Pig Girl (2014) – Movie Review

Bloodbath and Beyond reviews the horror movie Pig Girl directed by Eamon Hardiman and starring Missy Dawn, Sam Qualiana, Scott Gregg, Elvis McComas, and Alyson Meadows.
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A spin-off of the popular ‘Porkchop’ slasher trilogy, ‘Pig Girl’ follows the daughter of the pig-masked madman, ready to slay a new batch of partying teens.


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Nas says:

Yes been waiting for this one!

Vilena Drum says:

I wonder if Dustin ever plays GTA 5 with his ass, he just looks like a guy who’s able to use a gamepad with his ass.

Donna Manupella says:

Where you get your coffee?

Darkgod says:

where’s Travis?!?!?!

Kennie Bass says:

Thanks for the review guys.

necro maniac says:

yup the pig mask is among the top creepy killer masks in the many films that use them I never seen the pork chop movies but it looks like a interesting series cool video hack chop hack hack chop wooo

Midnight Darkus says:

Why is it always college or high school students in horror movies

Mike Prentice says:

Do you know the stars in this movie ? Because if not… Idk weird

Scott Probert says:

Is this a good movie is it better then porkchop

Frances Olarte says:

yung pig girl mukhang si peppa pig

Valynaz Valkynaz says:

wait who is pig girl? is she porkchop’s daughter?

Minnie Maha says:

Wanna know a really good joke

Read more

Alaba27 says:

IMO This channel deserves more subs

Windex cleaner Multi flavor says:

I would say I don’t even like bacon

TheFancyEvil says:

Ooohhhh a new face :3

Gabriel Mendez says:

Please react to the krampus trailer

Alaizia Robin says:

This movie may make your squeal like a pig.

john white says:

forgot to mention this movie is complete trash and the actors are horrible and most likely work at McDonald’s

Odin Ofold says:

had me at Pig Girl I’m a sucker for pithy titles Great review guys!

Susana Almeida says:

Sounds like this movie has what I call Rob Zombie syndrome, where the movie(s) before it are insane, outrageous and not really too placed in the realms of reality but the film after that tries to take a more serious and realistic route which more often then not, makes it less enjoyable as the audience is used to and expecting balls to the wall insanity. (Just look at House of 1000 Corpses and Devil’s Rejects). Granted I still like Devil’s Rejects but it’s a fact that it’s very, VERY different to their predecessors which can throw you off.

Cassie google account Llama says:

This actually scared me to death

CowOnATree says:

Getting subs fast trust me, this channel is going to be at 10k then 50k then 100k real quick

HerbieCN says:

”Good job sucking dem titties” hahaha

kane carlson says:

There’s a opener here. That’s a collectible.
That made me laugh so damn hard! Excited to see this film. Loved the other ones.

Dirkk says:

Nice Pig Girl koozie!

Jen LuvsHorror says:

Never saw this one. I’m putting it on my must see list 😀

Platypus of Death says:

I’ve always been a little bit wary of any movie where one of the primary actors also wrote and directed it. It just seems like there’s too much potential for it to end badly because it’s just some guy stroking his ego (for an example, watch The Room). I still plan to check out the series though, when I get a chance to.

Stock Diane says:

I’ve not watched any of the PorkChiop series but I want to…. great review.  John, looking fine as always…. lol.

ViewWorldCinema says:

hahahaha entertaining review guys! This looks like something i would check it, regardless of the low score. I havent seen the Porkchop series, so maybe i would appreciate this more?

Joi says:

You should really watch “Dead Sushi”. Its a Japanese film that is a mixture of horror,gore, comedy, and a bit of a zombie flick. Its a good blend of funny, weird, and interesting.

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