Martyrs (2016) – Horror Movie Remake Review

Bloodbath and Beyond reviews the horror movie Martyrs directed by Kevin Goetz and Michael Goetz and starring Troian Bellisario and Bailey Noble.
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A woman and her childhood friend seek out revenge on those who victimized and abused them.


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DMC777 says:

All of my assumptions about this POS have been confirmed. Thank you.

Kelly Angel Burn says:

cant wait to watch this so I can see how bad it is, now that youve confirmed not even the acting is good

InThe Nostalgia says:

i like when you do reviews alone. youre a lot more focused and serious. and you give detailed explanations of your thoughts.

Stephany Slaughter says:

“Empty vessel of a movie” is the perfect way to seriously label the remake. The first hearing about the remake being in production had me just immediately cringing, BUT actually when watching went in with an open mind. As you mentioned, they lost me after the first 20 minutes, solely due to the lack of creature feature design. Then the lack of emotional connection between the two characters just became annoying and the irking just continued from there. Cannot blame Blumhouse for trying to sweep this one under the rug. Awesome review!

Stacy Thomas says:

Review jarrisic prey

John Sorrow says:

This remake sucked.

Sarahdactile says:

Ah man I was looking forward to this as a huge fan of martyrs. Damn

Wheel Smith says:

this movie is painful to watch , i wanna get up off my wheelchair and kick director ass so bad – original is great movie….

Rocky Gems says:

That woman’s supposed to be skinned? She looks like she opened a can of shaken cherry soda.

teris oglesby says:

I’m not watching this!! I love the original too much. Plus the one of the characters is from pretty little liars so I don’t take it seriously

Nathan White says:

Martyrs is a very distressing film and while well made, the level of violence and treatment of women in general is appalling. It shows the directors were going for infamy. Why not have male victims as well? It just seems like a couple of people who tried to be as offensive and as distressing as they could be. The first half is riveting until
Anna is imprisoned and you realise that the true ambition is to disgust. As for the ending it shows utter disregard for our intelligence. Completely overrated.

Liam's Lenz says:

Original: Good build up, terrible payoff

Remake: Terrible build up, good payoff.

Frozen Fan says:

I am not surprised at all. The original is way too raw and brutal. You cant have mainstream audiances feeling sick and uncomfortable?!!! Wow and what if they had to use their brains too? Oh we cant have that. This is a bubble wrapped version of the original for people who like my little pony and nail polish. Thats ok with me, not everyone can handle the original.

Arlz Bibble McCabe says:

Hey I meant to ask, have you guys seen The Seasoning House? Thoughts if so?

Soup says:

America ruining something good again LOL

Gary Cooper says:


Nuno says:

What you said in this review is exactly what I thought after watching the movie.

Rochelle Starr says:

i think the remake wold be better because of Troian

Dolce Luxe says:

Now they’re remaking suspiria. Can’t wait to see how they butcher the integrity of that one.

Bourbon Ernie says:

I remember posting this on my FB horror page. Quite the epiphany of a watered down, terrible American remake. Hope you guys don’t mind me posting your video, I don’t do that anymore.

Mr.B Lopez says:

This movie was made for the average American movie goer I guess. Not for the horror fan. If you visit this page, the movie is not for you. At least we still have the original!

Jen LuvsHorror says:

I didn’t think it would be as good as the original. I will not be watching this ty lol

Rochelle Starr says:

i have never seen either of them and i cant wait to watch the 2016 one because it has Troian Bellisario in it and this movie isn’t even in theatres yet because it isn’t made in canada yet 🙁

Kenneth Desmond Mosley says:

thanks for saving me the waste of time.. and trying to find Martyrs 2008

MrDicktate says:

I think its great you refer to the subpar acting. It is already shown in the trailer and plays a huge role in a story like this.
The original, while brutal, is a really good movie. The remake is just a well produced but soulless cash grab. I was severely disappointed.

Edward Talley says:

so they didn’t make a Martyrs remake. Thanks for saving me the trouble.

Stigma says:

I have literally never felt so cheated and insulted by a remake before. Ever. It felt like I was watching Hostel 4 DTV.. And that’s not a compliment

Bourbon Ernie says:

I never understood if the family she killed in the beginning were innocent or not. She found the passage there to the torture place but did they know about it? They seemed innocent and normal.

HorrorGal says:

Thanks for saving 2 hours of my time *high five* 🙂

remsensor TM says:

Hey guys let me explain the whole original vs remake in a more simple kind of fashion.
Texas Chainsaw Massacre= Good original film.
Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake= Dog shit.
John Carpenter’s Halloween= A classic that helped re define and build slasher horror movies.
Halloween Remake= Dog shit that was eaten, thrown up, eaten, and shit out again.
Nightmare on Elm Street= Scared me as a child
Nightmare on Elm Street= Fell asleep in my chair.
Original Martyrs= A rare film that somehow managed to shock, appall, scare, and make people really question the story in a philosophical kind of way.
Martyrs Remake: Copied and kept in all the non important scenes from the original, cut out the ones that were, ruined the ending, fucked up the plot, and mutilated the story. In the original Lucy dies early on and Ana is captured and left to suffer alone. In the remake Ana has 2 other people with her taking away from the horror factor. Lucy also should have been the one who died. They also completely changed around Ana being a Martyr and instead made Lucy get tortured again which also made even less sense.In the original the ending was at least left open to interpretation. In the remake they still didn’t reveal what Ana said but at the same time the leader didn’t kill herself. Instead some character we practically never saw nor cared about did and then blew his brains out. They also had to throw in happy ending elements and fuck it up just like 99 percent of all movies in the U.S. or Canada. In the original there is most definitely not anything happy going on when it’s over but what did happen was you were left questioning the ending like rather or not the organization was right about martyrdom or if the leader killed herself after finding out there wasn’t an afterlife.

Ross Wilcock says:

I am still trying to go in to this with an open mind ill be honest only seen the original once but found it really hard to watch. I am seeing the film this month at Fright fest here in Glasgow so i am hoping it will be good. great review.

Mr Poool says:

The Original movie had me shocked for a week and I just couldn’t get over it.

Bilal Boxer99 says:

oringal one match better..

DeadlyHabit says:

I didn’t even know a remake existed until now.

devilsreject2785 says:

The first half of the original was really good. Extremely well done. The second half was terrible. I have no problem with violence in movies, but there was no redeeming value to the violence in the original. It was so ridiculously mean spirited, it just kind of made me depressed to watch it.

GG13: The Haunted World of CW says:

Couldn’t agree with this review more. Well done and well said.

BlairWitch63 says:

lol I’ll totally take your word for it. As soon as I heard they were remaking Martyrs I KNEW it would be exactly as you described. Seriously the woman was supposed to be skinned in that scene you showed?? XD Looked like somebody put some fake blood on her arms and called it good. The original looked SO intense and painful but that was laughable! Being open-minded is a good thing, but when it comes to 99% of horror remakes it’s a wasted virtue.

Laila Howard says:

Fuck that y’all some haters troian was way fucking better y’all need to get a raw eye for matha fuckin talent

PG Rangel says:

Hey bro! I haven´t seen the movie yet, but your review has confirmed my suspicions … Thanks for the advice xD!! I won´t lose two hours of my life watching that movie

David Loewen says:

I’m not a fan of movies being re-made so soon after the original (and, yes, I consider 8 years “soon”), but I’m usually willing to give it a shot. Sometimes it works, like with _Let The Right One In_ (2008) and _Let Me In_ (2010). From what I’ve seen here, I’ll give the re-make of _Martyrs_ a pass.

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