Irreversible (2002) – Horror Movie Review

Bloodbath and Beyond reviews the movie Irreversible directed by Gaspar Noé and starring Monica Bellucci, Vincent Cassel, and Albert Dupontel.
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Events over the course of one traumatic night in Paris unfold in reverse-chronological order as the beautiful Alex is brutally raped and beaten by a stranger in the underpass.


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Thomas MacKoul says:

Speaking of foreign films, could you do one for Audition (1999)? That’d be sweet

Stonii Dai says:

Keep up the extreme underground, we eat this shit up! ❤ Although this is literally my one and only can’t watch film

Kara Kamikaze says:

So, I actually stopped this video so I could watch this movie first cause it’s on Amazon Prime, and it definitely made me uncomfortable. I enjoyed it, but I doubt I could sit through it again. It’s gonna stay with me awhile. Although the lighting was super well done. I feel lighting in the scene is really important cause it sets the mood, and it was spot on for everything.

Good job on this review, Jay!

Dominant Persona says:

Not a horror movie imo

NuikopeaDemon says:

I started watching this and Got a headache I will eventually watch it full !!!

sonorum73 says:

One thing I noticed is that “Irreversible” starts off with the protagonist of Noe’s previous film “ I stand alone “ which cleverly merges both movies

Fe H says:

If y’all are in LA, I’d highly recommend buying tickets for the Nov 28th screening of The House That Jack Built – Director’s Cut. It looks amazing.

Raven House Mystery says:

Thanks for the review, Jay. I always appreciate your Extreme Underground reviews even if the film sounds too intense for me. Knowledge Is Good.:-)

lmk001 says:

This movie is very hard to watch. It’s extreme French New Wave . The rape seen makes “I spit on your grave’s” look tame. It’s very stylish and camera definitely goes bananas. This director has a new film coming out very soon.

Jay Shupp says:

I’d love to see you review, The Skin I Live In. I think you’ll enjoy it.

Aaron Shouting says:

You should watch Audition which is a Takashi Miike film. It’s no where near the level of Serbian Film extremity, but I think it’s definitely a case of extreme cinema being done the right way.

anthony gonzalez says:

Great film . Fuk up tho

MatteAwesome says:

I re-edited this movie in chronological order just for fun 😛

TheMorefew says:

Pretty fucked up movie. I wouldn’t watch it again.

You should review Salò 120 Days of Sodom for this series. Interestingly enough, I wasn’t really that disturbed Salò. What does that say about me?

Noah says:


One of the biggest shocks happened halfway through the movie at the beginning of the rape, when we realize that the wrong person was killed and the rapist ultimately got away with it

Fox Mulder says:

just my opinion but i hate this movie. The spinning camera annoyed me to no end. Pretentious bullshit if you ask me. Stupid reverse timeline is nothing more than a gimmick to me a la “found footage”.

Septien Patterson says:

That intro made me think you were gonna drop some hard bars over Mos Def’s ‘The Message’

Luis Carlos Burgos says:

I would like to hear your review on” I Stand Alone”, his first film.

Nicolas Vincent says:

Love Belluci. Even when she’s playing evil, still love her!

SpazTheGamer says:

That fire extinguisher scene was crazy

Jetzii Ophelia says:

I thought the acting was really great, especially knowing that so much was improvised.
Great review. (=

Billy Pop says:

Wasn’t a fan. I get the point of it I guess, but it was a chore to get through for me. Like you said, once you go through the revenge and the rape it pretty much has no real reason to be watched…I’m paraphrasing.

Wastingsometimehere says:

French horror films of the 2000’s got extreme.

Bret Baker says:

Is the rape scene better than the one in the original I Spit on Your Grave.

Maximum Carnage says:

I love extreme films. Unfortunately, I found it extremely boring. Well acted, directed and looked beautiful.
Just very slow.

Lonely Gamer93 says:

I’m gonna be honest, i want more of this shit!

Hayley /LilMomyak Johnson says:

I literally just watched this movie and I’m suffering from a middle ear infection with vertigo. Lmao soooooo needless to say the first part of this movie was extremely hard for me to watch. Once past it though. It was very well done. The rape scene was hard but after watching I spit on your Grave and the last house the left I knew what I was getting into. Being a female though, the ending was a hard blow. Knowing she was newly pregnant. That was so sad. Because the heavy bleeding indicated she possibly lost the baby. That was just heartbreaking. So that was just my thoughts on the film. Nice review..

Kevin Dimla says:

I mean… I was shocked when I watched this.. Back to back with a serbian film.. So there..

AWCMCultMoviies says:

I think where he was trying to go in the end was to show how normal events, even the sweet stuff, are viewed and experienced differently once you know the horror that’s to come. It’s kind of why I wouldn’t want to know the future, because that knowledge would color everything else on the way.

Ares Galamatis says:

Review Noe’s Climax!

Skip Donaghue says:

Had a girlfriend who was into all things French coz she lived there for a while and wouldn’t shut up about it. She said we should watch this. What the fuck was she thinking?

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