My FAVORITE Horror Movie Ever! The Thing (1982) Movie Review

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Rice MenaRQ says:

Thing >>> Parasyte

KuzonLi says:

Nice! I’ve been waiting for this video! What’s your opinion on the remake?

IRIA says:

This The Thing, IS a remake itself– but it’s the best rendition of the film by far. The latest remake sucked so much dick. I wish the horror genre could be brought back to this level of special effects. They’re are fewer and fewer people who have the expertise to pull these effects off today.. it’s a dying art form and film will be done a huge disservice if it isn’t preserved.

KuzonLi says:

Also, I watched Alien last Halloween and I thought it’s practical effects look better than most CGI these days.

Professor Who says:

John Carpenter truly was the god of horror…

Also, have you seen the film which inspired it- The Thing from Another World? It’s from the 50s, and while kind of cheesy, it’s worth a watch.

Derp says:

cant remember the last time you talked about a good anime to watch.

j38745 says:

My favourite horror movie is The Thing.

Car1956 says:

This is the remake. Its based on the original 1951 film The Thing from Another World. Bob if you want an interesting film to watch try the 1973 Richard Matheson classic The Legend of Hell House.

gilgamesh310 says:

The remake is shit. Don’t waste your time with it. The special effects actually look worse in it.

JunkPutty says:

please watch the new one, it continues the story

Jose Luciano says:

omg, I remember this movie from when I was a kid, but never knew the name! Thanks Bob!

JoeTheSchmoe says:

What is your opinion on The Evil Dead movies?

Adam Mohammed says:

Movie based on the book Who Goes There? Also the original copy of Who Goes There?, Frozen Hell, was found and is being published for the first time through Kickstarter right now.

Liam [AkashicSoldier] says:

The Thing is great!

Axelsteel says:

The 2011 prequel was ok but it has bad cg, which was sad cause if you see the behind the scenes they actually used a lot of practical effects but the studio didnt like it and covered it up with shit cg. Never played the game

stephen the dude says:

2:09 i saw this movie for the first time last month but this part specifically blew my mind, those effects are incredible. What do you think of Peter Jackson’s Dead alive/Brain dead?

Quetzalcoatl says:

Carpenter’s The Thing is a classic and I still can’t believe it got panned when it first came out. I think the only other movie to ever capture that dreadful feeling of isolation so well was Kubrick’s the Shining. The ps2 game is worth playing and I think even Carpenter liked it, but the remake is just trash and should be avoided as it has nothing of worth to offer.

James Brincefield says:

Not only my favorite horror film, but one of my favorite films ever. It is John Carpenter in his prime. I’ve shown this film to people who have no interest in horror movies and they loved it just because of the effects.

Edit: the PS2 game is surprisingly good. You should give it a try.

Ryuu Saki says:

i love the FOG too the original that shit is creepy and Halloween and 2 and the new one and curse

RicoSystem says:

2011 one was garbage

Nikolas Mace says:

Can you do a Top 10 DC Animated Movies???????????

Foreign Film Fanatic says:

I have seen the remake. It’s this movie

Marshall Miles says:

This also got a board game.

Ash K says:

Ooh you should review the shining

ScrilboBagginsGaming says:

A true classic! the effects always scared the shit out of me when I was a kid.

Thomas Fernandez says:

I seriously wish there were more movies like The Thing.
Please the video game is not worth playing, because it is just bad. Check Celtic Phoenix Productions review on it.
The Thing movie that released in 2011 was a prequel but you are gonna be disappointed.

Ash says:

Wow, those practical effects are insane! I still need to watch this movie. My favourite horror movie is Alien.

Axelsteel says:

I love this movie, practical effects is mostly a lost art nowadays

Hayden Kerr says:

You should review martyrus

Gabriall Scott says:

I’ve never seen this movie, but it does look awesome! Please tell me tho, does the dog who’s barking at the gate get hurt? I think I’ll cry if he does :c (still gonna watch this movie tho regardless haha)

Frank The Bunny says:

Thoughts on Candyman? It’s a top 5 horror for me

SharazJek says:

Love John Carpenter, and while this isn’t my favorite movie of his, I’d say it’s his most well-crafted one.

CornishCreamtea07 says:

The practical effects are very impressive, a fair amount of these types of films you can tell it’s a model, you can’t with this.

ChasingPerspective says:

Top 3 Underrated Horror Games The Thing
– Avalanche Reviews

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