Rob Zombie’s 31 (2016) – Movie Review

Bloodbath and Beyond reviews the horror movie 31 directed by Rob Zombie and starring Malcolm McDowell, Richard Brake, Jeff Daniel Phillips, and Sheri Moon Zombie.
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Five carnival workers are kidnapped and held hostage in an abandoned, Hell-like compound where they are forced to participate in a violent game, the goal of which is to survive twelve hours against a gang of sadistic clowns.


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Aaryan Rajput says:

I wааааtсcсhеd 31 full mооviе hееrеее

Rexfellis says:

+Bloodbath and Beyond I’m sure I will watch this one eventually. I would love to see Zombie hook up with a talented horror writer/director team as a collaboration. Just everyone working together. There is no doubt that Zombie’s eye for gritty realism is nearly perfect. Sometimes I think him getting too deep in his own head kind of brings some of his writing down from the level it could be.

James Bootywolfe says:

I’ve delivered better dialogue from my ass on Taco Tuesday. Rob Zombie makes great visuals. His writing is literally the worst, like, always. Doomhead was really the only salvageable thing about this film, but once you realize he’s just supposed to be Count Orlok from Nosforatu the experience is sullied a bit.

Rob should direct, just not write.

EscalationTV says:

I agree with you that this Film wasn´t so good how we was expecting it (espacially the Fans of RZ), but to be fair 31 was better than “Lords of Salem”.
“LoS” was just boring and after 40 Minutes Runtime I was just thinking “Man, move on! When´s something happening already?” and when I thought something will finally happen the Film just ends 😀
31 wasn´t that bad and it could be a good Film like “House of 1000 Corpses” but this shaky Shots throughout the almost entire Film and much of this Close-Ups are really terrible and ruin the Film radically.

Bbr00tal says:

I think his other movies were way more gnarly than this. 31 I thought was a comedy. I mean, a spanish speaking nazi midget? hahah I couldn’t stop laughing at every single villain that popped up. Although Doomhead was rad, other than that I thought it was a joke

Emily Evans says:

this and Devils Rejects are my favourite Rob Zombie movies 🙂 sex head was my favourite and also doomhead.

SuperRetroThrowback Reviews says:

Awesome review Jay, 31 was in my opinion one of Rob Zombies best. Just liked your video. Keep up the good work.

David Mitchell says:

I am convinced House , Devils Rejects and Halloween 1 were flukes because everything else was turds , I hated this movie .

Ivy Killa says:

I think it’s the worst movie Zombie did just for the fact that the movie itself doesn’t make sense. If they do this every year and all the killers are all there every year. Are we suppose to believe the victims all died at the hand of the first killer the years before cause if they did get to stage number 2 then 3 then 4 that means they killed the killer from the stage before. The movie starts with the year before victim with the last killer so the victims and he must have killed the other killers that are still there the year after… anyway. i also thought he should have use another type of camera cause the digital one he used made the movie ugly to watch and yeah he should have check twice the editing like you said the blood on the face of the killer in the first scene come on and off, then there is the shaky cam, the strobe light the extreme close up, anyway i give it 3/10 sherry moon was good as always but not enough to save the movie.

Jason Hobbs says:

I hated this movie and sick head was so fn stupid

Jon AGE Kunstadt says:

I enjoyed lords of Salem much better then this one, good concept tho..

The Boogeyman says:

Is this better than LOS dudes? I wasn’t too crazy about that one, it was okay, but not one of my favs from Rob

Anthony Kulik says:

This is no house of a thousand corpses

vapid rabbit says:

yeah, the “heads” were terrible at killing… and the victims were almost as bad at staying alive. there were several fights when the “heads” were completely outnumbered by the victims, and sometimes out armed… and the concept with the “wigs” gambling on it wasn’t really explained at all… and in my opinion, the style and way it was presented just didn’t fit to the rest of the movie. i didn’t really feel like any of the characters other than doomhead and the old gas station perv were real.

Robert Poole says:

The reason it was not as brutal as it was hyped is because Rob had to cut the movie 3 times. It kept getting a XXX or NC17 rating. But that is why we got the version that of the movie that we did. Hoping he puts out his orginal cut hoping that it will fix the problems.

Michael Minter says:

Doomhead was the best

Allos Anthrwpos says:

this movie had potential, but as soon as they get captured it s ridiculus. maybe if the group of killers were all sillent would make the movie creepier. so annoying and NOT scary someone coming at you yelling “death is coming! i wiill fuck rape your eye sockets”

Casey Watton says:

thank u bloodbath. great job again guys. as im a die hard rob zombie fan, im sure ill love it.
you guys got any female reviewers? would be nice to see a ladies perspective. keep up the great work.

Heavy Metal Zombie Pilot says:

Lords Of Salem was disturbing at times when the witches were performing rituals, it really created an unsettling atmosphere however that aside it really felt like a weak attempt, it makes me sad; I usually like how rough Rob Zombie’s movies are and the elements are there it seems like

Johnny Tellez The Hyper Geek says:

This film was definitely a disappointment for me, and I was so excited to see it. I personally feel Rob Zombies films are hit or miss. Absolutely love House of 1000 Corpses, The Devil’s Rejects, and The Haunted World of El Superbeasto. Not a fan of the Halloween remake though it did have some redeeming qualities. Simply cannot do Halloween 2 or Lords of Salem. I feel like this just didn’t hit the mark, such a great concept that fell flat. As you mentioned Sick Head and Doom Head were fantastic, but they didn’t give any others the time to shine and I feel they wasted Malcolm McDowell. It didn’t hit the savage violence sweet spot I find in his other films, and became very monotonous (even the weapons grew tired, two killers with two small knives, two with chainsaws, the rest with bludgeons). Meg Foster was fantastic as were Richard Brake and Sick Head, but I really couldn’t connect with anyone else (partially due to strange poorly done accents) and outside of her role as Baby I just can’t get behind Sheri.

Hugh says:

Hey guys. Few suggestions for November to remember.

Cold Fish and Visitor Q ( LOVED them both for different reasons)
August Underground ( I haven’t seen this but I’ve heard it’s quite disturbing)
Men behind the sun ( haven’t seen either)

Cheers lads 🙂

Benjamin Bodie says:

I like Doomhead, but all his kills seem to be of people tied up or 70% dead already…Sick Head was my favorite head.

Sin Dirección says:

Rob Zombie’s work is going downhill.

P5YC0-S1AY3R says:

I hated the strobe light scene. I was watching this film in the dark and it was beyond annoying and almost painful to watch with all the extremely bright and rapid light flashes.

Regina Spektor says:


Raven House Mystery says:

I saw this film yesterday and I pretty much agree with you guys. Rob Zombie certainly has his own style of film-making and in that department, 31 did not disappoint. The whole film seemed like a gritty, hardcore version of The Most Dangerous Game, but it did tend to drag on and some of the killers were not very impressive. Richard Brake as Doom Head though pretty much stole the show and how can you not love Malcolm McDowell having fun in a powdered wig.

Robert Poole says:

Is the one reviewer Mc Escher the nerdcore rapper?!

Garrett Knowles says:

Guys this movie was terrible . Let’s stop defending rob zombie . The dude can crush cinematography but his writing is shit as well as his directing .

justinvoorhees says:

One of the worst movies of the year. You guys are really stretching to find anything to like.

Zedzero says:

The ending sucked and the shaky camera ruined all the fights

Brandon Hall says:

This remake was bad

Nas says:

How can I tell the uncut version from the theatrical cut.

Ronin says:

Maybe I’m wrong but I believe this review was a bit harsh it’s being compared to the normal slasher and horror movies when it’s an original idea and has no other comparison

Mademoiselle Beazulbub says:

John Lyle has a pair of stunning blue eyes.

DrBrainzzz says:

I hated this movie. I was so heavily disappointed. There just wasn’t enough meat in this movie. You get a total of 10 minutes to “meet” the characters, and other than Sheri Moon Zombie’s character, none of them are memorable or developed. They’re basically just murder fodder. Many, many, many things that should be explained or you might want to know just aren’t explored. Why are they doing this game? Why are the crazy serial killers like this, and why do they participate? Who are they outside of this? Who are the people betting on the game? Who is Malcolm McDowell’s character? What’s up with the chest that they open near the end? What are those? Why are they important enough to get their own scene?
You guys hit the nail on the head with the cinematography. That was easily the worse part of the movie, and made it completely unwatchable to me. I mean, if you’re going to have a plot lite movie with blood and gore and people getting murdered, that’s fine. I’ve seen good horror movies do it before. But at least let me enjoy the action and violence without feeling like I got off a roller coaster by the end of it.

Joseph Hall says:

Some of the edits to get this film down from an NC-17 to an R is just terrible. I think with the ending they didn’t want to kill Sherri Moon Zombies character or ruin Doomhead’s menace.

thi nga pha says:

i think you need to be a fan of rob zombie music and style to enjoy this movie

PTGKChrisHD says:

I like Rob Zombie’s Music from the Sega Dreamcast years and the Halloween Remake. Everything else he done is Garbage to me to be Honest. If people like his stuff, that’s cool, just don’t to me about it

chris houseman says:

Way to many cusswords

Kyle Styres says:

the best part of this movie was when doomhead takes the call. the dialogue with the woman is hysterical.

grim reaper says:

I loved 31, I do agree about the ending tho. it was a poor choice to leave it off like that.

Artie Meloney says:

Wasn’t great……but I didn’t hate it

Jesse G says:

I really hate shaky cam cinematography.

cassie cansick says:

not my favourite zombie film thats for sure

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