Night of the Creeps (1986) – Blood Splattered Cinema (Horror Movie Review)

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This week The Horror Guru reviews the 1986 cult classic NIGHT OF THE CREEPS!

NIGHT OF THE CREEPS was written/directed by Fred Dekker, produced by Charles Gordon and stars Tom Atkins, Jason Lively, Steve Marshall, Jill Whitlow, Dick Miller.


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Chris_Nourigat_ says:

Greetings from Germany Mr. Horror Guru!
Are we going to see you review The Monster Squad? I also wanted to
know if you are going to finish reviewing Lucio Fulci’s Gates of Hell Trilogy?

Sharrel Wright says:

didn’t James Gunn remake this?

Mary Bailey says:

Tehe dude you are freaking hilarious you should do full on comedy also you made night of the creeps more interesting I’m gonna watch it Thanks for making people smile

Bane Faqs says:

Please review the Blob 1988.

Vortex Interrogation says:

That play of the game!

Horrornado says:

The ultimate slimy triple feature:  “Slugs”, “Night of the Creeps”, “Slither”.  All 3 are awesome for different reasons.

Fayd Bills says:

My personal favorite tom Atkins movie is Halloween III. Mostly because that was my first movie that featured him.

Vortex Interrogation says:

3:50 I know this for a fact, your favorite kaiju is King Ghidorah.

Josh Clark says:

“Go Monster Squad” in the bathroom is so noticeable always got me when watching this. and the names make more sense then ever I got Corman University like Joe Dante uses Charles M. Jones Middle School (The Great Looney Tunes animator ) in The Explorers

Dead Reel says:

love night of the creeps, first saw it on haloween when i was about 8 years old.

GrandBreaker says:

So like, CHUD. Review CHUD or CHUD 2. This would be awesome.

Sanji Zant says:

…Monsturd? Seriously? Please tell me that’s a joke movie. Please. It looks like a goddamn ripoff of Blood Sand.

Jackalsblood says:

Fantastic review of an underrated horror movie!! I was wondering if you would be able to repost your old Blood Splattered Adaptations I can’t find them since Blip went under. They were fantastic and I wanted to show off some videos to my friends. You should do one of IT especially before the remake comes out.

Also would you consider reviewing the Blair Witch Project or Last Broadcast I know the POV style has been done to death but to me they are 2 of the few that have pulled it off proper. Or maybe doing DOLLS.

San Qiang Li says:

Have you done The Blob? The 80s one.

Tim Loss says:

I would like your opinions on the movie Tales from the crypt: Demon Night. I love the movie to this day but have encountered some who find it trash. Its Billy Zanes best performance

55bueller says:

Dude you might just be my favourite person….ever!

Fragminion says:

Tom Atkins knows how to go 80’s on an Ass.

Dnekar says:

Another great horror flick, I love this one.

Thomas Dorcy says:

I re-watched this movie over the winter and I loved it. Hoping to meet Tom Aktins at this weekends Motor City Nightmare in Novi, Michigan. Nothing would be cooler than getting an autograph with “Thrill Me” written on it!

Judson Joist says:

Next movie: STREET TRASH!

3:20 What is it with ex-boyfriend cops in movies like these? See also Dave Hansen from ‘Killer Klowns from Outer Space’.

10:24 Remember the restaurant scene from ‘Slugs’? X-P

19:28 Check out that chicken wing.

21:55 Even Tom does the chicken wing!

Sean Bateman says:

Love that Slasher as much as the Guru loves his gore.

azureATC says:

Was looking for a new reviewer to get into, but… That fucking Ozzy poster made me sick. It’s a portrait of a man who burned out his brain with drugs and ruined TV for a few unpleasant years staring into my soul. Fuck this guy and his poster.

Frankie Calimano says:

14:11 Love that Go Monster Squad !!! Graffiti

TheSlayFer Ch. T. says:

Guru, you should totally do Pet Semetary.

FuzakeTakeda says:

Awesome movie. Awesome review. This was one of the regular horror films they showed on the local TV stations when I was growing up, and I remember it always had the non-cliche ending. That image of Crispy Cameron and the graveyard scene just stuck with me.

Also review the original Tremors (if you haven’t already) One of those rare (at the time) ‘daylight’ horror movies. Funny too.

The One Sin says:

Dude, Love your reviews man, keep up the good work!

Kaptain Klassic says:

oh maaaaaaan that Wes craven joke.. that was rough… but good. another great review!

zekroh6986 says:

Is Monsturd really that bad?

Irondrone4 says:

The jokes you make about Tom Atkin’s mustache remind me of my Tom Selleck jokes.

Jayce Hatcher says:

Dude, Detective Cameron is most likely named for James Cameron of Aliens fame.

criminal one says:

can you do one for a slasher called on night of fear with jessica sonneborn and suzi lorraine its on amazon unrated for like 5 bucks

Jackie McCann says:

Personally, Guru… I’d like you to review an old guilty pleasure of mine that I feel is incredibly underrated: *_976-EVIL_*
I mean, come on! Freddy Krueger himself directed it!

Saint Butters says:

You do a better job than decker shado atleast, you’re pretty underrated.

80s Horror Central says:

Tom Atkins rules!!! Great review. I’ve seen this movie a million times and you made some nice points that I never would have thought of. Kudos

Allen Dragneel 2 says:

U are sponsered by Crypt TV

Art Dino hunter says:

Pompkin head where’s my stuff poop go to your room

Greenie says:

Loved everything about this review. The jokes, the movie itself is a favorite of mine and especially Horror Guru talking about Monster Squad which is another favorite. Maybe after this he could review House?

Viv W says:

Have you checked out Dude Bro Party Massacre 3 yet? It was pretty entertaining

Sean Darbe says:

hey horror guru I got a feeling you like action, fantasy, and sci-fi as well as your mistress horror. in your opinion have these categories been hurt by m.p.a. like horror has.

Justin Montana says:

The child’s play movies

Jared Samples says:

Some suggestions : Jigoku: The Sinners of Hell, more of those Evil Dead Trap films, Two Thousand Maniacs, Junk (2000 Japan zombie film).



movie junkie says:

one night of fear dude great new slash film !!!

Caine7ify says:

What, no Thriller Dance?

Susana Almeida says:

Being a horror fan since pretty much birth, I highly appreciate the references and nods to horror directors and such in this movie. It’s such a well made looking movie too, I NEED to check it out sometime!

Also, Detective Cameron is a tank class? I see him more as Offensive if anything.

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