Overlord (2018) – Blood Splattered Vlog (Horror Movie Review)

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This week on The Horror Guru and Count Jackula review OVERLORD (2018)!

OVERLORD (2018) was written by Billy Ray & Mark L. Smith, directed by Julius Avery, produced by J. J. Abrams & Lindsey Weber and stars Jovan Adepo, Wyatt Russell, Mathilde Ollivier, John Magaro, Gianny Taufer, Pilou Asbæk & Bokeem Woodbine.

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TheSlayFer Ch. T. says:

This movie was fucking awesome and everyone should see it.

August Anderson says:

Did they ever explain how they made the zombies.

Shawn Simpson says:

You guys really need to watch The Night Comes For Us………its The Raid cranked to 11

Nathaiel Laughton says:

Love your stuff…
Btw, the subtitles introduce you as Count Chocula… I thought it was hilarious 😀 even through subs you guys brighten my day.

Blast Action says:

How does this compare to “Frankenstein’s Army”?

Jeremy Jenkins says:

Fun fact: I didn’t know Wyatt Russell is Kurt Russell’s son. I watched him in Lodge 49 and I’m like, “If you darken his hair and beard, he’d be McReady

ryo kamen says:

why do i feel like i’m the only one who kinda thought this movie was sub-par? It had a hard time trying to find out if it was an action movie, horror movie, or a light scifi at least in my opinion. I actually liked dead snow a bit better then this. maybe im just upset there was no zombie hitler to kill or something? or maybe there wasn’t enough zombies (total of like 5 are actually killed in the movie). I will say it gave me new ideas for zombies, as the zombies in this movie were super strong, and semi-indestructible ( head had to be completely destroyed or bodies incinerated) which is nice. acting was good, I just wish there was a bit “more” to it

August Anderson says:

Frankenstein’s army was a good nazi zombie flick and jack please watch UPGRADE please rent it.

Jonny Blaze X1 says:

Yes, another episode.

Austin Schank says:

The only thing I’d change in Jack’s pitch for Overlord 2 is making the giant robot Lady Liberty with her torch turned into a flaming flail.

Quinn P says:

this was such a blast! and the thing that made it all the more glorious was that there was this elderly couple right behind me and they were hooting and having a gay old time watching ‘Merica kick some Zombie Nazi ass.

Phillip Marlowe says:

I love Overlord. Went into it as just something to see to kill time. I was blown the fuck away. I describe it as Inglorious Basterds meets Universal Soldier. Best movie of the year. 9/10

GLJohn Stewart says:

The woman in this movie was awesome. When she grabbed the flamethrower, that part was awesome.

pythonkatie K says:

I had to get up from my computer without a chance to pause, only to come back to a discussion about the head of Hitler on a giant robot fighting a giant robot Uncle Sam. I golf clap you sirs.

pythonkatie K says:

One stupid thing to relate to the problem with copyright material on here, I’ve uploaded videos of my kids privately for extra backup and if you can even slightly hear a movie playing in the background I get a strike against it.

Mort Delciver says:

…holy shibz, I dig Jack’s oldschool-cartoony tarot shirt so much. Where’z I get me one of those?

XXDoubleHHXX says:

It’s the closet thing will get to a Wolfenstein the movie

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