Our House (2018) | Horror Movie Review

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Raven House Mystery says:

I haven’t seen this film yet, but based on your review, I will get to it asap. I’ll let you know what score I would give it.

Kushluk says:

Hi emma/spooky astronaut 1 – your content is awesome. That’s all.

Treychik says:

The monster – really good movie about mother and daughter hitting a wolf…monster in the woods….blah-blah-blah….good actors! 🙂

A.J. Gurney says:

Thanks for the recommendation. I’ll definitely give it a watch when I get the opportunity. Sounds promising. It is hard to know what’s good in the genre because of low ratings, as you point out.

ThiefOfStars says:

I think the movie Jackals (2017) is one of those movies you described. It has a 4.7 on IMDb but I rated it a 6.

Benzilla 561 says:

Have you seen truth or dare ?

Phil S says:

Wasnt sure about this one! Trailer made it look either bad looking good or just everything in the trailer but liked visuals and look…

jhbrid2 says:

I’m always impressed with your ability to give a short/efficient, but extremely articulate and descriptive review of all your films. PS- I love your tattoos! ❤️

Phil S says:

Like It Follows, nostalgic but new…

Michael Barrett says:

The Night Evelynn Came Out Of The Grave. The movie came out in 1971 and its a mix of sexploitation, drama, slasher, and revenge.

L Ashton says:

I find IMDB very helpful in finding movies to watch. Although I often use ratings to help me decide whether or not to watch a movie. I will give a movie a try if it rates over 5, sometimes 4. I also look at how many people rated the movie. If there are less than 100 votes I find the movie often over-rated. If more than 1,000 votes the ratings for horror movies can be undervalued to me. But all in all, it is helpful. Finding a director that you like and their other movies, or an actor and so on.

Brown Jenkin says:

Tend not to follow the various ratings systems unless they’re showing an extreme low or high reading. Horror is one of those genres that is generally looked down upon by often pretentious or elitist critics. Much prefer to go off ofJoe Public’s and YouTube’s recommendations when trying to find the next good scare.

Samuel Trejo says:

I didn’t know IMDB rated movies. I thought it was just a database.

Ranko Jankovic says:

Have you watch Silent House with Elizabeth Olsen? It`s awesome.Btw,i`ll check this one out.

tomy kovaceski says:

im ganna have to look it up now

craig matthews says:

I thought Haunter deserved a better score than 5.9. I would give it a 7.3

Mega MovieZ says:

What’s your Letterboxed name? I’ll follow you.

Sounak Bhattacharyya says:

Please review SICCIN series. These are Turkish films based on true events of sorcery, black magic and demons and you can watch these on youtube with subtitles. And another great review btw.

Hello, adrift says:

What about dummy accounts and the fake reviews utilized to inflate the rating of an otherwise horseshit production? I’ll admit to having been inveigled by this racket more than once.

Raiders AK says:

WOW, I thought it was a 4/10. It was so cliché.

But as Always another great review!!! You are the BEST!!!


Interesting insight

silja lin says:

Thank you for the recommendation! Main guy looks like the spitting image of one of my good classmates, lol.

Boyd Crowder says:

I’d recommend the movie Doom Asylum (1987). That currently has a 4.4 rating on imdb. That is a horror comedy about a bunch of teenagers trespassing on an abandoned insane asylum, and are being stalked and hunted down by a madman that lives there. The man was disfigured from an accident that happened many years earlier. I think this movie is kinda like a take on the phantom of the opera. The killer drops some mad one liners. This movie also stars a very young Kristin Davis. I think this should at least be in the upper 5’s to the mid 6’s.

Thank you for another awesome video.

Bloody Fishheads says:

“Savageland” only got a 6. It’s the best mockumentary style horror I’ve ever seen. Definitely an 8.5 for me.

Corey Parks says:

I Spit on your Grave,for example,which was panned simply because it was either too real? Or,what’s actually both the saddest&most pathetic part of all? Is some,in fact,seemed to accept&be OK w/her being the victim all day only to be disgusted by her survival&retaliation however?!?

Scott Shepard says:

These deserve better ratings IMO:

The Exorcist III – [6.3 | Deserves at least a 7.2] – This movie has inspired genre greats like David Fincher, has a knockout performance from Brad Douriff, who in hindsight glues you to the screen better than even Hannibal Lector in Silence of the Lambs, the most chilling lines of dialogue I’ve ever heard, it’s a shame it wasn’t fully brought to light under WPB’s creative direction.

Cujo – [6.0 | Deserves at least a 7.0] – A white knuckle thriller that feels so realistic especially with the 2 main performances. One of the most gripping thrillers ever made.

Gerald’s Game – [6.6 | Deserves a 7.0] – The last 15 minutes sent the buggest rush down my spine, more than any movie I’ve ever seen. It was expertly crafted in every way.

The Dark Half – [5.9 | Deserves a 6.5] – Not much else to add other than it being very frightening.

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