Lords of Chaos (2018) | Biopic Horror Movie Review *Spoiler Free

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lords of chaos varg analysis movie review 2019 horror biopic varg vikernes


Dave Maggot says:

I wanna see this so much. I’m a big fan of the book, and old skull black metal.

7: 31 says:

the real Varg hates this movie. I am gonna check it out, your review actually made me more interested in it. it is good to hear there is gore and disturbing content.

Ricky McKnight says:

You lost me at animal torture, just one of the things I can’t handle.

Pablo Mzk says:

It´s based on a true story but as all biopic takes liberties in terms of motivations, personalities or dialogues, that doesn’t mean that the basis of the story isn’t real.Don’t pay attention to metalheads or the delirious thoughts of Varg.

Timothy Ross says:

You’re not a metal head!? Oh well, no one’s perfect! 😉 <3

Lisa G says:

I saw this at the Bergen Film Festival last year. The black metal church burnings and murders were such a huge deal when I was growing up in Norway. I *really* enjoyed it, despite the fact that Rory Culkin as Øystein Årseth was not able to pronounce his own name 😉 Sorry, I had to mention it!

The Boogeyman says:

Hi I’m a troll. Ok that’s a lie. But I have to say thank you for this. Was very curious.

ehgore1978 says:

i saw this knowing the story and watch Vargs youtube channel . Its still a good story . Hell, Bohemion Rhapsody wasnt exactly on the ball when it came to facts. You should check the documentary Until The Light Takes Us for a more indepth information. I liked it just take it for what it is

Brocky. says:

Saw it last night, my roommates weren’t fans. I had heard of Mayhem and had done some reading about their history, but I’m not a fan of metal music in any way. I thought the film was well done, the suicide scene was particularly hard to sit through, but overall top notch viewing.

Ricky McKnight says:

I hate it when people talk nonstop during movies. Had someones doing it during Happy Death Day 2U.

Captain Calamity says:

ive always found this an interesting story. ive seen mayhem a few times. interesting show (even though it was post this event) they have hogs heads up on stage with them. varg seems an interesting character. but when i listen to his solo music, expecting same insane murderous noise, and it comes out as some silly soundtrack to the hobbit or some nonsense

Erik NikkiSoft says:

I’m a metal fan so I’m going to watch this now after your thumbs up. Thanks! Nice thumbnail btw.

Becca Nicole says:

can’t wait for the Greta review!! I’ve been dying to see it.

Random Horror says:

I dont think I seen Rory Culkin in anything since Home Alone he looks this seems like an intresting one. Hey Emma you at the Ahh Scares later?

Brendan Hall says:

I hate music videos but Spun was good.

daniel lozano says:

I love was a Metal Fan , still kinda . But think I grew out it , but listen to Metal Music when I feel down . Love the film , I read about it , and Oh Boy !!! What a story ! Always make you wonder what we are capable as Humans .

Robi Of The Faint Smile says:

I would recommend you to watch THE TALL MAN (if you haven’t watched it) it’s from the director of Martyrs
You will think of the movie days after you watched it
It’s beautiful, dark and poignant
Really really recommend it
Greeting from Albania ♥

Echo3zDown says:

this convinced me to go see it tomorrow and im super excited!

jay davies says:

Hey Emma great video as always, film actually looks pretty good will probably grab it when it comes out over here in the uk, but a film I think you might find interesting is “cold fish” a 2010 Japanese film, I think it’s one of those the less you know the better situations. It’s also based on a true story which is why I remembered it aha

Casey Taylor says:

I also saw this film not really knowing anything about it, other than Rory Culkin is in it (who I adore). This film blew me away. I am so impressed with it! Love waking up to see a Spooky Astronauts video to watch ☺️ Thanks Emma!

EbolaGoldfish says:

I’m familiar with the Norwegian Black Metal genre and also this story, but if this film is portraying Varg as a “fan of Mayhem” rather than temporary member of Mayhem and as an equally influential artist as Mayhem, I think this movie is going to be painfully awful to watch. Also the Lords Of Chaos was such a terrible book…

Raven House Mystery says:

Wow, I gotta check this film out now. Thanks for the review, Emma and for the heads-up on the disturbing elements.

der todesking says:

Love the Killer Klowns shirt!! And can’t wait to watch this!

Samuel Trejo says:


Odin says:

Love the video… you got a new sub. I turned the film off after 30 mins. I lived through it as it happened, so you convinced me to finish watching it.

Lady of Bats says:

If you’re interested in Varg Vikernes’s own opinions of the film he has his own Youtube channel! ThuleanPerspective

Josh says:

I’ll definitely be checking this one out soon. Another Rory Culkin movie that I really enjoyed was Mean Creek. It is more of a psychological drama than a horror movie, but it’s also good.

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