Rodan (1956) – Blood Splattered Cinema (Horror Movie Review)

This week on The Horror Guru reviews RODAN!

RODAN (1956) was written by Ken Kuronuma, Takeshi Kimura & Takeo Murata, was directed by Ishirō Honda, produced by Toho Studios and stars Kenji Sahara, Yuma Shirakawa, Akihiko Hirata, Akio Kobori, Yasuka Nakata, Minosuke Yamada, Yoshifumi Tajima, Kiyoharu Onaka, Haruo Nakajima, George Takei & Paul Frees.

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Kreett says:

You and Jackula should check out Love, Death, and Robots on netflix if you haven’t already. I think it’d be up your guys’ alley!

Jas Cat says:

We need more intros like in this one. Oscar-worthy acting I tell you!

mr. Obsidian says:

360p squad

Venomous Lizard says:

Rodan actually wasn’t the first non Godzilla Toho Kaiju film, a year before Rodan was made, Toho made a movie about two abominable snowmen called “Half Human.” It however was banned for the portrayal of villagers living in a mountain range, implying that they’re inbreeding. So not many people know that this movie exists.

Jami JoAnne Russell says:

Love, love, LOVE the Alex Jones parodies in this. All we need is a scene where he blames vaccines for Kaijus and it would be perfect.

And having you review movies I actually grew up watching is such a thrill! I can remember sitting in front of the tv as a little 80s girl watching this movie and others like it. Sometimes while it was on I’d be playing with both my Barbies and GI Joes or my Legos and Tinkertoys.

Gojiramus Primus says:

So an old friend has returned

Akachi Sensai says:

Glad to see you back at

Nikolas Mace says:

I am the first one on here Can you look at Godzilla Planet of the Monsters??????????????

wstine79 says:

It’s Horror Guru’s first Kaiju review on Blood Splatter Cinema? I hope Brandon Tenold and Decker Shadow don’t find out.

Jacob Hexum says:

We love to have you back

wstine79 says:

Horror Guru does a Rodan review the same week Brandon does a Night of the Demons review. The world has gone crazy.

TheSlayFer Ch. T. says:

Belzebubs released their new music video AND a new BSC Review?
Holy shit it really is the 3rd day before my birthday!

Jimmy Lam says:

Rodan!!!!! Yes!

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