Lords of Chaos (2019) – Blood Splattered Vlog (Horror Movie Review)

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This week on The Horror Guru and Count Jackula review LORDS OF CHAOS!

LORDS OF CHAOS (2019) was written by Dennis Magnusson & Jonas Åkerlund, directed by & Jonas Åkerlund and stars Rory Culkin, Emory Cohen, Jack Kilmer, Sky Ferreira, Anthony De La Torre, Jack Kilmer, Valter Skarsgård, Sam Coleman, Jonathan Barnwell, Wilson Gonzalez Ochsenknecht, Lucian Charles Collier, Andrew Lavelle, James Edwin, Arion Csihar & Anette Martinsen.

Based on LORDS OF CHAOS by Michael Moynihan and Didrik Søderlind.

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lexWOLFhale says:

Great review, can’t wait for the movie to be out in the UK and actually get to see it. Only little thing, you say Euronymous was also a neo-nazi/nazi leaning; he was actually a totalitarian communist, full out USSR fanboy. Like two of the main points of the apparently constant arguments between “little bitch” Varg and Euronymous were religion and politics, with Varg being all neo-nazi and Odalist and Euronymous being a Theistic Satanist and Stalin fan-boy. (take the info about the arguments with a grain of salt, I read it somewhere but can’t recall the source and don’t know how accurate it was) But I am really happy to know that the movie portrays the utter ridiculousness of the Norsk Black Metal scene accurately.

Ariella Kahan-Harth says:

I’m not into the Norwegian black metal scene at all, but I will definitely watch this film–the way you describe it, as a biopic by way of a horror movie, sounds fascinating!

Daniel Giles says:


GirlWithAStarEarring says:

If you guys liked this you should check out the icelandic movie Metalhead that came out in 2013. The story take place almost during the same period but the interesting part is that the protagonist is a young woman. I’ll just leave it at that.

Jas Cat says:

Horror Guru: “Some of you, somehow have never heard of mayhem, and don’t know what happened to that band.”

Me: “… So, me!”

Apostolos Christou says:

Which is the japanese movie poster behind Guru? Thanks !

crewmate says:

Varg did not approve of Lords of Chaos and hates Emory Cohen’s portrail of him. Sounds like the movie did it right. >:)

TheSlayFer Ch. T. says:

The reason for the pushback against this movie is twofold, on one side you have Varg Vikernes (Vee like key) fanboys who hate this movie because Varg told them to.
And on the other side you have Black metal purists who’re irked by the historical inaccuracies and overfictionalized aspects to appreciate the good things in it. The only good review I’ve seen from a Black metal purist is Erik Danielsson’s from Watain, he said “it’s a movie about fucked up crazy teenagers.”

rabbitmaskedman says:

I liked this video 23 times in self defense

Edgar Allan Flow says:

“self-defense” but most of the wounds were to the back sixteen to be exact. Come on now! And his youtube channel proves that he’s not all there.

Death Central says:

Nice well, i’ll stop here and watch the movie 😉 I know a little about the story, but this should be pretty interesting! Good job guys.

Big Ronnie says:

Anyone else remember when Bob Larson preformed an exorcism on Nercrobutcher? LOL Good times.

MRjackelBox says:

I shell be checking this flick out keep up the good work guys
Lova ya

Andreas Van Der Wal says:

i love lords of chaos

CAGoodiegoodie says:

As usual you review was good guys and I might give it a watch. I did not know anything about any of this but now I’m curious

ODD Anderson says:

This guy’s name sounds like a transformer

Adriana C says:

Like they pin point the ridiculousness of the whole Norwegian Black Metal taking themselves way to serious ,with deadly consequences.

Milos Jevtic says:

If you carefuly listen to Varg , Oystein attacks him that night . Varg never had , a plan to kill Oystein . He wanted to give him singed contract and tell him it’s over betwen them . Oystein sad , a couple of his friends that he want to keednap Varg and kill . Oystein was yellious , Varg was in centre of atention .

Mr Maws says:

Be prepared for the Varg cult to descend upon this video.

Magnus Magnusson says:

i was really suprised about this movie,, i had been waiting for years for it and only thing i liked was Culkins acting i think was brilliant,,, dead, fast, varg were done no justice with horrendously bad acting that left me just speachless how anyone can be such a terrible acting,, so sadly for me this movie was ruined by bad casting

RigVertigo says:

My only complaint is they never referred to the tazer as an “electro shock pistol”.

Jacob Martin says:

True story, I was watching my Blu-Ray copy of Until The Light Takes Us on a day when in Sydney they were doing back-burning to prevent bushfire season getting out of control, if I was watching ANY OTHER movie than this documentary it would’ve been fine but let’s just say that’s the kind of John Waters Smellovision you don’t want.

Big Ronnie says:

Last time I came this early I was still welcome at the library.

Will DaWild says:

Just watched the movie
I think they were all just posers and they just made noise
Mayhem is better as a myth

Jeremy Jenkins says:

Few things I know about Mayhem: I believe the frontman killed himself, the drummer murdered a couple of members (something like that) and he’s the only living member serving life in prison. If I’m not mistaken, he’s still making music behind bars to this day if he’s still alive.

Burori1 says:

The gay guy’s death scene works and hurts the most is because, I mean, he’s the lone innocent guy, isn’t he? He’s the innocent that was destroyed by a monster.

Radoslav Jovanovic says:

Ok i like that you liked the movie at least someone did, personaly i hated it. Not because i cherish black metal history, but there was black metal even before Mayhem(they only have biggest export of the product, and alot of bands that rally on the whole story). But outside of that it’s a story of one manipulative douche who got killed by autistic retarded nazi.

Tragic story and crime that was popular only because there was some art behind it and great bands that emerged from tragedy, that have unique sound such as Darkthrone, Emperor, Immortal etc. Other than that just another crime story.

Take a look at grindcore and black metal in South America those guys are real deal haha, they are Trve to the fact that they carry guns to their shows for protection haha. Cheers

LeadingBlind says:

Oh thank God. A movie I haven’t seen and can’t judge. I’ve been way too f****** stand-offish about people in their opinions of things I love lately. Or things I hate for that matter.

Phillip Marlowe says:

One thing to add. The director of this movie was in Bathory. A band that Euronymous, Varg, and the whole scene idolized.

I agree with you guys on the movie, though I found it to be just a black comedy. I really love the way the church scenes were filmed; dark yet rich with color and atmosphere. I did take the time to go to Varg’s page to watch videos and read comments. Yikes, Varg has become a kind of prophet to some people.

Milos Jevtic says:

You are tipical asslicers

Rachael Reviews says:

I’m not gonna lie… i never heard of Mayhem till i saw the Trailer for this movie.

Milos Jevtic says:

Ps , Varg had a job at that time . Oystein borrow money from Varg , to record Burzum frist album and album Demysteris dom Sathanas . Oystein was a broke , plus terrible buisniseman .Varg , had his own record lable . He didin’t care for Oystein .

Reanimated_Dead_Flesh says:

Why are horror channels reviewing this, it’s not horror

Cherzo says:

i will give this a watch as i am very interesting in the subject matter, read a lot about it and seen a few documentaries. update: watched it and it was very good

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