a waste of time. Just like the remake of martyrs, absolutely pointless.

Michael Haase says:

Two of my favorite actresses.

Tree Guard says:


ColonielLizardT4 says:

Sounds like another worthless unneeded remake, I just hope High Tension don’t get a crappy American remake next.

rob Jackson says:

Hate the remake it was a joke I love the original massive fan

Nathan Mcgee says:

Thought it would be disappointing

Clinton Kinsey says:

wait a minute they did a American bullshit version like they did with Martyrs…. smh

Revocate Life says:

I never watched the original, but this movie was absolute dog shit.

Carlos Alvarez says:

I remember hearing about them remaking this. Didn’t know they made it.

Ryan Frieman says:

Cant beat the original…gore fest!!

that dead island dude says:

I got out of school and I wake up to this perfect

Adam Watson says:

Good review, doesn’t sound like much. The editing cut your sentences short a couple of times, just in case you didn’t know.

MrUseless247 says:

I actually watched the remake first, just because I heard so much about the original. After watching that version, I was hesitant to watch the original…. Thank God I did, it soooo much better. It doesn’t pull back it’s punches.

Mitchell Hodgemeyer says:

See…without even seeing the film I KNEW they would water it down and that it would be lame bullshit – like most American remakes of better foreign horror films. One of the reasons the original is so effective is exactly because it IS a bloodbath and it IS shocking. I’m betting the remake is some barely over PG-13 bullshit and I’m betting this is another pointless remake that is not even half as good as the original. If it even has an R rating, it’s probably for something stupid, like using the F word too many times.

Anyway, I say stick with the original. Don’t be a lazy, elitist asshole and refuse to see a film just because it’s subtitled. There are so many good foreign horror flicks and you’re just missing out if you’re too lame to read subtitles.

Cosmetology Chick says:

This new guy has salon quality hair.

Draco Meteors says:

Its an american remake…

Fuck that!!!

Sick Individuaal says:

I had no idea there was a remake lol wow

Dirty1200 says:

Please do a review of Hotel Inferno!!!!

I'm Batman27 says:

Holy balls! I just figured it out, who Sean reminds me of! He honestly reminds me of Bub from 1989’s Intruder lol, it’s just his voice that’s seriously giving off some Bub vibes. Anyway, great review fellas!

EscalationTV says:

Yay! Another Remake of a Non-American Film (that also wasn´t broken) made into a Mainstream-Pussy-Version. Thanks for this Review Guys, I´ll stay to the Original 😉 The only 2 Remakes I remember (that even are better than the Originals) are “The Last House On The Left” and “The Uninvited (Original: A Tale Of Two Sisters)”.

LazySillyDonkey says:

Remade this and martyrs. Why

Paul Neiland says:

Hey in the original do you think the woman in black was a living person,I think she was some sort of vengeance demon or something, as when they were talking the pregnant woman said that they told her there was no survivors of the car crash, she’s was unstoppable in getting the baby,,and the cop reanimating himself and the first thing he does was try to kill the baby, there’s definitely something more than just a ‘crazy women’ wanting a baby,,love to hear your thoughts on this,,the original is one of my favourite horror movie so that’s why this let me dwn so much, yous fucked up mytrs no this, LEAVE THEM ALONE IF YOU WON’T GO TO THE HEIGHTS TO WERE THESE FILMS WENT.

Toxicpunkette says:

I have been looking for suff to watch now Ill have to watch both movies, thanks guys.

abisheka mahanama says:

What I find funny is that is people say Hollywood remakes of European movies are terrible where this is an example but the original French directors of inside tried to make”Leatherface” which is a prequel to the Hollywood movie franchise”The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” and they’ve totally ruined it

Cherzo says:

another American remake waste of time

dave schmit says:

it seems to “clean” to me.

Bourbon Ernie says:

I didn’t even know they remade this. I bet ‘Frontiers’ is next. I liked the original mostly for the extreme gore alone so I probably won’t be a fan of this one.

JT Zimm says:

I was shocked at your review of the original, because that film, to me, is one of the most harrowing, bloody, wild, suspenseful, well-acted, and well-shot horror films of all time. Beatrice Dalle is truly the stuff of nightmares. I really don’t understand why they bother remaking these extreme films, and then take the teeth out of them, and dumb them down for American audiences. Tell me they left in the mom’s arterial spray against the pure white wall from the original.

S Vaughn says:

It was AWFUL

Travel With Me says:

Should not have been remade, you think they would have learnt after the pitiful remake of Martyrs.

Alfredo Salvador Musmeci Fernández says:

What kind of BS is this? Is the 2nd failed try, only one year after that atrocius remake! Fuck this movie, do something original for fucksake!

James Schroeder says:

Is it coming out on a physical medium?

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