Night of the Demons 1988 – Horror Movie Review

Ten teenagers party at an abandoned funeral parlor on Halloween night. When an evil force awakens, demonic spirits keep them from leaving and turn their gathering into a living Hell.

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skinslip says:

I love this movie. Great review too!

Lord of Vice 638 says:

The remake was shitty as fuck tho!

Timelord 007 says:

Awesome review Eric, I remember renting this from my local video store in the early 90’s & enjoyed it, its pure 80’s horror, yeah the acting sucks & it’s chessy but I think that’s part of the films charm & I remember i fancied the pants off Angela.

Wasn’t keen on the remake or sequels though.

mrearbrass says:

love your reviews, dude

Raven Demon says:

Hey Eric can you do. Pumkinhead

Mario Cruz says:

Saw this for the first time a few years ago. Awesome movie.

Lord of Vice 638 says:

I just got Finished watching this movie E and came across your review, this movie has been my shit for nearly 3 decades.

Jeff West says:

One of my absolute favorites from the 80s! I remember watching it on HBO when I really shouldn’t have been at that age lol!

harleymax01 says:

The music is great!!

Tyi-Shon Anderson says:

Could you do the pumpkinhead franchise?

Danny S says:

Fukin great, Eric! I love this movie and appreciate what you do.

knmlover says:

Please review Witchboard!

be gone thot says:

Yo, love you Eric.

elflvr04 says:

Nice one Eric! The song Angela was dancing to was a song by Bauhaus. You probably know that though. The film The Hunger also uses a Bauhaus tune 🙂 Deffo Goth 😉

Santa Mira says:

So the movie continues after LeAnna Quigley’s ass shot? I always just assumed they wanted to end on a high note!

Amy McLean - Author and Film Vlogger says:

Awesome stuff! Subscribed! Not one I’ve seen.

Elver Fossiltoe says:

I finally saw this movie last week for the first time. It was so great! And Rodger was a little bitch!

Tyi-Shon Anderson says:

Have You seen cult of Chucky yet man?

jason voorhees says:

Awesome review eric subbed

mh20767 says:

Hell, Roger was the smartest one.

Maurice Davenport says:

It’s Angela’s car

Dono Van says:

Fuck yea, Eric is the best for reviewing this!!

troublesome 96 says:

Review ash vs evil dead season 2 next when you come back

Jason Galaxy says:

the greatest horror film of 1988 hands down!

corey andersson says:

Nice tits on the asian chick

The Late Late Horror Show says:

Let me just say….oriental boobs……

Darian Castle says:

Good movie, one of my favorite. This is one instance where I like the remake too.

Dougs World says:

This looks like a fun watch. I’ll have to add this to my horror films to watch in October.

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