PATRICK Movie Review ( HORROR 1978)

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Andy Sim says:

almost 50 subs lads fuck yessss

Diane S says:

Yep he looks like Bevis to me….I feel kinda bad for the actor having to lay there with that expression. I can only imagine what the gag reel to this movie looks like!

malcolm adderley says:


Nick18 M says:

I’m early this time fucksticks. Is this the krusty krab? No this is Patrick bitch!!!!

candy mustache says:

I was wondering when id see your sexy faces again

Fact Feature says:

Love this channel, hope mine is as popular one day!

JTcustoms 96 says:

Do a texas chainsaw masscare review

Spoiled Milk Studios says:

Why the dislike?

Mark Vanderhoff says:

Did you guys ever see the TV movie, Don’t Be Afraid of The Dark? I saw that as a kid on a Saturday night and it reinforced my fear of the dark.
Also I recommend the movie Magic released in 78 with Anthony Hopkins.

dylan rackel says:

Oh, and am I the only one who thinks Dr. Roget (@ 9:46 ), looks like a Barry Manilow wanna be?

Bradley Walker says:

You guys are hilarious and my new favorite YouTubers. Can you guys do a review of the Phantasm series? The Phantasm series is an underrated horror series! I’m curious to see what you two think.

Shawn Davis says:

This looks like some weird shit. I need to check it out. Unibrow are us! Lol

Wares Dustin says:

How can you not like these 2? Good shit boys as always.

Jordan says:

Haha, goddamn I gotta sign up to be a Pateron member, I would love to hear you either review or do a commentary to this insane movie…

Bill Knott says:

Y’all ghey.

dylan rackel says:

I know you guys only do Patreon suggestions, but for your guys own personal entertainment, I suggest you guys give “Happy Birthday to Me” a watch.

SurvivalBayArea says:

luv ur fuckin faces fuckshovel

Lucas Franzen says:

I got some fucking amazing news, look up KD7NHM on youtube and watch their TOTS mask review. Apparently Party City had a mix up and accidentally released a few masks in the store. I think you two should watch this video, you’ll actually die of excitement, especially with your TOTS 2018 mask coming soon.

Kalob Bettis says:

Well… add this shit to the ever-growing list of movies I need to watch…

l i f e says:

Hmmm…this or Halloween 1978?… Haha… 🙂

mason moore says:

I loved the movie. Great video like always guys

The Gaming Godzilla says:

i gotta check this movie out. it just seems like one of those strange, fun horror movies like Slash.

Christopher Gomez says:

Funny thing is I remember seeing an ad for “Patrick” & another movie on an old, Media video, VHS cover for “Halloween.”

michael101st says:

Thank you guys once again for the awesome movie review of my selection! Just one small request when I am graced with the honor of my next review. I would hope id not only speak for myself, but as well as the other dog loving members of the fuckstick army. I’d love to see your puppy Thor make an appearance if possible. Love your fuckin faces brothers!!

Maya Ramakrishnan says:

i like. youre. tee-shirt

hahajackson says:

I wish j was my pharmacist. I wouldn’t need my antidepressant. But I would need a shit load of valtrax

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