Rings (2017) – Movie Review

Bloodbath and Beyond reviews the horror movie Rings directed by F. Javier Gutiérrez and starring Matilda Lutz, Alex Roe, Johnny Galecki, and Vincent D’Onofrio.


A young woman finds herself on the receiving end of a terrifying curse that threatens to take her life in 7 days.


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Stephen Mondelli says:

Jay are you gay? I’m just asking. I mean its cool if you are.

Frank Borrego says:

Let me start off by saying, Great JOB on your channel. It just keep’s growing and growing and you guys deserve it. I remember watching you when I was like your 1,700 follower, you guys have really come a long way producing great quality videos. But, RINGS was pure trash. Jay Bond, I don’t understand why you expected “jump scares and creepy demon faces” to begin with. I literally saw The Ring last night and there’s maybe 4 jump scares in the whole movie and Samara comes out once in the very end. That’s it! The Ring was also a “Psychological, Mystery, Thriller” not even a horror movie from the get go directed by the extremely talented Gore Verbinski and not some hack who ripped off the same story (for the most part) same shots (for the most part) and provided 10% originality to the series thanks to the shittiest writer in Hollywood, Akiva Goldsman. Guys, this movie sucked to say the least. The run time didn’t justify it’s “twist” ending and you never bonded enough with the character’s like you did in the first one so, at the end, the twist illicit’s more of shrug then anything else. The acting was terrible (to say the least), the lighting which was very important to the first one that made it such a unique cerebral experience was completely void and instead replaced by probably the same lighting crew responsible for the SAW series (im sure) and the story was filled with plot holes that don’t even add up to The Ring or Ring 2. If it’s a prequel it doesn’t link up and if it’s a sequel it still doesn’t link up. If you wanted to base any of them based on jump scares and Samara screen time, THIS one would receive the highest honor. Seriously, re-watch the RING, Samara is a fart in the wind with onscreen appearance’s compared to this heaping bag of hot garbage. But, don’t start praising this piece of shit that only has a 6% on the tomatoe meter to begin with. Also, can we just admit that the log line (Before you die, you see the Ring) was better than, (First you watch it. Then you die).

Coral Stirman says:

my go to for horror films! doesn’t seem like id enjoy this film.
I’m wondering if you have watched ‘Pet'(2016), brilliant twists in it and never expected them.

Xenopuppy Movies says:

I hated the marketing for Rings as the trailer showed tons of footage that didn’t happen. An entire backstory that the trailer showed was never even mentioned, but they kept a moment that basically gave away the ending was shown in the trailer.

Ares Galamatis says:

Letting aside the beard cutting, thanks to recent events… there is one mystery film/detective film, that featured some horror elements and it is the original Japanese one, everything else that came out from Japan or the states are very different in scope and production. And to be clear, the original is not standing out because it kick-started the franchise or because it was technically superior, but rather because because there was a sense of purpose to the story and it utilised the limited resources it had to serve that.

Sunshine says:

Great job as always, boys.

joe leeming says:

great review . i like it

HaL3 says:

rip the beard

MysteryMonsterLver says:

The amount of times I had to sit and watch that stupid 7 second add every time I watched a youtube video makes me want to never see this movie again ever and that it should rot in hell!

jack fairy says:

what the fuck john

Kris Pavlov says:


JP's House of Horrors says:

One of the best J-horror films but you lose points for the Enzo Amore shirt. 🙂

Jordy Baby says:

The trailer showed every scare except the barking dog and the umbrella scene. Love you guys, but we are ot on the same page on this one.

Wastingsometimehere says:

Clearly lucky the slasher just wanted to slash his beard. It wasn’t a bad beard, but I never liked trying to grow facial hair. It’s easier this way.

Barry Carr says:

What does the tattoo on that guy’s forearm say?? That’s a more intriguing mystery than the movie to me!

SlayerMasterPWI says:

2 words…holy shit.

Spooky Dave says:

rings has a very meh feel and goes for loud noises for scares. meh.

Ares Galamatis says:

No!!! the beard! Trump won again :p

The One Sin says:

The beard is gone! : (

CZsWorld says:

Not sure how well you remember the English The Ring, but it’s not that scary, it’s more of a mystery, and a good one at that. Ringu is the scary one.

BoogeyMan Ben says:

Great review. I want to see the film. I keep hearing that it is better than people thought it would be. I think Ring remake was terrifying and its sequel was ok but had problems. I really think they waited too long to make a third film. It’s been nearly 12 years since the last film.

HorrorGal says:

I was kind of looking forward to seeing this, but then again…also worried it would be an epic fail. Hearing it’s PG-13 kinda ruins it LOL – Like you two said – it looks like it was shot well though….and thanks for the heads up I think I’ll wait for VOD – and omg no beard!!! :O

dingle smith says:


Raven House Mystery says:

I haven’t seen “Rings” yet, but it has been my experience that both the original Japanese film “Ringu” and the remake “The Ring” were both excellent. However, none of the sequels (Japanese or American) I’ve found to be nearly as good. It just makes me think that the original “Ring” story is just a perfect ghost story that doesn’t need to be expanded on.

Vasilka Tosheva says:

Great review! As for Rings, I still haven’t seen it, but I love The Ring and The Ring 2 was a big fail for me…
Also, am I the only one, who thinks that John looks better without the beard…:)

Autumn Blaylock says:

I’d love to see more trailer reactions on the channel. I just saw a great trailer for The Blackout’s Daughter.

steven nadeau says:

i love lamp…i love beard

Mr.Hex says:

RIP John’s Beard

torq21 says:

Saved me from seeing this. Thanks.

Screaming Soup! says:

We agree with 3/5. So pissed they abandoned the whole college experiment scenario to rehash plots and twists from the last 2 flicks from victims being tricked into helping Samara and her trying to be reborn. They should have stuck with the college kids being experimented on and answered all the questions we have like 1) What if you don’t answer the phone? 2) What if you only watch half the video? 3) What happens if you survive past 7 days because you were nowhere near a TV or monitor? Perfect set-up and the filmmakers just blew it all to shit!

Random TV says:

I will be uploading a review of this on my horror channel.

Awesome Ryder2 says:

I love blood bath and beyond

HerbieCN says:

Ringu (Jap original) is a masterpiece.

Ivy Killa says:

i like this one better then the ring two but way way less then the first one and the original japanese series i gave it 4/10

just artsy things says:


Chad Conway says:

You guys should see …. The Girl with All the Gifts. Ever heard of it ??

Crystal Villanueva says:

I 1000% agree with everything you guys said. It was a great film and the execution was beautiful. I appreciated the story and the mystery, but like you said, it wasn’t what was expected from a ring movie. The actors in this film were outstanding, they really brought an emotional feel to the movie by making you feel involved, especially toward the end when the mystery began to unfold.

I feel like the people who are more fascitnated with the story of the original movie (like myself) would enjoy this more than a teenager who was expecting to wet their pants.

The suspense and build up was and is phenomenal. But unlike any other remake movies or “part 2” movies, this one relies heavily on the information you get from the first movie.

I would rate the execution/originality and suspense of the movie at an 8. I would rate the movie for what it’s meant to be, however, a 4, if any of that makes sense.

The Horror Miser Monty G says:

Jay, I just saw the film and you’ll see what I thought about in my review on my channel tonight. BTW John, you look younger with the beard. LOL!!!

Daniel dickens says:

John looks creepy without a beard

Matthew Misoni says:

you shaved!!!!!!!! looool

William Mackinnon says:

The Japanese one is better then the remake. Great review.

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