RANT | To Jennifer (2013) | HORROR MOVIE REVIEW

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Becca Nicole says:

You should check out The Gracefield Incident. It’s free on Amazon Prime and it’s a found footage film!

Phil S says:

Theres good ways to be killed?? Lol I know I’m with you! Ever since Blair Witch then Paranormal Activity ruined them lol but still so much they can do and so effective when done right Grave Encounters, Always Watching, Sacrament… then just give it bad name lol but as with any you got good you got bad so heres to the next good one huh!?

timothy riley says:

Blair Witch, Cloverfield, (REC) Creep…flush the rest down the nearest toilette

divaducks says:

As your notif popped up, I was literally going through this list https://www.imdb.com/search/keyword?keywords=found-footage&mode=detail&page=9&ref_=kw_nxt&sort=moviemeter,asc since last night saving possible good found footage films.

Becca Nicole says:

I’m obsessed with your channel!

Creepy Pete says:

Your rant videos are the best !!!

Bloody Fishheads says:

Two prostitutes and no sex? That is unforgivable!!

Dambreaker says:

This film was WEAK! We stopped the DVD, and put in something different.

A g says:

you look gorgeous in purple

Samuel Trejo says:

The rant videos are the best.

I’ll stick with REC and its sequels.

Drumdums says:

Have you done a top 10 FF video yet Emma? I’d love to see your list. I feel I’ve only scratched the surface of the subgenre (and not the good surface).

Phil S says:

You hold grudges awhile huh? 🙂 jk

MovieAddict says:

We love your rants! Can’t agree with you more I watched To Jennifer followed by 2 Jennifer, both awful and I love Found Footage. Just finished watching Dark Web (2017) the worst “horror” movie anthology I have ever seen.

Raphael says:

My first film im making is gonna be found footage 😀 Btw you should check out Hell House LLC it’s a pretty awesome ff horror

Nick Chaplin says:

Emma im in agreement with you..I love found footage films…i cant get enough of them…keep em coming lol…..but i have seen From Jennifer and it was off the hook..I enjoyed it very much and whenever you can do a review for it…Please do…FROM Jennifer is hands down much better Than To Jennifer….i think the director made a better choice with the script and the Lead actress in From Jennifer is fantastic…..

JustWatchIt 97 says:

You should definitely check out „The devils doorway (2018)“. It‘s a found footage movie and it scared the hell out of me!! Definitely one of the best ff movies ever with super acting!

Nightmare Maven says:

I remember seeing commercials for this back in 2013, because they were pushing the shtick of it being filmed on an iPhone. Had no desire to see it then, and definitely none now after your review LOL But you know I don’t like found footage soooo….

Fighting Free says:

you definitely need to check out devil’s doorway it’s really good found footage plus it also for me it feels like a Vincent price set, just the vibe but it was so good

InfinityGh0st says:

Thanks for the honest review 🙂 Check our Devil’s Doorway. Points for original style and some legit scares. (micro budget) Peace!

Raiders AK says:

Found footage films are No Bueno!!! Glad you like them so I don’t have to. lol

Another great revie……………..RANT!!!

Jasper Fen says:

I have loved found footage since I first saw the Blair Witch. But yes, many films just ruin the whole concept.

midnightmosesuk says:

The problem with found footage films, in my own opinion, is that they require too much suspension of disbelief. I am willing to accept that some of the events may be captured during someone making some kind of film but, when something awful is happening to you or the people with you, would you really have the presence of mind to continue filming? You need a 100% watertight reason for that to happen and very few found footage films offer that.

I think a “recovered’ footage film say from police body cams and police car cameras would work, as they’re always on and not completely under the control of the user, but the, “I’m making a documentary”, doesn’t wash anymore.

Lill Phino says:

Personal score of 3/10? Your just being nice. It was awful. 1/10

Raven House Mystery says:

Thanks for the review and the warning about this film, Emma. Sometimes you seem a bit embarrassed to give a bad review, especially with an independent project. Always remember though that a bad review of a finished project does not take away from the hard work that the person put into creating it, whether it’s a novel, film, painting, etc. As consumers, we should be able to make some constructive criticism. After all, in most cases, we pay money to see these films. As the well-known B-movie critic Joe Bob Briggs once said in a recent interview, “The greatest sin that a movie can make is to be boring.”

The Horror Miser Monty G says:

I don’t have a problem with found footage films but this is one of the reasons why they get a bad rap. I’m sure he had a good concept when he thought and wrote the film on paper but he simply didn’t do a good in executing this project.

Lisa Loves says:

I’m a fan of found footage movies. How disappointing to see one that had such promise fall down. I really enjoy your reviews. You know your stuff 🙂

piddlehead says:

I really enjoy found footage. But when they fail they fail big. Thanks for saving me the time i might’ve put into this film.

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