Musician & Film Director ROB ZOMBIE has a new movie coming out, so here’s Greg Alba & John Humphrey’s 31 MOVIE REVIEW!!!

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Leonel Castañarez says:

Rob Zombie…..i’m maybe the only one that actually like most of his movies (except for HALLOWEEN and HALLOWEEN II) i really apreciate HOUSE OF THE 1000 CORPSES as a cult horror movie and i really like THE DEVIL’S REJECTS and THE LORDS OF SALEM was a really different experience and…..31 was good for me personally!! i like it but i hate what he did with HALLOWEEN and HALLOWEEN II….he didn’t understand what make HALLOWEEN 1978′ so special!! (like the suspense, the thrills and he puts too much gore for the sake of gore, the original HALLOWEEN has almost no gore….) so that’s my tought’s on Rob Zombie filmmaking carrer!!

NAA.Games says:

STAR WARS: The Old Republic – Knights of the Eternal Throne – please react to it)

Denise G says:

First Rob Zombie film I’ve seen and I love it

Maxxy Manny says:

All I thought when Doomhead shows up at the end of the movie was; “Joker”!?

Nerts TV says:

I like how the first scene involved the murder of a priest and his wife… fact. Priest’s don’t get married. hahahah

Zach Konrade says:

The dude on the right looks like the main bad guy from nocturnal animals

Wolfgirl93 says:

I swear, Rob Zombie accidentally created the best Joker ever.

TbcAlex says:

Isn’t this episode 2?

theedgeinshow says:

Ok Rob…stop making shitty films for your wife to be in and get white zombie back together

King Gullit says:

Any time the Doomhead character is on screen that’s when the movie shines other then that it kind of drags.

Death By Design Graphics says:

Funny the guy “doom head” was also featured in the movie “doom”. Probably where Rob got the idea for his name. He did a great job though! I’d go as far to say his performance was the best of any other character in the movie.

CountWackadoodle says:

Richard brake should be the joker!

A Person says:

react to A Dog’s Purpose plz

Mushfiq Saikot says:

Watch 31 online hеrе => Rоb Zombies 31 MОVIE REVIEW WEEEEKEND OF HORROR EPРISОDЕ 3

Christian Galvan says:

Power rangers teaser trailer is out react to it

Hassan Draws says:

star wars rogue one weird trailer is out greg 😀

Anthony Delorme says:

Richard Brake is such an underrated actor. I haven’t seen this film but you guys are saying he’s great. He was briefly in ‘Batman Begins’ and was awesome, and also plays the Night King in ‘Game of Thrones’. Also anyone else think he looks a lot like Jackie Earle Haley? I constantly get them confused.

Preston Garvey says:

Excuse me General, there’s a Battlefield 1 Single player trailer that needs your reaction. I’ll mark it on your map, good luck General

Mithridates VI says:

Hell yeah… Rob Zombie!

Abel Herrera says:

React to power rangers trailer

AngeliaChanel says:

I loved his version of Halloween, but then I’m a sucker for a good backstory 🙂

John Stanze says:

Watch the rogue one weird trailer by Aldo jones

William Villagomez says:

Shame on you for not watching Lords of Salem before 31!

John Wolfchild says:

I’m not crazy i’m in control…I’m not Crazy i’m in control…I”M NOT CRAZY I”M IN CONTROL!!

Player slasher 1211 says:

The 31 is a not a zombie is like the purge

Joe Beese says:

This movie was shit.

Video KanjiClub says:

PLEASE! Do a reaction of a scene of the episode called “The Morgue” of the second season of Ash vs Evil Dead… I know it’s a little bit unorthodox, but it dosent have to be the entire episode, just THAT scene. When you see it you’ll know… Its Bad shit crazy! Kind of RakaRaka stile to the Extreme…

Eric Moss says:

Overall, I enjoyed the movie overall, but Richard Brake as Doom-Head made the movie for me. He is a great villain and the best new horror villain in a while. I think he would be a good Joker in a Batman movie. I still think Halloween II is my favorite Rob Zombie movie, but 31 is definitely my 2nd favorite of his movies followed by Halloween.

PG says:

I said the same the beginning intro was amazing

Triste Payaso says:

I was 100 like

Maxxy Manny says:

I saw this movie twice after going to his concert. it kicked ass.

DerManiac says:

31 was the first time shaky cam legitimately gave me a headache

Gorys Edgar says:

My first time watching you guys and instantly subscribed!!!

Zeke Ruff says:


Mannylocs Project says:

do your reaction to the new Power Rangers movie

Tim Ducker says:

Rob zombies movies always make me feel happy

Joe Smyth says:

I saw this movie as a horror movie version of Running man.. By no means do I think that is a bad thing, I really liked this movie.

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