Porkchop (2010) – Horror Movie Review

We review the horror film Porkchop directed by Eamon Hardiman and starring Rob Cobb, Ruby Larocca, Charles Sullivan, and Chris Woodall.


A group of campers are stalked by a deranged redneck with a pig mask.

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andgalactus1 says:

Hey guys I just watched a move called The Feast, it wasn’t the best movie I’ve ever seen but it had a few good moments, lots of practical effects and I couldn’t help but think of you guys when I was watching it.

Ben Warren says:

Y’all should review pig hunt. It’s pretty good in my opinion

Rob Cobb says:

Thanks for a great review! We had a hell of a good time making this one. Can’t wait to see your upcoming Porkchop 2 and 3D reviews. ~Porkchop

Platypus of Death says:

Am I the only one that noticed Jay trying not to laugh during Dustin slaughtering the description of this movie? Also, why does John look stoned?

per holm says:

Awesome video guys!!

L Stivers says:

this movie is resist

Nathan Mcgee says:

This movie looks really funny I need to see it, awesome review guys

Scott Probert says:

Please do the movie hazard jack please it’s filled with gore,blood,naked girls,and killer In a cool mask

F Cullen says:

Reminds me of an adult butcher boy

Paul Osicne says:

You guys should review V/H/S and V/H/S 2. Those are the best horror films I’ve seen in a long time.

docthemetalfreak says:

i saw a video by a guy named the13thwolfman who reviewed Porkchop 2. the one thing he said about it that waz similar to your review waz the audio waz bad in it at timez.

Mike Rodgers says:

Why do you all swear and curse, yet blur out nudity ? You people are trash and hypocrites too. Show the fucking nudity and put a tag on it. You stupid fucks!

redrum dog says:

you guys think you could review motel hell? the killer in that film reminds me of porkchop.

docthemetalfreak says:

This iz gonna make me feel old in saying this lol. But when I saw the picture for this movie before I saw the review I thought “Motel Hell” gets a sequel. Or somewhat of a remake. But I waz wrong n thats cool. It doez look brutally funny though. I’ll keep looking forward to new videoz popping up in my email box lol.

silverglove2012 says:

I got to see it now

Adam Zalonis says:

I actually am very good friends with one of the people involved in this movie. She is also in the second one as the chick who says “You’ve just been porkchopped, bitch!” 🙂

EDE ME says:

I’ve seen only bout 2 out of all you’ve reviewed&that was late at night on accident on cable. Without having to actually having to buy them. Where can I see the rest?

Lando Lanstetter says:

Camp Wood is definitely not safe.

Tayla Drago Hester says:

“Th-th-th-this film’s mess up, folks!” lol

حسن شاهين says:

Hello how l want to watch the whole movie

AJ Lawens says:

I have this movie. I bought it at Family Video a few years ago for like 2 bucks. I’ve never heard anybody else mention it.

LokiTetch says:

You guys are kinda misogynistic the way you talk about the female characters

Platypus of Death says:

How does this video have 2 likes but only 1 view? Oh well, fuck logic. Awesome review as always guys. I’m giving this a like because of the robot fucking the girl. I’ll have to check this movie out.

Cornelius Maximus says:

If you like genital violence you’ll love “Knucklebones.” I’ve never seen so many crotch-related deaths in a movie before.

alteredizzy1010 says:

soooo. a pigsy movie

TheJericho1123 says:

I`ll have to look for this one, anything with a robot having sex with a girl and a robot death is well worth it.

Christopher Harris says:

I love this movie and I love Danny Hicks in this movie as the robot and this 1989 classic Intruder and I love the scene when they was dancing to The Safety Dance by Men Without Hats anyway I love this movie

Johnny P The Gulf City Lethal Sperg says:

Where’s the Angry Birds when ya need em?

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