Landmine Goes Click (2015) – Horror Movie Review

Bloodbath and Beyond reviews the movie Landmine Goes Click directed by Levan Bakhia and starring Sterling Knight, Spencer Locke, Dean Geyer, and Kote Tolordava.
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Trapped standing on an armed landmine, an American tourist is forced to watch helplessly while his girlfriend is terrorized and brutally assaulted.


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Craigory 564 says:

What I like most about this channel is hearing about movies I otherwise wouldn’t have.

Mr C says:

This is basically Deek’s request show

Sphinx says:

Speaking of Disney characters in horror movies, Josh Peck is in ATM, but I have heard it is not very good

SE Beller says:

great flick – solid review, gents!

kitty southall says:

first comment yayyy

Satomi Oto says:

“Chad chad chaddy-chad chad!”
Sonny with a chance was pretty great show.
Loved the review!

Death Central says:

Great job, sounds interesting! I’ve never heard of it before.

TheJericho1123 says:

the last 25-30 minutes was worth it.

Bourbon Ernie says:

Never heard of this one. Sound pretty original.

danteelite says:

My idea for the landmine dilemma is a rock. A heavy ass rock.
I’d have a friend find the heaviest rock I could stand to have on my foot, and I’d cut the back of my shoe and slowly try to slip my foot out from between the rock and the landmine.
Or use a bunch of heavy rocks and build an igloo around my leg, leaving just enough room for me to try to pull my leg out, and then have a friend help me pull my leg and dive as far as I can. Best case, I survive no damage. Worst case, I lose a leg or foot and survive as the rocks take most of the impact.

I need to watch this movie because I enjoy those what if type movies.

Nick Gur says:

I just finished the movie and wow! I really liked it, it was a bit slow and the acting was almost laughable at times but I loved the dark ending.

Jason Williams says:

Like Flimzbo said, this channel is criminally underated and should have hundreds of thousands of views for each video. If you like their channel, you should be checking out their Patreon page because they offer lots of cool extras. I probably wouldn’t check out this movie but the premise looks cool, but a tad frustrating. I’m sure there are some twists.

dterryize says:

After the reveal of the ‘Mandarin’ in Iron Man 3, I wanted to jump in and batter the director.

XXDoubleHHXX says:

Holy shit this movie was great

Abel Leitao says:

Please, PLEASE, do Lords of Chaos!!!!!!!!

Matt M. says:

Will you guys review Night Life from 1989

Tim Stafford says:

Mines don’t work that way, I cleared mine fields when I was in the military. Mines blow as soon as you step on them.

Catherine Jacobs says:

I love Sterling Knight and he was in Sony With A Chance

Kate Finch says:

I can’t do anxiety inducing movies, at least ones where you want to tell at the screen. gets my heart beating too fast.

Greybeard says:

Hey, what is Ron Jeremy doing in this movie?! 😉

Edwin Rooks says:

It’s a pretty good movie

Ethan Pacheco says:

Great. Video

ilovepork and chicken says:

The fact is: once u step on a landmine, it explode right away, u dont hav to lift ur foot 4 it to explode

JayBee says:

What a cool concept

Adam Watson says:

That movie’s alright but it’s a bit top much buildup for not enough payoff in my opinion..

Nicolas Vincent says:

Looks decent!

Flimzbo says:

This channel is criminally underated.

Mike7705 l says:

i thought that kid was Arseface from Preacher.

Edwin Rooks says:

Thanks for the info. I appreciate it

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