Pyewacket (2017)Horror Movie Review

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dum_dums _ says:

good boy

Mr M says:

That looks awesome Can’t wait to see it now Thanks for the review I had never heard of it before

Zachary Haith says:

I knew you’d love this 98% drama.

Fighting Free says:

have you ever watched strangeland?? With Dee Snyder? If not I think you would like it ;]

Boyd Crowder says:

This sounds like a great movie. I am putting it in my watch list. Thank You for another awesome review, Emma ☺.

Have you seen the movie Terrifier? If so, are you going to do a review on it?

Ben Grimm says:

The scene where the thing comes out of the thing and then does that thing really creeped me out. (If you saw the movie you’d know what I mean)

Casper Dean says:

You should check out Truth Or Dare!

Bay McCulloch says:

i just watched it. man does it hit home if you have tension with one of your parents. also wanted to see that witch so much more. ahhhh

Wolverine Scratch says:

Are Velicraptor’s evil or just misunderstood?

Raiders AK says:


Raven House Mystery says:

Thanks for the review, Emma. I don’t think Pyewacket is available yet where I am, but I have it listed on my Netflix queue. Hope to get the chance to see it soon. Recently, I’ve been catching up on some classic sci-fi/horror with memorable titles like “The Colossus Of New York” and “The Green Slime”.

Fighting Free says:

I loved this movie !

Fighting Free says:

Bomb City! Please watch it it’s not horror but it’s about the hate crime of Brian Deneke I know you will love this movie. Bring tissues.

knockturnal808 says:

My 2 favorite movie reviewers are Aussie’s , you and viewworldcinema

Daphne White says:

Sounds interesting Emma TY I am so behind, just watched The Wailing loved it!!! Also Lake Mungo really good thanks

Bay McCulloch says:

omg emma ive been waiting to watch this movie!!!

Rockmusicforever90 says:

Omg a Adorable Aussie

Random Horror says:

Your hair looks nice today. I have seen this film about and yes i noticed that to it had Andrea in it from the Walking Dead i never got round to watching it in fact i completely forget about it until now. Have you seen Terrifier?

Richard Stegman says:

did you ever get to see unsane?

Treychik says:

Hi, Emma! Cool video, as always.
I really enjoyed the movie, especially the moments with ‘false’ jump scares 🙂 really cool moves, when you expect something, and then nothing. Don’t think that this movie uses cheap moves, since they don’t really do ‘in your face’ monster or something like this.
p.s. do you think her mother deserved to be ‘killed by the Pyewacket’? (no spoilers! 🙂 )

Emma, have you watched movie ‘Stephanie’ (2017)?

The Horror Miser Monty G says:

I was actually for you to review this movie before I watch it Emma. I love horror movies like this because I love the supernatural subgenre. even though we seen this set up plenty time before. Since we both know we love disturbing things in movies, I can’t wait to see what happens in this one.

silja lin says:

I just watched it. Thought it was okay. I liked the relationship between mother and daughter, though I thought it was a very jarring how the mom went from majorly depressed to happy go lucky immediately after they moved out of their old house. That was pretty hard for me to buy

ZombiEater Reviews says:

Great! I needed some encouragement to watch this film, and I always trust your taste.

Alex's Horror says:

Hey Emma,

Yeah, I really liked this film. I loved the subject of dealing with the occult. The charecters were very realatable plus it was like me & my group of friends hanging out with each other on the weekends. The style of clothing is very Me, skinny Black jeans with a band shirt or one from blackcraftcult brand topped of with my Dr martins. Hehe

Saw this film earlier in the year at the MonsterFest Festival they played it after The Strangers : Prey at Night, which for me this was the better film. I love the slow burn feel it has, something that’s very inspirational for my own film making career.


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