LEPRECHAUN RETURNS Official Trailer (2018) Horror Movie HD

LEPRECHAUN RETURNS Official Trailer (2018) Horror Movie HD
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GunHoFoSho says:

is it Warwick??? it sounds like Warwick, but is it???

Jakeylicious7891 says:

Potatocam for the win.

psycold says:

Makes me wonder if this set was lost in the fires

isaiah st joseph norton says:

I honestly don’t know how to feel about this….

Sentinel says:

Lmfao looks so shit

Karina Nunez says:

By watching this it be ok but stupid

Bailey Henderson says:

Papa Murphy’s is winning vs amzn for state Supremacy, sears will come back it will be 60 dollars today

Lemunt Picard says:

So they’re gonna do it like with Halloween and pretend that this little fellas never got to Vegas, Space or even the ”Hood” before?!

Avi Murally says:

Horror or Comedy??

fabry gamer says:

cooollll ✌️✌️✌️

Lil 4 So chiraq says:

Got to go see this

parody maon says:

Yea why not selfi with this thing lol

JokerCirca66 says:

it’s a diff guy playing the Lep, not a good sign, they got that fat guy from the original but they couldn’t get Warwick Davis? I think they should have got everyone involved. They should have got Jennifer Aniston back, I bet she’d have done it if they threw a few other well known actors in it.

Bethanne Shafer says:

Hell ya im going to see this

abel carreon says:

His facial features reminds of of Jeepers Creepers.

Karen Meadors says:

can’t wait

Toni Larios says:

This was unnecessarily and dumb but it actually looks way more fun than a ton of the horror movies that are ACTUALLY hitting theatres. I kinda wanna see this one.

305photo says:


Javier Arrogante says:

no se como definiría a este personajes la verdad

Polly B. Fly says:

Still a better love story than Twighlight.

Omar CJR says:

All I think can think of is Connor McGregor when I see this trailer.

Kyle Dominy says:

No Warwick Davis??? FUCK THIS MOVIE! I hope it bombs. Sure looks like it will.

Jeremy Martin says:

This is borderline experimental

latieraqueen87 Pacheco says:

Looks way better!!!

Nyshia Lewis says:

I can’t freakin wait!!

Jeff Brehove says:

Is Warwick Davis still alive? Why didn’t he reprise the role?

Zoran says:

Why doesn’t he just go to a bank? Lol

Mister Bellvadere says:

I love “In the Hood”. I’m stoked about this

Richard B says:

No Warwick Davis? Pass.

Kyle Horton says:

its ozzie

SOLOIIguru says:

WOW this looks atrocious

Freddy Fazbear 12 says:

oh god,this is amazing

希ᴋɪʙᴏ says:

Once he finishes his goal, he’ll be lepregone.

shwonsh says:

Ehh i would still watch it as the true Leprechaun 4 since the first 3 were the only good ones. Plus the series had multiple Leprechauns anyway. Its cool they brought Ozzie back though and went back to the original setting.

matt clark says:

It’s not Warwick Davis. Not leprechaun to me :/

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