Residue (2017) – Blood Splattered Vlog (Horror Movie Review)

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This week The Horror Guru & Count Jackula review RESIDUE!

RESIDUE (2017) was written/directed by Rusty Nixon and stars James Clayton, Taylor Hickson, Matt Frewer, Costas Mandylor, Dan Payne, Scotty Mac, Jason Burkart & Elysia Rotaru.

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John Lemus says:

Weird Lovecraftian Mmindfuckery and Practical Effects Monsters. Sold! There is something that I have found really odd about the films and video games that based on H.P. Lovecrafts works. The most commonly used titles are based around Cthulhu, but, the most commonly adapted story is The Shadow over Innsmouth. I think its a real shame that all of Lovecrafts works are public domain.

nicole3359 says:

I love you guys! I’m glad you reviewed this. I just watched it yesterday and after I was done I actually wondered what you guys would think of it. I loved it!

AngellusRavenix says:

There needs to be a year end wrap up on what to watch with Guru and Jackula to usher in 2018.

Brent Lonkey says:

have you seen Patchwork? it’s on Netflix, think Frankenhooker meets Re-Animator.

The Faustian Man says:

Cool. Sounds like I’ll have to check it out.

New Jersey Guyver says:

Thanks for the review.
I was browsing through Netflix and saw this movie and was weary i saw a monster on the title and was like what the fuck……but thanks to you guys i found a decent film that is just weird as fuck but altogher it’s not bad at all.
Kudos on another epic kick ass review.

New Jersey Guyver says:

Happy Halloween Guys!!

inspirepaul says:

Nice video! 🙂
Left you a like
I have vlogs too if you’re interested! 🙂

Final D says:

you guy’s should check out Mindhunter, serial killers and true crime is real horror.

John Manning says:

The mold knows, Jack.

Video Occult says:

Awesome show.

Nathan Mitchell says:

Hello me from England who keeps asking for a review of Unkindness Of Ravens.Anyway what was all the fuss about the film Bite.

Todd Davidman says:

Why was there a little dead girl in the surgeons house? Did he kill her? The only other time there is a person who looked like that was in the neighbor’s apartment after the mobsters had killed him.

Jackie McCann says:

Speaking of Motivational Growth, have either of you guys seen a movie called “Would You Rather?”? It’s another horror film starring Jeffrey Combs. It’s not “weird”, per say, but good lord, is it brutal at times.

Mort Delciver says:

Doodz, thanks for hooking me onto this. I had passed it up on Netflix, but had no idea that it was a lovecraftian horror…and one hell of a mindfuck.

San Qiang Li says:

I remembered Guru vlogging about Abattoir.
Speaking of weird, have you seen Matango?

Just watched it. A solid recommendation. The ending kinda reminds me of The Dark Tower novels’.
The Lovecraftian aspects certainly shined through. I kinda wished we had seen more of the creature and what it does in the physical realm, though.

Dove Calderwood says:

I think the movie you were talking about at the beginning that you didn’t review might be “Don’t Kill It”

John O ́neil says:

You guys make every horror movie sound like an absolute riot.

Avg Guardian says:

You guys cleared some things up about the movie I did not pick up on during my initial viewing. My only complaint about this movie is that I wish it was longer to build more on the other intertwined stories. And if you’re craving more I guess the movie is doing something right.

Daniel Giles says:


Tyler Eschberger says:

You want weird? Watch Kuso.

Tristan Schneider says:

Awesome vlog guys.

Autumn Henneman says:

About to watch it now

erikmchatton says:

I reviewed this flick for Horror Society and while I enjoyed it I felt the ending was really lame. I also thought that the relationship between the lead and his daughter was painfully underexplored and lacking in any real conflict. Considering how important it was to the protagonist’s backstory and the ending of the film it needed to be a much stronger relationship. The film shows a huge improvement over Rusty Nixon’s Candiland but ultimately I felt that this film is much like The Void; a lot of flash but light on substance. On an unrelated note, however, if you like this kind of weirdo horror check out the movie Deep Dark if you haven’t seen it. Reminded me of a Henenlotter picture.

The Weird One says:

you’re profile picture makes you look like a dad

Super Kami Guru says:

How do you guys feel about Blood Drive not getting a second season? Cuz I’m sad, man, I really like that show 🙁

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