Nails (2017) – Blood Splattered Vlog (Horror Movie Review)

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This week The Horror Guru reviews NAILS!

NAILS (2017) was written/directed by Dennis Bartok and co-written by Tom Abrams and stars Shauna Macdonald, Steve Wall, Leah McNamara, Ross Noble, Richard Foster-King, Robert O’Mahoney, Charlotte Bradley & Muireann D’Arcy.

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Zacary Bruner says:

Just watched the movie. I’ve seen worse. Its just so so.

no one says:

nothing better than a metal t shirt to talk about a movie called nails!

Anthony Kulik says:

A fan of “Stiches” are you kidding me haha, i love you bro, your insane

Fintan Tuschewski says:

I can tell you are getting in to some Irish stuff. Me my self am Irish and I gotta say, the country does have some interesting tales and folklore. My best friend said she watched this film, and she found it very boring…Looks like you hate it as well, so for me it is a no.

Christna Kim says:

I was going to bed but I’ll watch this first! I didn’t like nails either. It had promise but fizzled by the end.

Jeremy Jenkins says:

I believe that Shauna MacDonald was in the Descent. Not 100% sure.

Daniel Giles says:

Nice cuddle jacket.

Kreett says:

So they didn’t Nail it?

水野炎真 says:

The premise was good and I loved the build up, but they should have stretched the ending a looot more. They tried to wrap the movie up waay too when this could have been a really good movie had they just… Built to the ending more?

Frank Dailey says:

Watch Mom&Dad it is awsome!

theabberration says:

Great vid as always. I am curious on how you felt about (if you choose to review it) It Stains The Sand Red.

nicole3359 says:

I just listened to this at work with my headphones on. When you did your own “overbearing music sting” it scared the shit right out of me. JUUJUJUJUJUJAAAAHHHHHH!

TOMBZ23 says:

The movie felt like two different movies. Once Nails started killing other people that didn’t even have the gift of sight… it got really stupid.

amanda craven says:

Once again, another great review and I completely agree with you!

valcliff b says:

Wow, just….yuck. It’s been a while since I watched a horror movie that basically wanted to fight me, so yes, I’ll definitely veto this one. I mean when you’re left wondering more about the drunken mindset and behind-the-scenes footage of the farce that led to this movie than the movie itself, you KNOW you got a movie that miscarried on arrival!

silvernekobaka14 says:

I was so disappointed by this movie. When I saw the trailer I was super excited for it, and the fact that Shauna MacDonald was in it got me even more hyped. The concept had so much promise and it was wasted.

Satria Kurniawann Djaenal says:

Aww…Jack’s gone again. Still, two reviews back to back? Really catching up, huh?

John O ́neil says:

Guru doing that soundeffect should be an alarm sound of some kind.

Jordan Graham says:

Hey guru, nice review dude. I was actually thinking about watching this movie on netflix so I watched a non spoiler review on it to see how it was but they said it wasn’t that great so I just didn’t end up watching it. But anyways you are my favorite movie reviewer so I appreciate you doing this movie 🙂

MovieWizardReviews says:

It seems like a lot of movies these days have great premise, visuals, and ideas but go wrong when it comes to plot and execution. It’s extremely frustrating for a long time horror fan like myself.

Terra-Dactyl says:

The monster in Nails honestly looks really lackluster

Toto San says:

I am glad to see you reviewing something that sucks. Don’t get me wrong I love your videos but talking about shitty movies to avoid is actually more constructive (for me at least) 😉 Peace out !

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